Kingdom Hearts

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Day 1! Part 5!

Sora runs into Cloud Strife on his way to King Mickey and asks him, "Do you know what Firema is?" Cloud then stroked his chin with long thick fingers and then said in an unclear tone, "Is it a special item or a kind of magic?" Then Sora told him in an almost sturdy voice, "I think it is a type of magic." Cloud then told him the legend of the magic Firema and said you had to be some kind of magic wizard or master.

So Sora brought Donald along with him to go to Merlin and see if he could be taught this hard piece of magic. But when they arrived, they saw that Merlin had been turned into a turkey by a witch for Thanksgiving. So Sora caught the witch and saw it was a heartless called Witchmass and then figured out how to change Merlin back to normal. But when he asked Donald he replied with an answer of disagreement. So they took Merlin the Turkey (not chicken) back to safety where Cid and King Mickey could keep him safe. Then they got goofy and set off on a heroic expedition to find out how to cure Merlin from his spell.

Author's Note: I will not write the very good and very long 'Heroic Expedition' that they will go on unless I get 100 people to write good reviews about my stories by January 1, 2011. But until then I will not write any further stories.