Hello there! Welcome to the world of fairies, trolls, and pregnancy! I have previously written a book for maximum ride and a short story of what should have happened in breaking dawn. But this one is the one I am most excited to write (and probably the best)! I will try to update every two weeks but with school it will be hard. Well here we go…..

DISCLAIMER: I do not own wings or spells. Aprilynne Pike does, not me.


Why was I even checking this test? It's not like I could get pregnant. I am a fairy not a human. I am a plant. Just because I was getting sick in the morning didn't mean I was pregnant. My mom and dad never gave me the pregnancy talk because they thought I wouldn't ever give birth the human way. This was all true. Why was I second guessing the truth?

My lips pursed as I threw the test in the trash. I didn't need this. There was already too much stress in my life. I would never see Tamani again. My life would never be the same. But I chose David and I knew that was the right choice. He was everything i wanted. I didn't want to be part of the fairy world. There were too many things that I missed. I hope I can someday just forget about being a fairy…

As I came out of the bathroom I was rushed and caught in a big embrace from David. He twirled me around and kissed my nose. I laughed and was confused by his sudden excitement.

"Guess what!" ,he asked with the excitement clear in his voice.

"What?", I teased.

"I got you something."

"Oh you did?" ,I asked with true anxiousness.

"Close your eyes", he said while putting his hands over my face.

I could still peek but I closed my eyes for the fun of it. He kept his hands on my eyes and led me outside. I could tell by all the plants growing around me. Since I had no shoes on I could feel the slight brush of the grass and a flower every now and again. He led me deeper in the forest and I was starting to get suspicious.

Suddenly we stopped and David cursed under his breath. I opened my eyes and took off his hands. I gasped silently as I saw Shar.

"Shar what are you doing here", I asked, and then to David, "Was this your surprise because so far I hate it."

"No I did not expect him here my-", he was cut off by Shar.

"I can hear you two. I didn't come here to enlighten you. I came here on my own terms".

"You need to go. I wanted to get all of you out of my life. Did I not make that clear?" I said.

I know I was being rude but I didn't care. Shar hates me because of the choice I made. He only reminded me more of Tamani. And that was something I didn't want.

He smiled slightly and said, "No trust me you've made it very clear. But I came here to tell you about Tamani but I guess it doesn't matter to you so I will just leave."

He turned on his heel and stood as straight as someone could be but he was graceful at the same time. I bit my lip. I wanted to know about Tamani. I was worried about him.


He turned around with a grin on his face. Somehow he was happy today and he never was. Ever.

"OK I will tell you." , then he turned serious, "I know you don't care about him anymore but I should tell you. He has been with other people which I guess you don't care about. I just wanted to tell you so you knew. But the more important reason I am here is because the queen herself has requested you to go to a special party. It is more of a meeting but it is a party as well."

"Why does she want me to come?", I questioned.

"Well you are the closet fairy to human contact. And there have been outbreaks with more trolls. Many fairies have been killed and we need a plan because they are attacking in public."

"I guess I should go", I said adding a hint of question in my voice as I looked at David.

"Oh. Yeah you should definitely go. If people er- fairies- are dying you should help them", David said.

I kissed him gratefully and nuzzled my nose against his neck. I looked back at Shar and he looked a little uncomfortable.

"Yes I will go but I will have you know I am only going because fairies are in danger. You got it?" I stated.

He smiled and said, "Oh yes I understand". He started to turn around but then stopped and said, "I almost forget. The queen wants you to wear this since you are blooming and you have no other clothes. Am I correct?"

"Yes you are"

He gave me the most beautiful piece of clothing I have ever seen. It was a dark blue with hints of gold flecks. It was strapless and was very long. It had a long V in the back so my blooming could be comfortable. I gasped and felt the smooth silky cover of the dress.

"Thanks Shar" ,and I smiled at him.

"Your most welcome" , he smiled back and said, "I will see you soon"

He turned and walked away. I watched him go until I couldn't see him anymore. I let out my breath I was holding and took David's hand.

" Well that was a surprise. I haven't seen or heard from them in 2 years. Seems like much longer."

"Mhmm" , David said to the floor.

"David, what is the matter? I am only going for a couple of hours tonight. It's nothing. I promise."

"Ok I believe you but I just don't like it when your away from me"

I smiled and he took me in his arms. He held me and rubbed his hands softly on my flower on my back which always made me tingle. I kissed him again and again and again. We ended up on the floor and I could feel the grass against my feet. He kissed down my neck and sighed.

I laughed. He always sighed when he was happy and it was easy for me to tell. I bit his lips and got up off the ground. He got up and started to chase me. He eventually got a hold of me and just hugged me tighter. I took his hand and we went back to my house to get ready for the party/ meeting.