The world was in ruins. When the virus struck, everyone was affected eventually. I looked around my surroundings. Vegas, eh? I couldn't believe that this barren desert was Sin City two years ago. My sight drifted to a gas station and I saw one of them. He must've seen me as well because he darted right for me. I took the shotgun off of my back and shot it right in the head. I looked down at the corpse, which was wearing a Shell worker's outfit with the name Tim on it. "Sorry Tim" I chuckled. About five more came out of the station, so I took out my M80 and cut 'em down. I sighed and thought of my worst kill.

We had just gotten out of a large group that was chasing us. She showed me her arm, and she had been bitten. I didn't say anything, but she nodded. I kissed her forehead and put the shotgun to her head. "I love you, Coraline" I said, barely controlling the tears. Bang.

I had nothing left but Coraline for a year, and then in the next, I lost her. I was no longer Wybourne Lovat. I was now a lonely survivor. I would never forget that soft, lead-filled kiss I gave her.

After rummaging through the now vacant gas station, I heard the sound of an engine come through. It was a survivalist bus, crawling with weapons. I flagged them down so that they would know that I wasn't infected. They let me on after a complete bite check. These people were not want I expected. There was a short, green one that I watched warily, a guy in a formally white lab coat, a rather attractive goth-looking girl, some small red guy with dreadlocks and tattered, spiked gloves, and a whole lot of others. Everything about everyone here was explained to me as the bus was loading up on gas.

The short one was Zim, an "Irken" that was supposed to destroy us, but in a sudden turn of events, began to try to help our species survive the T Virus. Gaz was the goth one, her brother being Dib, Zim's former enemy. The red one was Knuckles, the last of the echidnas and now the last of the Mobians. Iggy had wings genetically enhanced at birth some 19 years ago, Ike didn't speak a word of English but understood "Shoot", "Hide", and "Run like hell" and always carried a broadsword for some reason, and Meta Knight, also a sword swinger, would never back down from a fight. This was just the recon team. Our recon team.