"I finally got to see, Jane, my one and only girl."

-Peter Pan

I was rushing out into the starry night ahead of us, flying faster than I ever had before in my excitement. I noticed Jane was holding on tighter than usual.

"She probably is holding tight because she hasn't been to Never Land for so long!" I thought exuberantly. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I almost didn't hear Jane's cry of alarm.

"Peter watch out!" I snapped out of my trance and realized that we were heading off course toward the clock tower. I reacted quickly and turned sharply around Big Ben just in time. I could hear her breathing heavily in fear.

"Sorry Jane, my head is elsewhere today." It seemed like a couple of minutes before she replied.

"It's okay Peter. Do you mind telling me what's been on your mind? Maybe I could help." My heart began to pound as I looked for an explanation to tell the curious girl in my arms.

"No way can I tell her I like her. Not now, it will be too soon. What if she rejects me?" I sighed, not thinking that she would ask what was wrong. I should have known that she was the curious type.

"Is it too confidential for me to know?" Jane had a soft voice. I was so conflicted. What if I told her yes, that it was? Would she get mad? Understand? Ugh, love is nothing but trouble!

"Don't take it the wrong way, but it is too confidential for ANYONE to know." I was waiting for that moment when she would either hit me with her note book, or cry and get me all wet. The second choice was a eighteen percent chance. It might have happened though.

"Peter, I might take it the wrong way sometimes, but right now... never." Her words always got to me, good or bad. I couldn't help but smile. She was an easy girl to talk to. Never flirted or anything, I had never felt this way about a girl before. It felt like I could trust her with just about anything.

"Here we are Jane, Never land!" We were right in front of pink clouds of cotton candy and a land of green, gray, and pixie dust. I looked at Jane. Her eyes were filled with excitement and her hair blew with the wind.

"Peter! It's as lovely as ever!" The tone of her voice had a spark of energy. I always thought how lucky her parents are now to have her as a daughter.

"Here's our stop!" I told her while landing lightly next to the lost boys hideout. I saw a sudden light. Tinkerbell! She came back, and forgave me. Her face was now normal instead of red and she smiled like she always did.

"Hey Tink, do you forgive me?" I asked very hopeful that she would had. Jane looked confused at what was happening.

"Man! Where is my head at today! Jane just heard if Tink would forgive me! Now she is going to ask why Tink would in the first place!" I thought frantically, trying to keep my cool.

"Jane, don't worry, I will explain later." I needed time to think of an excuse so I can figure out what to say without telling her my feelings so soon. I really wish this whole love thing was easier. Was today ever going to get any better? I turned to Jane.

I was wrapped in my thoughts until sunset, and when night came I walked to where Jane was sleeping, my choice of excuse made. She was curled up on the couch looking at her notes in her note book. When she caught a glimpse of me she smiled. I couldn't run now. No backing down. I sat down next to her and began to explain.

"Okay, what happened before... I said something Tinkerbell couldn't handle, I guess. She soon ran away, I finally found her but she ran off when she saw me. Now she forgives me." Jane nodded.

"That's great, i'm glad you got it all worked out. Good night Peter." Jane said, stifling a yawn.

"Goodnight Jane, I love you." I whispered silently to myself so she wouldn't hear. I walked outside and sat on a tree branch, checking to make sure no one was around. After I was sure of it, I started talking to myself.

"I will find the courage to ask you out one day. Ask you to stay with me in Never Land. Hopefully you will... Why me? why is love so complicated. It's just like some people say. Love... is a game. You never win. You're always going to lose no matter what. You're lucky if you do win." With that said to the night air, I flew back to my base and slept.

I Dreamed about Jane all night, of course.