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FMA: The pre-series timeline is from the manga/brotherhood, i.e. Ed was already a State Alchemist when he got rid of those train 'jackers. The rest is all anime canon – Dante was in charge of the Homunculi, etc. However, at the end of the movie Ed returned to Germany, closed the Gate and then left back to Amestris again with the help of Al on the other side (who hasn't regained his memories as a result). Two years have passed since then, and Roy is not yet Fuhrer. He's still a General.

HP: Years 1-4 for Harry are normal. In the "fifth book", the Dementors attacked and he had the hearing. Dumbledore then took him to Slughorn to persuade him. Malfoy did the plan. Snape was DADA teacher, and ended up killing Dumbledore and then running away with Malfoy. Voldemort rises into the public again. Sirius is still alive – Department of Mysteries never happened and there's no prophecy. Beginning of "sixth book", Harry's taken to Grimmauld for his safety. This story happens.

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immiscible (adj): Incapable of being mixed or blended together. Immiscible liquids that are shaken together eventually separate into layers. "Oil and water are immiscible."

Edward didn't know where he was, he only knew that he was falling.

The sensation from a familiar set of giant, elaborate doors passed him, but he paid it no heed. Obviously he had died once more for it to happen, but he had to make sure...had to make sure he didn't forget what he discovered right before he was shot.

Mustang's life was in danger, and the only person who could have known was falling away.

P A R T ᅠ O N E

The Guard

by . NyghthawK .

Chapter 1: Open Sesame

Cars, beeping as they tried to get to their destination. Traffic lights: red, stop; green, go. The hustle and bustle of workers, city-goers and tourists, smothering the streets and leaving almost no room to walk.

Downtown London. The busiest area of England's capital and the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom.

Like any major city, it possessed a certain flow that those who lived there everyday were familiar with. Interruptions to the were common and scarce depending on the time of year, but when they did occur law enforcement or emergency cars would be in and out without further delay.

Unless, of course, the person in question was named Edward Elric, and chose to appear at one of the busiest intersections in London. His arrival in a huge flash of light was greeted with the customary curtsey given to those who had 'delay' written over all of their faces.

"Oh my lord!"


"Hey! What the heck is a kid doing there?"

Unfortunately for Alan and Sarah Granger, who were on their way to work, Edward landed right in front of their car. Alan slammed the brakes, barely cutting off a swear. Luckily for Edward, it came to a stop right before his legs got run over. Sarah was quick to rush to the young man's side, knowing her husband would call 999 immediately.

"Hello? Yes, we've kind of got an emergency on our hands -"

She brushed aside the man's golden locks to check his pulse, but her eyes widened. "Heavens...a child...?"

"- yes, ambulance-a young man's collapsed on the side of the road. Pulse?" Alan held the phone away from his ear briefly to look at his wife, and she shook her head.

"He's got one, but it's undeniably weak." Sarah silently thanked the Lord for the two years of medical school she attended before converting to dentistry. "Unconscious."

Alan nodded, and passed the information to the operator. A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived and their lives returned to their everyday rhythm.

The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was a place that was busy in every hour of every day, Charity Burbage thought. She hurried to her ward, a young man with golden hair wearing the oddest combination of clothing, wondering exactly how he had gotten into his mess.

She changed the bandages on him, and realized there were only a few weeks left until she had to return to her teaching position at Hogwarts. Charity enjoyed living with and the company of muggles – sharing the joy was why she taught Muggle Studies – but sometimes she wondered whether trying to tame a bunch of bored schoolkids was worth leaving her job as a nurse.

The young man stirred when she accidentally shifted on the bed, and she smiled at the calm look on his face. He was the age of all her pupils, but the way he held himself seemed far disciplined and alert, even when asleep. Charity toyed with the idea of him being a part of the Wizarding World, but dismissed it as soon as she remembered the mechanical limbs and the – goodness – leather pants the child wore.

Speaking of which, she had never seen limbs like those in her entire life! If she wasn't a witch she would likely have thought them to be magical in nature, but since she was and knew that electronic devices and magic did not mix, she simply looked at them in curiosity and wondered where in the world he could have gotten them from. She liked to consider herself as in the front of the strange muggle trend of technology, but she had never seen anything like them in her entire life!

The young man's eyelids twitched, and she quickly backed away as he got up. And – oh! His eyes were the most amazing shade of molten gold; it wouldn't surprise her if he were magical in some slim nature.

She tried to get herself back on track – she was a muggle in a muggle world now, so she had to act appropriately. "Are you alright now, dearest?"

The young man frowned, looking around him with what seemed to be caution in his eyes. Charity recognized that look in some of the most veteran war wizards she had ever come across, and wondered why someone so young would seem the same. When his gaze came to her she tried to stay as still and as inconspicuous as possible and tried to look at him in the eye. What she saw, though, was a presence so strong that he could have been using Legilimency.

He looked away, obviously having seen everything he needed to see and reached out for his coat, taking out a pair of gloves.

"Where am I?" He asked bluntly, inspecting the bandages on himself. "How did I get here?"

"The Chelsea and Winchester Hospital, in London," she replied. "You suddenly appeared on the side of the road with those horrific injuries – do you remember how you got them?"

He blinked at the name and frowned. "No."

Charity knew he was lying, but knew better than to question him further. "I'm Charity Burbage, the nurse assigned to this ward and you for your stay. Do you remember your name?"

"Edward Elric."

She nodded, fumbling with the pen as she wrote his name down on the patient sheet. Almost jumping when her phone went off and barely seeing the startled look on Edward's face from the corner of her eye, she quickly handed the clipboard to him with instructions to fill everything out before rushing out to answer it in the hallway.

It's weird that Edward, a muggle, reacted to a mobile phone the same way many wizards did themselves, she thought, right before she managed to leave the room. Is he really a muggle, or could he be a wizard?

Of course, if he is a wizard – where has he been for the past few years of schooling, and why hasn't he regrown his limbs?

Ed stared at the flat board blankly, not comprehending anything at all. Wherever he was, it was not anywhere he was aware of – honestly,London? What kind of place was that? He travelled with a passion, and nowhere on any map did he see a London anywhere – unless it was in Xing, he wouldn't have known.

...Though, the name wasn't remotely Xingese in anyway, so he was frankly in some place he had no clue about at all.

He huffed, roughly putting the flat board ('clipboard', the lady had called it when she told him to return it as soon as he was done) to the side and glared at a random point in the room.

"You know, Elric," a voice commented idly, "staring at the window's not going to help at all."

Ed spun around to see a woman smiling at him, and noticed that there were actually two beds in the room. She was obviously leaning out the side of her bed in order to lift the corner of the curtain between them in order to get a good look at his face.

"Emmeline Vance," she said, then gestured to the fabric she was holding. "Mind if I pull this out of the way?"

Ed shrugged, not feeling the need to say anything. Vance obviously knew his name from when he was talking to the nurse, but he silently cursed himself for not being more alert as to her presence.

Vance leant deeper into her backrest, bringing her hands behind her head. "Well you're quite the talker, aren't you?"

Ed growled and looked away.

"Huh, and here I thought I could finally have some casual conversation with someone."

Ed ignored her; he needed to find a way to get back to the other side of the Gate. Though he never thought he'd be trying to defend him, Mustang's life was in danger unless he was able to return.

"Come on, shrimp; learn how to –"


Vance blinked a few times and then grinned. "So you can talk after all, huh? Why're you in here?"

A grunt was her reply.

"Hm? Sorry, I didn't hear that."

"Fighting," Ed replied shortly, hoping she'd shut up. He scratched his flesh arm idly and met a fabric resistance. That was good – his automail was still covered. Awkward, long and detailed questions were the least he needed at the time. Briefly, he glanced at her and noticed a series of bandaged areas that had to have originated from more than one source. "You?"

She raised an eyebrow, and he almost groaned for lengthening the conversation. Instead of rubbing it in his face, though, she just smirked. "Car crash."

Ed didn't believe her one bit, not with the ridiculous look she had on her face. Vance likely didn't believe him either, but he didn't really care.

He needed a way to get back – he could deal with Vance later.

Three days later, the Death Eaters made the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital a living hell.

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