Hello everyone :) It's Kristina here with my first ever UPDATE and wait.. what's this.. REQUEST taking.

Yes everyone. I have been getting bored of writing my ongoing fanfiction.. so i've decided to write ONESHOTS or TWOSHOTS depending on how much feedback I get on the first one.

I will do Oneshots for only two completely different things.
First one will be The Darren Shan Saga.

Second one will be Glee . I know they both are different, but I love them both so there. x

Please fill out this information If you want one for yourself *Note that I can change characters a bit, so don't be afraid to ask, because I don't have to always go by the book, or by the show x:*



Character/Characters included:




Brief description of what you want?:


Note. I will do any rating you wish :)

Please send me a message or comment with the information to these questions.

If you want to request a oneshot for any two or more characters you want just request it with a general idea of what you'd like to see. x

Love you all,xKristina