The regal family sat in an intimate circle in the trees near Pride Rock. Nala leaned heavily on Simba, although fully recovered her body still ached from the recovery period and was feared she may never truly be the same. Kopa and Kiara sat close to each other while still keeping their distances; they still did not feel confident enough to be the friendliest of siblings. Kovu and Afi sat further back waiting to see what was about to be brought to there attention.

"Your mother and I thought it was time to hand over our reign of the kingdom," Simba announced.

"We thought long and hard over this but, Kopa if your willing to stay here we would love if you would take over," Nala finished beaming.

At the news of this Kiara's face fell, Kovu's posture became rigid, Afi's face lit up with delight whereas Kopa pawed the dirt nervously. Before Kopa could reply Kiara yelled out "what do you think you're doing? You barely know him! Is this how it works? You run away from home and end up being king, like father and Kopa?"

"Settle down," Simba said coolly instantly making Kiara quiet. "Kiara you have just shown you are no where near ready to rule a kingdom. You are still very immature and emotionally ruled."

"I could counteract that," Kovu stated blandly.

"In some sense yes, but you are still irrational in your way of thinking, you need to firstly control the anger of yours to then be able to think clearly." Simba replied.

"Kopa what do you think dear?" Nala said softly changing the attention away from still needy children.

"I… I'm not sure." He replied honestly then turning his attention to Afi. "Are you willing to stay? I understand if it's too much for you right now considering everything that has happened."

"That's just is though isn't dad? Given everything that has happened being here has made us bond more with this pride. I feel like we're apart of a much united family than one we had before. We can't just pack up and leave like we've done in the past, Zareb is here, my aunty, my grandparents are all here. I don't want to leave them after just finding them." Her speech was heartfelt and meaningful given all the strength Kopa needed to make his decision.

"Then I'll be more than happy to take over. Kiara I'm truly sorry about this and I can see how much this is hurting you. But understand this is probably for the best." Kopa replied softly.

The dawning of a new day and the dawning of a new ruler. Kopa sat awkwardly as Rafiki styled his mane into something more regal in appearance instead of his usual scruffiness. His claws were already cleaned and cut, his fur gleamed in the fresh morning sun, and as Simba and Nala looked on they knew he was ready. The clouds broke free and Mufasa's light shone down upon him, showering him in the former king's love. Rafiki's hand stopped and he pulled back, with one more look over he smiled respectively at the new king. Kopa took a deep breathe and walked forward, the light constantly followed him.

As he stood on the ledge outlooking the kingdom before him a gentle breeze ruffled through his mane and he knew this was his grandparents showing their sign of support. Rafiki returned his tortoise shell and inside laid a concoction of different liquids which created a red paint. He pushed his hand in and laid his now paint covered hand on Kopa's chest. As he did this he chanted words wishing him well, wishing the kingdom well. A song of good luck and support. He then painted his fur in stripes along his torso, then rings around his tail. Once finished he pulled back and walked away, Kopa then observed his kingdom and let out an almighty roar, this was echoed by his pride. The animals below started to chirp, neigh and stomp their feet in delight and appetence. They then bowed as the former King and Queen strolled forward.

"My people the time is now to give over the old and arise with the new," Simba's voiced echoed over the Plaines. With this the animals rose and gave out another cheer at the new King.

Kopa's chest swirled with pride and love for the people in front of him. For once he felt he belonged somewhere, he felt like he was needed somewhere. As of before he was constantly searching for somewhere to call his own, for someone to say this is where you belong. Now looking out at the people below and at his pride now he knew coming back was the right decision. All he wishes is that everyone could be here to see it, to be apart of it.