A Prince Returns

Out on the Pride Lands' a new day was breaking, as the golden sun slowly crept its way into the awaiting sky. Animals of all kinds were gathered around the base of Pride Rock, eagerly awaiting their next king or queen. An old, sluggish baboon appeared holding a small animal; behind him stood a lion, dark fur with a matching dark mane, and a lioness, light in fur with a gentle face. As the excited crowd simmered down the small animal, a cub, was raised into the morning sun, catching its rays making the fresh fur gleam a royal gold. Cheers of different species erupted in waves of joy and proud for the cub. The next king.

One face in the crowd quietly observed, showing no signs of happiness or even disappointment, at the most all that could be a obtained was a flicker of indifferent. As the cub was brought back down to its loving family, this face slipped away. Their direction unknown to those around them.

Hours later in the blossoming Marsh Lands that same face at the birth of the Pride Lands' new prince returned to a small pride. Each member seemed to have a role to play which helped to advanced or nurture the pride.

The leader seemed to a young adult with a reddish thick mane covering its shoulder and hanging to one side of his face. Next to him was a lioness much similar in age, her fur was less golden than the lion beside her but still shined with health. A small scar was visible on her left ear. In front were three cubs varying in age: the oldest was a young lion close to his adult years, his coat much matched the lioness' and his mane, much shorter than the leaders, still covered most of his shoulders; biting on his tail was the smallest cub, her fur shined as bright as the sun and interest as short as most cubs her age; the third cub seemed to the middle child, her fur similar like the oldest cub, was in her mid adolescences her attention switching between different members of the pride. The ways the other lions' were around them suggested that these lions were like a royal family to the pride.

The leader spotted the lion who had returned, this lioness had the darkest coat of all the pride. He rose and greeted her with a gentle head rub.

"Kopa," the lioness spoke carefully "it seems the Pride Lands' have a new Prince. If you were to make a move I would suggest now."

The lion now identified as Kopa took time to his decision, he gazed over his pride and noticed most of them were a similar age with a few very young cubs here and there. For a pride so small they were strong and feared in many parts of the Marsh. The Pride was tight and knew were the weaknesses are so were easy to work on, currently with no males threatening to take his place everything within the Pride was calm.

"Cleo, you're right. It was time I returned to Pride Rock and my family, too long I have hidden myself away praying that in the end they would find me. Now I know hat we must return and reclaim what is rightfully ours!" He answered with an almighty roar rallying his pride.

The Prince was about to return!