Christmas gladly was coming to an end and so did Marcus's useless wandering throughout the halls. Getting reminded of how alone he is at this time of year stings; he sees others enjoying the Christmas spirit, retelling stories of Christmas day wonder, marvelling at the presents their parents took time to find and neatly wrap, whispers of thank you to that magical Santa Claus. He had no such things. Christmas at the Flint's did not exist, there was no decorated tree, no Christmas carols were ever sung, no overly sized turkey dinner and no family time by the fire watching muggle films. The day was treated as any other day for him, one that causes him to be isolated from his family or peers and try for just this once not to break the spell.

Christmas came to an end and row of students dragged their way back in to their studies. Marcus was greeted with small smiles and the underlining excitement to get back to their old ways.

Classes came and went and things were the same in each. The Professor would go on and on about something Marcus didn't care for or didn't understand, most of the time it was a combination of the both. He would find the time to nap every now and then or for the majority of the time sketch out new Quidditch ideas on to a piece of parchment. That was a part from two lessons; Potions and Defence against the Dark Arts. These he could understand the important of and the practical use of them in his everyday life. It also has to do with these two Professors talk to him like an equal; they understand him and don't insult his intelligence by talking down to him. They see his talent and potential and try to mould it and improve it. Snape more than anyone seems to be able to connect with him, he sees the pain and suffering he is already going through and finds a way to use this understanding to bring the best out of him. For the year Marcus has been studying in Potions and been living in Slytherin Snape has come to resemble a role model for him, a strong male figure for him to aspire to. As long as Snape is teaching at Hogwarts, Marcus will be there to prove himself to him.

Evening came and it was time for Marcus to take the sky. Flying in Quidditch is exhilarating and an adrenaline pumping chase. It takes each player to new heights and brings out the competitive side some players did not even know they possessed. Sometimes it feels like there is no broom there, which you are the one flying as high as the birds. Yet flying just for the need of flying is beautiful. At this time it allows Marcus to think and reflect on the things he has done, as he flies he sees the castle in all its true beauty. Flying over the black lake and seeing the golden setting sun reflected in the rippling waters he could see why people admired Hogwarts so much.

The longer he flew the more a small clearing came in to focus. This was what he was searching for, a small quiet place which only he knows about. Touching down it he was surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere, all that could be heard was the faint hooting of owls in the far distance and the gentle chirping of crickets. Sitting down by the lake side he could see smaller fishes under the waters edge. Lying down on the grass he felt all his troubles wash away and be transformed into a mind of ease and calm. The sight above his tired eyes is a canopy of tree branches, each just over lapping each other, instead of where the leaves the canvas of the sunset with the vibrant yellow and red captured Marcus's attention.

He returned just before the night fell and slipped his way past the Slytherin common room, into his bed.

As morning rose the boys he shared the room with was eager for their plans to wreck havoc for any students not in there house. Their main target as always was the Gryffindors, and for Marcus it was mainly the two oldest Weasleys and Wood. If Wood could just take it as a man and not bring in the other two, he might have a bit more respect for him. The Weasleys, well, every wizard in his circle knew they were a disgrace for pureblood wizards everywhere. That combined with the beaten they gave him at the start of Christmas break, they deserved everything that was coming to them.

It took the Slytherin boys a few weeks to find Oliver completely alone, once they did Marcus ascended towards him while the other three stood watch. Marcus got Oliver by the elbow and pushed him into the empty class room to his left. With a strong shove Oliver's back smacked in to the wall, Marcus followed much like an animal stalking after its injured prey.

It wasn't until Marcus was inches away from the other boy's face did he hiss "well done Wood. You've just made yourself an enemy for life."

Oliver's eyes bulged in surprise and fear as he stutter "w-w-what have I've done."

Marcus gave out a bitter laugh "it's not what you've done, that would be incredibly petty. It's just you in general, I dislike everything about you."

"You don't even know me," he tried to reason with him.

"What's there to know, you are an overly confident Gryffindor that has to use his older friends to get his way out of conflicts. I think that was what annoyed me more, how little confident you have. Not only are you a Gryffindor but you're a Gryffindor who is a coward. I did expect better Wood, I really did."

With one more well placed glare Marcus marched out of there, leaving a dazed and severely confused Oliver behind.