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"Good work," Percy said as he and Michael walked side by side down the hallway. "I wasn't sure if you were actually capable of catching Alex."

Michael only responded with a curt nod and stared blankly ahead as they approached the interviewing room. He knew Percy would still be testing his honesty and loyalty to Division. That's why Percy gave him the job of getting Alex to reveal all her secrets.

Back in the computer lab, it had pained Michael to see Alex being kicked and punched. He wanted to kill those two guards but there was nothing he could do. He wanted nothing more than do kill those two guards but Percy was in the control room looking over everything. And truthfully, Michael knew that it was Alex all along. She was constantly in the computer lab for long periods of time and she always seemed to pay extra attention whenever missions were being given out.

Michael suddenly quickened his pace, anxious to see Alex. He swung the door open and his fists clenched when he saw what was before him. Alex was sitting limply with her eyes half-open and her hands were handcuffed behind her. Her face was pale as she trembled when Michael approached her.

"Is this really necessary?" He hissed to Amanda, who had been in the room, waiting for Alex to regain her consciousness. "You know she's not going to try anything."

Amanda looked up from her clipboard and frowned. "How can you be so sure of that? You know the kind of girl Alex is. She'll try anything."

Alex grunted, trying to scoot away from Amanda who was currently slapping on a couple of wires. Alex flinched every time Amanda touched her and wouldn't remain still. She tried kicking but only succeeded in slightly tapping the back of Amanda's legs.

"Michael, come help me hold her down," Amanda said and when Michael hesitated just for a second, she shot him a glare. "Michael, come help me now."

Michael reluctantly stepped forward and bent down. He grabbed both of Alex's legs and held them together while Amanda duct taped them. He glanced up and immediately regretted doing that. Although Alex was silent at the moment, the fury in her eyes spoke volumes. Yet behind the fury, Michael could see the little bit of hurt and betrayal Alex felt. He quickly averted his gaze and waited for Amanda to finish. When she cut off the last piece of tape, she stood up and said, "You can go now, Michael. I've got everything under control."

Michael looked at her in surprise. She was making him leave now? "Percy left me in charge," He stated calmly, "So why don't you leave? I know what I have to do."

Amanda chuckled. "If Percy left you in charge, why did he specifically tell me to take care of this interrogation?"

"I don't know. But I got this, okay? You can leave. I promise nothing's going to happen."

Amanda held Michael's gaze for a few more seconds before finally nodding. "Okay, fine. If you say so."

"Thank you," Michael said as he held the door open for Amanda to leave.

"You have 2 hours," Amanda said before the door closed.

Michael let out a breath of relief and turned to Alex. He noticed she was avoiding his gaze as he approached. He reached up and turned off his headphones and speakers and then sat down.

"I've turned everything off," He told her. "They can't hear anything, so you don't have to be afraid."

Alex's eyes widened as her face turned slightly red. "Afraid? I am not afraid at all." She lied. "You should be the one who's afraid."

Michael pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Alex, I'm not trying to make anything difficult, okay? I'm actually doing the best I can right now. I'm sorry you're stuck in this situation."

"Oh, you're sorry?" Alex spat. "You think being sorry is going to make everything okay? Don't be so dumb, Michael! I thought you were better than that."

"Okay, first things first. I'm going to take those wires off of you." Michael reached over to grab the wires but Alex shifted away from him.

"Why? So you can have better access to torture me?"

Michael stopped and let out his breath as he tried not to lose his temper with Alex. "Listen, I didn't want to hurt you. But I had no choice. Percy was looking right through the window."

Alex looked up and squinted through her blood-shot eyes. "Yet you were monitoring me the whole time?"

"No, it wasn't actually me doing the monitoring," Michael answered. "It was just Birkhoff and Amanda doing it. I had no part in this."

Alex's eyes softened a bit and she smirked. "Well I'm glad to hear that, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm completely tied up here in the interrogation room."

"I know, that's why I'm going to get out of here as soon as possible."

"And just how are you going to do that?" Alex asked. "You know Divison's basically impossible to escape from."

"Basically impossible? Yes. Completely impossible? No."

"Nikita," Alex whispered.

A ghost of a smile appeared on Michael's face and he nodded. "Yes, Nikita. Anyways, the focus right now isn't on how to escape. So there's a surveillance camera in the upper right corner and Biikrhoff, Amanda, and Percy are all looking in right now. I managed to convince Amanda to leave but she's still seeing everything that's going on."

"No sound though, right?"

"Nope, no sound. That's one thing we don't have to worry about," Michael said. "But we've got to make it look like I'm interrogating you right now. That's what they're expecting. If they get suspicious, then they'll come in and everything will be over."

Alex groaned. "My head's killing me."

"I'll get you something for the pain later," Michael said. "Now tell me the story of how you and Nikita met from the very beginning."

Alex took a deep breath, not sure where to begin. She decided to start from way before she met Nikita. She recounted every detail, every specific event, and then finally the fire that killed her parents. Her voice cracked as she struggled to retell that horrible night.

Michael kept his eyes trained on her the whole time and he could see the pain reflected in her eyes. This girl had gone through so much at such a young age, he couldn't even begin to imagine what would have happened if Nikita hadn't found and rescued her.

When Alex finished talking, Michael was silent.

"I'm sorry," He finally spoke up.

Alex shrugged. "I still get nightmares from it occasionally. You know that time where you had us disable a bomb underneath a car and I completely freaked out? Well, that's because that reminded me of that night. It seemed like I was back there, reliving the moment."

Suddenly the door flew open as Amanda reappeared with two guards behind her. "Time's up," She said. "And it looks like you've gotten nowhere."

"What are you talking about?"

"Now it's my turn," Amanda smiled. "Nice try, Michael."

Michael started to protest but was cut off by Amanda.

"Leave." She said. "Don't test me."

Michael turned towards Alex as he tried to send her a signal. But he was roughly grabbed by the two guards and shoved outside without another word.


He heard her scream through the door and he pounded the door in frustration. He couldn't get back in so he turned and headed swiftly towards the operation room to make sure he could see everything.

It was two long agonizing hours of waiting. He had tried to read lips so he could find out what exactly they were talking about but it was hard. Amanda came back into the operation room and sighed.

"Well, we tried to get her to talk but she wouldn't tell us anything." She said. "So we just knocked her out for a few hours. We'll see what happens when she wakes up."

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