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Angel's Visit

I looked at that hole of a light as I saw it swallow my mommy in it and I was just about to run to her, but my legs wouldn't move and I felt my throat going numb because of what I managed to overhear a while ago.

A vampire. My so called father is a vampire, and he happens to be dead right now, and that is why mommy was swallowed in that light; she was on her way to save my daddy.

I didn't know what else to do, but stare at my mommy with utter fear, not really sure of what to feel right now, now that I know my daddy is a vampire, and he's dead as well, and aunt Willow was going to help mommy bring daddy back to life.

On impulse, I turned from the doorway and ran to the kitchen, where I knew uncle Xander was waiting for me, because I asked him if he wanted mommy and aunt Willow with him as he eats his snacks.

"Uncle Xander," I breathed out, tired from running that long hallway and climbing up the high chair, where I was usually seated, so I could talk to uncle Xander. He was staring at me as I sat down and looked at him. "Is it true my daddy is a vampire? And that he is dead, too?" I bluntly asked, couldn't hold the fear that I was feeling anymore.

He stared at me, stupefied, for a while, but recovered just as fast, and he braced his whole weight on his arms that were resting on the table. "Where did you hear that, pumpkin?" he asked, handing me a cool glass of orange juice. I gladly gulped down a few and said to him, "Mommy and aunt Willow said so. I overheard them talking when I was going to invite them for snack with you, and then mommy is on her way to talk to daddy." I quieted for a while and looked at him as he stared at me. "Your mo—Buffy is on her way to see Spike?" he finally exclaimed, and I nodded in reply.

"Spike?" I asked then, "That is my daddy's name?" he answered back with a nod and then laughed a little when I made a disgusted sound. "What kind of name is that? I have a friend in the nursery, and her dog's name is Spike." I laughed. "Is my daddy a dog, uncle Xander?" and that was when he burst out laughing, and then held my hand as he continued to laugh. "No, pumpkin." He snickered. "Your father is not a dog, pumpkin." He began. "He stands on two legs, Phera. A person—an animal that could stand on two legs, aren't dogs." Then his face suddenly turned serious. "Well, actually, your father was a big pain in the ass, but he was very useful until the end, when he…" his expression turned kinder. "your father sacrificed himself, in order to save the world, and then a few weeks from that day, we learned that your mother was pregnant, because she was so moody right after he died. First, she will go mad, and then later she'll be laughing at you, and then next she'll be bored or either stressed.

We went to the doctor to have her be checked up on, and then doctors said that it's serious. He asked us what happened; what triggered her emotional stress like that, and we just said someone she knew died, and then he said that we should really be careful where your mother is concerned, because if she'll undergo more, she would break down eventually, and then seven months came, and we were surprised you were still alive inside her. The doctor said that there might be a point where you'll die in her womb, and we were gladly surprised you came out normally." He sighed. "Thank god for that."

"What happened next?" I asked eagerly, making him laugh. "Hmm, why don't we start from the beginning; why your mother was actually fighting, and why your father died fighting for her." And I nodded in agreement.

"Well, your mother was fifteen when it all began, she was a girl in high school, when a man appea—"and then a knock came from the door, breaking the excitement I felt in listening to my mommy's life story.

"Now who could that be in the middle of the night?" I heard uncle Xander mutter under his breath, but then he stood up and went to the door. I had nothing to do, so I went to follow him to the door.

Uncle opened door and there was a brooding figure outside our door. He had sandy brown hair, and he was wearing this huge coat.

"Xander." Then man outside said with a somewhat ominous aura, causing a shiver run down my spine.

"Angel," uncle Xander obviously tried to say. "what brings you here from L.A.?" he asked as he motioned the man named 'Angel' inside the house, and then in the living room.

The man looked at me as I followed uncle Xander and sat down on a sofa, and then he looked at uncle and frowned. "What the hell is Buffy up to now? I heard from the council that she was trying to do something stupid, though she just thought of it now. But it was reported that she and Willow were up to something stupid and called me immediately." He sighed and obviously exasperated sigh, "So, what is Buffy doing stupid now?"

I felt anger boil up in me as he continued to bad-mouth my mother.

"Well," my uncle stuttered. "she, um…" he was looking for words; it seemed to me, that would obviously not make the other man upset.

"She did something idiotic again, didn't she?" he finally snapped back at him, which made my blood boil even higher. "She is causing trouble once again!" he sighed. "What the heck does she think she's doing? She's the slayer. For goodness' sake! Yet she is doing all these stupid things?"

"Stop bad mouthing my mommy, you big jerk!" I lost it. He was too irritating, and how dare he bad-mouth my mother when she's not even here. My mommy used to tell me that bad-mouthing people behind their backs is bad, so, most of the time; I avoided enemies, even in nursery, to prevent people from bad-mouthing me.

That outburst of mine took his attention because he was now looking directly at me. "Mother?" he asked curtly, and then he turned back to uncle Xander. "What is this kid talking about?" uncle Xander looked warily at me, and then seriously back at the now outraged man standing just below the opening to the living room. "Well," he began. "you've seen her, so there really is no point in keeping her now, is there?" he looked at me again and held out his hand, which I took, and his big hand enclosed my smaller one. "Angel, meet Sylphera," he said and looked at 'Angel.' "Buffy's daughter."

He gaped. "Daughter?" he exclaimed as uncle nodded. "Yes," he replied. "her daughter of four years."

Uncle Xander then bent down and carried me in his arms and made me turn to Angel. "Phera, this is Angel, your mother's…friend." He introduced.

"Then who's the father?" Angel asked my uncle and looked at him, and boy, did I not like that look on his face as he fixed his gaze on uncle Xander like he was some guilty person. "Who's the father?" her repeated.

"He…" uncle began. "um, the father is…hell!" he yelled this time. "The father is Spike, Angel. Spike. As in the man who tried to kill her a lot of times, and then became the man who took care of her, when you," he pointed at Angel's chest. "abandoned her. The very man who despised her, and now, even until death, haunts the living daylights out of her. The man who comforted her when you dumped her, tarnished her, and broke her heart. The very man you can never be, Angel." He paused when he saw Angel bring up a protest and raised a hand to silence him. "And don't you dear deny that fact, Angel. Because Spike was here to comfort her while you were out there doing…stuff."

"Spike's the father?" Angel said, as if he wasn't really listening to facts uncle Xander stated, and concentrated on the fact that 'Spike' is my father.

"That's right." I said proudly, making both heads turn to me. "Spike is my father…whoever he is." I didn't know why that came out of my mouth.

"She never met Spike?" Angel asked, looking dumb-founded at uncle Xander.

Wow. Those four words managed to piss me off.

But uncle Xander unleashed that anger for me. "What the hell do you think?" he stated. "Sylpehera, Phera, was born seven months after Spike died. So, how do you think the two would meet? Spirits? Magic? Oh, come on Angel! You're, what, two hundred something years old. What would you think about dying? Then you go off to visit your loved ones, and see a new life with them. What will you think? 'Who is that kid?' Would be your first question, Angel. Not, who is the father of the kid?" he sighed another exasperated sigh. "Use your head and think Angel." And with that said and done, uncle Xander left the living room.

"You're wrong." I heard Angel mutter to himself, making me turn to him.

"What did you say?" I asked, his head shooting up and looking straight at me. He sighed at me and looked up at the ceiling. "I know how it feels," he began. "dying." He shrugged at me.

He patted the space next to him, indicating me to sit down. So, I did.

"Eight years ago," he paused with a sigh. "I reverted to my evil side once your mother and I…well, let's leave that part out, so, me and your mother had to fight. But whenever we didn't get the chance to, I pretended, to the others who didn't know that I was evil, to be good, to get them to my good side, but Buffy finally told them that I wasn't anymore. However, there was a time where I met Giles and he told me about the portal and how to open it as well, so that became my main goal." His brows furrowed. "and yadda, yadda, yadda. Then your mother was able to find me where I began the ritual for opening the portal, but she was able to delay me, however, as we began fighting, unknown to us, the portal slowly begun to open, and by the end of the fight, when we down to our last clash of swords, there was this very hot feeling inside me." He swallowed. "Which happened to be my soul, so as that happened, we stopped, but Buffy noticed something, which happened to be the portal growing bigger by the minute, and then she was suddenly deep in thought, and then came up with a decision." He stopped. "She looked at me tearfully and smiled sadly and said 'I love you' to me and stabbed me with her sword. I looked at the piercing sword and –"

"That's awful." I commented as tears began to roll down my cheeks. "So that's why mommy doesn't have a man in her life." I stated. "She kills them."

That obviously didn't come out right because I could hear Angel snickering. "What is it?" I pouted at him. "It's not that," he said, trying to stop his laughs from coming out. "Your mother didn't kill me because she wanted to. She killed me because she had to. It was her priority. She is good, I am evil. That's the way it is."

"Did you know my daddy?" I blurted out, surprising even myself when I saw a weird expression in his face. "Yeah," he said. "I knew him. He was sort f like a…retainer for me." He looked at me. "You even have most of his features than your mother. You have his hair color, as well as his blue eyes, even that british accent of his, and you have your mother's, hmm…well, you have her looks, but I can't really tell which part it is." Then he laughed.

I pouted at his comment, because, well, the fact that he was the former boyfriend, and he couldn't even tell a comparison between me and my mother.

"Stupid." I said before he exclaimed the "What?"

"Willow," Angel said curtly. "what kind of stupidity did you and Buffy enter in once again? The council immediately found out about your idea as soon as you even thought about it, and then reported it to me immediately in order for me to be able to stop you, but it seems as though I'm too late because you're here and I see no Buffy." He stared at me before he looked back at aunt Willow. "Where did you take her?"

"To Spike." Aunt said bluntly. "She was too desperate to see Spike because of those five years that they were apart, she couldn't stand anymore and had to see him for herself." She crossed her arms. "Unlike you, Spike cared for Buffy even though she couldn't return those feelings, and most of us blame you for that. She should've returned those feeilngs to Spike, but she couldn't, because you," she crossed the room and pointed at Angel's chest. "were always in her heart, and she couldn't even give at least a small space for Spike in her heart. You filled her heart, and we couldn't even make her forget you because you were always in her freaking heart!" tears started to roll down her cheeks that she had to cover her eyes with her hands.

"Well," uncle Xander said from the door and walked up beside aunt Willow. "See that, Angel. Your mishap judgement is causing havoc here, so you better leave." He pointed at the door, making Angel stand up and began to look flustered. "But, what about Buffy?" he asked, glancing at me.

This time, aunt Willow marched up to him and stared up at his eyes. "Buffy is none of your business, Angel." She glared. "None. She is our business, so you better leave now before I do anything to you."


"But nothing." She went to the door and opened it. "Get out!"

Angel glanced at each one of us. "Buffy…"

"Out!" she repeated.

This time, he left and didn't cast a backward glance at each one of us, but when he left, I saw his concern for my mother in my eyes, so I felt sorry for him.