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So yeah, here's chapter six – and yes, I do agree it's kind of weird to do it with a teacher, but its Damon; any student of his would love to get into his pants, right?

Elena had told Stefan everything. She knew this was very wrong of her, but Stefan was Damon's brother, so he did have some right to know what was happening. Alone at her house on a Saturday morning, Stefan decided to come to pick up Elena and drive to Damon's apartment where Bonnie was "spending the night." Exiting the house; leaving a note, of course, entered Stefan's car and he sped out the neighborhood.

"Are you sure Bonnie's with him?" he asked.

"Yes, Stefan. I'm positive."

He shook his head, sighing. "Why would Damon do this? He's smarter than this."

Elena rolled her eyes. If Damon was smarter, then why sleep with an eighteen year old? Although there really wasn't any age difference between them, it was still considered wrong to kiss your teacher, let alone possible engage in sexual contact. But Bonnie always did get what she wanted; Elena couldn't deny that.

Stefan accelerated to Damon's house, completely angry that his older brother would actually fool around with a teenager. And his student? Stefan was getting really pissed off. He felt like killing his brother right now.

Bonnie stirred, yawning softly that some of her red curls trembled on Damon's chest. It was very warm in the bed, almost too perfect for them. She snuggled into him and opened her eyes to see Damon sleeping soundly. Then she realized what they have done.

"FUCK!" she whispered/yelled. She remembered what an awesome night she had just a few hours ago, and couldn't actually believe she and Damon had sex. Bonnie knew she wanted to do it with him; it was her plan all along but she never though she would actually succeed in doing it.

Swapping a couple of curls from her face, she got up from the bed slowly, gathering a couple of sheets to cover her naked body with. Touching her bare feet on the floorboard, she tipped-toed to get her clothes, which were splattered on the ground. Passing the un-curtained window, she noticed a person dressed in black with a camera that looked paparazzi-ish and the lens looked directly at Bonnie. She walked forward, stopping right in front of window and the person ran away.

"Damn it!" Bonnie said under her breath. Someone had just taken a picture of Bonnie wearing nothing but sheets of Damon's bed and it could only mean one thing: she had sex. And knowing everyone would be talking about it little Fell's Church, the person might publish the picture depicting Bonnie as she looked like. She was going to be ruined for life.

Shivering of fear, she quickly grabbed her clothes and ran to the bathroom. She changed, washed her face, brushed her teeth with her index finger and getting her red hair wet, Bonnie exited the bathroom to see no one in the bed. Scared to face Damon, she turned off the bathroom light and put her sweater on, peering out the bedroom door. With the coast clear, she opened the door wider and stepped out, her heart pounding very hard against her chest and her breaths coming out very short.

The hallway wasn't that long, and so she reached he end and saw a shadow coming closer. She gasped and closed her eyes, then heard his voice.

"Bonnie, what's wrong?"

Her chocolate brown eyes opened to see Damon wearing pants, shoes, his hair still untidy and a black shirt. He looked very handsome, much younger than he appeared to be, and apparently worried about Bonnie, but made no contact with her body.

"I'm fine," she said slowly, staring at his blue orbs.

He nodded. "You should probably head home." Then walked away from her.

Great, Bonnie though. He regrets it.

The redhead followed in pursuit, her curls blowing behind her face.

"Why? You're worried I'll tell the whole world that we had sex? Gossip so you can go to jail? Well you're wrong! When I said I loved you, I meant it." Bonnie declared, crossing her arms over her chest. She was surprised tears hadn't came yet.

Damon didn't look at her. "It's not that, Bon. I know you won't tell anyone. I do love you, I do, but… we can't see each other anymore. Not as lovers," he added.

"A one-night stand, huh? You just wanted to lure me into your bed and take everything I had, right?" Bonnie yelled as tears fell down her cheeks. She couldn't believe she had fallen for his charisma, his charm… everything. Mr. Salvatore had wanted his student to fall for him, and she was the victim.

Damon had turned to see her. "Of course not! Don't you ever think that! I never intended to go this far with you! If you haven't lured me in the first place…" he didn't finish the sentence because outside his door, Stefan yelled his name in pure anger.

"DAMON!OPEN THE DOOR!" The younger Salvatore brother yelled. Elena stood behind him, scared of Stefan at the moment; she had never seen him so mad before.

Damon looked at Bonnie once, and then walked to the door where she opened to a pissed off Stefan and a relived Elena.

"Bonnie!" gasped the blonde as she hugged Bonnie. The redhead wiped her tears away and trudged from the apartment, Elena in tow.

Stefan closed the door, staring at Damon who was standing, saying nothing.

"What were YOU thinking, Damon? Whyher? Your student, Damon? Are you FUCKING crazy?" said Stefan in a monotone voice because he didn't want to raise his voice.

"I REALLY don't want to talk about with YOU, Stefan. Just GO AWAY. I don't see you right now," said Damon as he turned away from Stefan.

"SO THAT'S IT? YOU'RE JUST GONNA IGNORE IT LIKE ITS NO DEAL? WELL, DAMN IT, DAMON IT IS! YOU FUCKED YOUR STUDENT, DAMON! YOU'RE A LUNATIC!" screamed Stefan. He didn't care if his neighbors heard him; in fact it was better if everyone knew his brother was doing his student.


Stefan sighed, sitting down on the chair and looked at his wretched brother.

"You're screwed, Damon. Bonnie is out there, crying her eyes out because you accepted her. YOU hurt her. And now what CAN you do?"

Damon didn't respond. He stayed silent, taking a seat across from Stefan. He really didn't know what to do. After seeing Bonnie everyday in class, examining her because quiet frankly she wanted him to, he knew what he did to her was wrong. She had him wrapped around her little finger. Damon had acted like her servant and even went to the extra mile as to tell her he loved her.

That part was not true. At least, not entirely.

He loved Bonnie, and apparently enough to have sex with her. But only one thing stood in the way: he was a teacher, a TEACHER for god's sake! And Bonnie was his student – his loving, charismatic, beautiful student. It could never happen, as he had understood. But they were ignorant. Not only Bonnie, but Damon too. They had gotten themselves into a situation that they both knew was dangerous, yet they acted as like they didn't give a damn in the world.

Stefan got up, sighing once more before opening the door to leave.

Stefan drove Bonnie to her house; her parents hadn't come yet and her sisters were at work. Elena decided to stay with Bonnie until nightfall.

Bonnie was traumatized. She was saddened, pained with unexplainable words. She had just gotten herself in tremendous trouble that she instantly regretted ever falling for Mr. Salvatore. She regretted ever meeting him, ever being born to suffer the consequences of falling in love with a teacher. Bonnie McCullough regretted everything.

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