It has been two years since I last seen my secret crush, that boy who makes my heart soar. Two years since i'd seen Peter Pan fly past my window for the last time.

I miss him so much, he was the only boy who I met that will never grow old, and made me feel special, like I belonged. I felt like he loved me as much as I loved him. Maybe our relationship was more like sbilings, but I think that deep down, Peter did care for me. I think it's all clear that he's long since forgotten about me, since I haven't seen him since.

I sighed as the light breeze of the open window filled my room, always giving me flashbacks of Hook, the reason I met the sprite-like boy. Peter never knew I loved him, I was happy because I would tell him when he would come and swoop me to Neverland all over again, but that never happened. Now I wish I told him before he left so I wouldn't always be pining for him to miraculously just take me to live with him... forever. It was just a dream and fantasy that I knew might never come true.

It was starting to get late so I went to my bed, tucked myself in, faced away from the window, but never went to sleep until I was certain he wasn't coming. Every time he never came I would wonder. If only my Dad knew about Peter, he would probably throw a fit, and then Mum would have to explain everything. Basically only my mother understands why I act like I do. Since it's been two years I was starting to think it was all a dream. I remembered my conversation with my mom the night before:

"Mum, I think Peter Pan was just a dream that I had..."

"Jane, He is real! How could you just stop believing like this? Would I lie about meeting him and going away to Neverland?"

"Maybe you were dreaming too!"

"But he came back to me Jane!"

"Yes mother, he did, a little too late though because you were getting married when he got there!"

I wish I never said that to her, I regret it, I never meant to hurt her. It's just how I am, I wonder when he will come back for me if he does exist.

" This is all so complicated! Why can't I just keep believing in him without regretting and testing my knowledge or memory!" I was forced into hatred of my own self right now.

" Maybe if I make a wish on tha star, everything will turn out alright... And I can either start over or he will come for me"

Quickly, I untucked myself from bed and went to the open window, kneeling beneath it. I clasped my hands together and serched for the second star to the right.

'Wish I may, Wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight. Please let my choice be made, whatever choice it is' I thought. Not a very convincing wish, or one that made sense, but I had a feeling as I looked up at that brightly twinkling star, that someone had heard my plea.

As some of you may realize, i'm taking this story over from LadyEpona, who was unable to finish it due to some personal problems. I did this with her consent, and am revising bits of it as I go, trying to keep it as intact as possible. Please review!