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Naruto got up suddenly from his bed, clentching the covers. He was sweating.

He glanced at the clock. 2:00 a.m.

Naruto sighed, thinking of his nightmare. He was seven years old, and without doubt, every month, he had that nightmare. Although he didn't really remember when he was a baby, he remembered having that nightmare at least fifty times.

And it never got better.

Naruto grabbed his stuffed frog, Gama-chan, that he got on his sixth birthday. He pulled back his blankets and placed his bare feet on the floor.

He walked over to the door and opened it, with a creak.

His feet tapped on the floor as he made his way towards his father's room.

As Namikaze Minato was the Hokage, his house was pretty big. Back when Naruto was younger, he often got lost. But now, he could find Minato's room half-asleep and in the dark- like now.

His small hands gripped the doorknob to Minato's room, and turned it. He opened the door a crack, and peeked at Minato.

Naruto often did this, whenever he had a nightmare. He calmed down when he saw Minato- it helped him sleep.

But, this night, Minato was awake as well. He wasn't the Hokage for nothing- he promptly noticed Naruto.

"Naruto? Is something wrong?" Minato blinked at Naruto, sitting up in his bed.

"Oh!" Naruto blinked and put on a carefree smile. "No, don't worry about it!"

"Naruto..." Minato sighed. "You don't have to keep everything to yourself."

Naruto looked at Minato through the crack, opened the door slightly wider and walked over to Minato's bed.

He jumped up on the bed, sitting down.

Minato smiled gently at Naruto. "So, Naruto. Why're you here?"

Naruto looked up at Minato, then looked back down to the ground. "I... had a nightmare."

"A nightmare?" Minato said. "What sort?"

"I.. This nightmare... I have it a lot." Naruto admitted. "It's... the Kyuubi, I think."

Minato blinked guiltily. He was fully ready to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto himself when the Sandaime stepped in- one wrong step and it could've been himself who had died- and sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto.

He told Naruto about the Kyuubi a couple of years ago, figuring that it was better to tell him first, before someone else did either by accident or on purpose.

"Everyone that I care for... they're dying..." Naruto clentched the covers. "And there's myself, just looking on impassively... and then it all ends with manical laughter... I think it's Kyuubi..."

"I'm sorry." Minato said softly.

"Why?" Naruto grinned at Minato. "You didn't seal Kyuubi in me- I don't blame the Sandaime for sealing it in me either."

Minato ruffled Naruto's hair. "Okay, then."

"Don't rub my hair!" Naruto complained, trying to straighten his hair.

"What does it matter?" Minato laughed. "Your hair's already messy from sleeping."

"Hmmph." Naruto crossed his arms, looking to the side.


I'm going to write a number of very short one-shots when I'm bored of writing something else.