Lyras POV, set before just before the end of the 7th story. Dante and Scarlett are two months old, Nixxy six.

Well, it was easily the most... weirdest thing I'd ever done anyway.

I was asleep in the twins room- Scarlett had a bad night and kept crying, Bless her... but it was usually Dante making all the noise. He was the troublemaker of the pair already.

As if on cue, I heard a whimper and Scarlett started crying again.

I groaned a little and pulled myself to my feet, going over to her and picked her up into my arms, running a finger over her soft cheek, boucing her gently. She soon nodded back off, and I put her back down and saw Dante watching me with my own chocolate brown eyes. I chuckled and asked him, hands on my hips. "Are you gonna be a good boy now?" He just grinned at me it seemed, then closed his eyes.

I sighed and covered at them both up, hoping to catch a few hours sleep at least.

I dragged myself back to the bedroom now, then collapsed onto the bed, groaning into the pillow.

"Where'd you vanish to?"

Now I sighed and turned onto my back, staring into my husbands near enough dark maroon eyes.

"Scarlett got hungry." I told him, sitting up and staring at him again. Sammael just sighed and said quietly. "I wish you'd let me do the ni-"

"Uh-uh. I got it."

"No you don't. You're whacked out from exhaustion."

"No I'm not."

"Then why do you look so tired that you might just drop off right now?"

I rolled my eyes now, admitting defeat and lay back now, letting him pull me into his strong, lean arms, kissing the top of my head. Life couldn't have been anymore sweeter with my Grigori AKA fallen angel husband and children.

"Ly-Ly! Sammeh!"

Yeah, as if this peace could last. I sat up with a groan as Phoenix came bursting into the room, her face lit up in a big grin, big bronze eyes spakling.

"What's up Nix?" I asked as she jumped onto the bed, sitting on my lap and pulling the covers over us all, then said with a laugh. "Daddy went to murder a guy called Chuck. Sammy and Dean are downstairs."

I blinked now, then got up, grabbing my jeans and a shirt, yanking them on, then turned to Sammael who had Nixxy trying to pull his growing dark maroon hair. "Phoe, please don't do that-" he moaned, then was forced to get up as she went for him with another free hand.

Downstairs, I met the brothers, hugging them in turn and asked with an eyebrow raised. "What's this about Chuck?"

Dean looked slightly guilty now, then explained that this guy was a phrophet writing their lives, turning them into fictional characters. Huh. He had also done use as a sideline story, and Gabe wasn't happy at all.

Dean grinned and asked. "It's a convention today. The next books out. You know-? The one where Samyaza kills him?"

I groaned now and ran a hand through my hair, then sighed. "Great (!)" then I frowned and grinned. "We have fans? Epic!"

Sammael rolled his eyes and put his arms around my waist, putting his head on my shoulder and asked the brothers. "Seriously-?"

Sam nodded and handed me six books, which I sat down on the table and read the back.

I shook my head in disbelief, looking at the front cover, which was a good representation of the Hill, it was sunset and a person was stod on it, staring out to sea, her hair flying behind her, the shadow had angel wings. Hey, me.

The second was the Nephilim sigil, another shadow, Carmen added.

The third book made me nervous. It was of a shadowed figure, the mans dark midnight hair falling across his face a little, deep blood red eyes glaring with a smirk I would never forget, massive shadowed midnight wings spanned from behind him. Damon. Lucifers son. And too good a likeness... I put the second book on top of it hastily

The fourth was a shadowy figure stood on a rocky outcrop, a blade in her hands, another figure with silvery eyes behind her, a smirk upon his face. I gulped again- Samyaza. And me with the Nephilim blade.

The fifth was easy- a young man with sandy brown hair and deep chocolate eyes, arms folded and four wings behind him. I was amazed at how it looked exactly like Jasper. The artist had done a good job alright.

The last one so far had a little girl with fledgling wings sat on the floor, hugging her angel plushie. Phoenix. And as if to prove a point, the background was a tasteful fire design.

I read the title now and laughed. "Help! My daddy is an archangel-?" Hell the author got it right."

It was decided that we were going after Gabriel before he murdered the author. Sam told me that Chuck was a phrophet

Moms sister offered to look after the twins... so it was hello convention, the Nephilims are coming!

We arrived in time to pull Gabriel away from the guy who was Chuck, who pointed at my father and said, wide eyed. "You're Gabriel-!"

Gabriel raised an eyebrow, then said in a disgruntled voice. "Who else Chick."

"It's Chuck."

"Oh well."

The guy looked at us now, then his eyes widened as he saw us and it clicked. "Oh no..." he moaned, then asked me. "You're Lyra right?"

I nodded and frowned. "Why are you writing us?" Chuck sighed in defeat and waved a hand and just said. "It's my... cousin who's writing it. She published it under my name."

Gabriel raised an eyebrow again. ""She?"" Chuck nodded, then looked behind us, and when we turned, we saw a girl of about seventeen chatting animatedly to a group of girls, grinning all the time.

"Those books were written by a teenage chick-?" Gabriel asked now, curious. Chuck sighed, then yelled for her to come over.

She was pretty tall, long dark brown hair and my shade of chocolate brown eyes. "Yep?" she asked, looking around at us, then grinned at the brothers. "Hey Dean... Sam." I saw her grin even more now, then I knew I wasn't the only one who had a crush on him- me being years ago when we had been dating. Hell it had been a while now. Carmen and Dean were still together, which surprised me really.

Sam spoke now. "How are you?" the girl grinned. "Brill! The next book is nearly finished, and the new one out today!"

I blinked now- the girl was so... enthusiastic-? Almost like a female Jasper really.

Chuck sighed, then said. "Nicc, these people-"

"I love your books!"

Even I jolted a little as Jasper arrived, walking up and grinning at the girl. She laughed, going a little red as she said. "Thanks." then Jasper held out his hand, which Nicc took, and he said. "I'm Jas."

She chuckled now and said. "You and the rest of them." I saw Jas raise an eyebrow, then he asked. "Who's your favorite character from the seiries?"

Nicc looked thoughtful, then laughed weakly and said in defeat. "Probably Damon."

"What the hell-!"

Jasper wasn't happy. Nicc chuckled weakly, then said. "Most people think my favorite is Lyra, but it isn't. It's a tie between Damon and Jasper really. Although, I have a soft spot for Sammael."

And now he was grinning. "Ok, I think I love you now."

Gabriel rolled his eyes now, then asked. "How do you know Sam and Dean?" She chuckled now and just said. "Oh, I just like to call them that. It kinda sticks."

"Oh. Then you know who I am then?"

She looked confused now, then shook her head and replied. "Sorry, no."

Dad scoffed now, then said. "Hello? I met the muttonheads four times in his books. I like candy and tricking people. A few hot girls wouldn't go amiss either."

She was frozen now, then looked at us all, eyes wide. I had a theory- she knew that Chucks books were true. Therefore...

"Oh my crap... you're-?" She started, gaping a little. But then she frowned and said. "You're alot shorter than I expected Gay."

I laughed now, then she turned her attention to me and stared a moment before saying. "Lyra-? Carmen?" I nodded and she gaped again, then looked at us all in turn, then asked my mom. "Why the hell did you sleep with him?"

Mom sighed and just said in defeat. "I think you missed out the fact I was drunk (!)"

She shook her head now, then looked at my husband and grinned. "Sammael! Ohmygod! You're hotter than I imagined!" Sammael just chuckled now, then said, flattered no doubt. "Thank you."

But now she grimaced at Jasper, who raised an eye and grinned. "I thought you loved me?"

"Yeah... changing my mind now."

"You can't do that!"

"Duh, I so can sweetie."

Later on, watching Nicc hug Phoenix, I wondered where Sammael had gone. So I got up, setting my paper cup down and went looking for him.

I found him in the car, his head in his hands and muttering to himself, moaning in agony.

Then I saw his ring. Or should I say, it was gone.

Ok, panicking now, I grabbed his shoulders and made him face me, saying quickly. "Sammeh, calm down. Stop it. Deep breaths!"

He stared at me now, his eyes getting more and more vivid red. I groaned and took his face in my hands now, saying softly. "Come on, calm down. It's ok. Yeah? Just calm down..." I ran my thumb over his cheek soothingly, hoping against hope he didn't lose control. Hell, the place would get wiped out

His chest was heaving now, and I started to realize as smoke started to creep from under his clothes that he really was going to blow.

"Stop it!" I said now, panicking more than ever, trying to get him to open his eyes and look at me, but it was no use- it was like he was trapped inside his own mind.

I knew this was what gave him his name of "The Destroyer" and the reason he had been so quiet and docile before he had that ring Damon gave him, supressing its power, which was city destroying. I'd never, thankfully, seen him in full Destroyer mode, but I'd seen enough before when he faced his brother, Samyaza. I'd never tell him, but I had a part of me that was terrified of that part of him. With his ring, he was as sweet as candy and great father, certainly changing historys take on him being a ruthless, bloodied fallen angel that had destroyed civilization after civilization. Well I loved him. He was my husband, and that oughta been enough.

He shook his head now, tears leaking from his eyes as he whispered. "Ly... Make it stop... Please." I groaned and pulled him into my arms, hugging him tightly and stroking the back of his feiry hair, talking soft nonsense to him.

Slowly, but surely, his heart stopped racing a million miles and hour and he hugged me back. I let him sob into my chest with tears in my own eyes.

Where the hell was that ring!

"Sammeh-" I asked him now, taking his face in my hands. He opened his eyes, and I saw that they were back to their dark browny maroon colored mingled with tears.

"Stay here, keep your eyes closed and just don't think about anything ok? Not me, not the kids... anything. I'll go find your ring. Just... don't explode ok?"

He just nodded, looking more vulnerable than I'd ever seen him. For an eons old fallen angel, he was acting like a little girl.

He nodded again and closed his eyes. I groaned, but found myself kissing him for a moment, but not long enough to work him up again.

When I found the ring under the drinks table, I vanished back to him and shoved it back onto his hand, then told him, stroking his cheek. "It's ok, you can open your eyes now."

Sammael slowly opened his eyes now, looking completely worn out. He just put his forehead against mine and chuckled. "We have our moments huh?"

I chuckled too, then kissed him for a moment.

Hell he was right on that little fact. We did alright.

"Help! My daddy is an archangel!"

What else could say our life in just six words-?

Ok, randomness time! Just something I wrote of the top of my head- not been spell checked or anything, sorry:( just a drabble more or lessXD hope you like:D x