Naruto Fanfic

Tenten's mother always said one thing, And one thing that was very important

Never trust a Hyuga, Or get involved.

She didn't listen. Nor did she ever know why she said those things, Or did she ask.

And now..She never would know.

Rain crahsed hard, making a pitter patter sound agains the wooden floors of Tenten's front porch. And Tenten stood in the middle of it all

Getting drenched, getting cold, feeling melancholy.

Tenten's mother had passed only a day ago, that day, she once again warned Tenten to never trust her bird-in-a-cage friend to much, if not at all.

It surprised no one; Tenten's mother had been sick for months now, ill-hiding it of course. So the final realization of her death was more of a bitter relief.

Still, surprise or not, it hit Tenten rather hard, she felt nothing that day, but a numb memory of what was. Tenten's mother never payed much real attention to her, and when she did so, it was always about the Hyuga's, she despised them. It was hate she felt.

One of the very reasons why she never spilled a word of her evident, or not evident enough, crush on the mid youngest Hyuga, Neji.

She loved his eyes, no matter what her mother used to say that they we're covered with dark deeds, she was still attached to them.

They were determind, They we're firece and made her feel a sensation she had never once felt, Tenten loved them most ardently.

"Tenten.." She heard the farmilar voice, As much as she loved the eyes that came from the owner of that voice, she sighed irritation.

"What do you want Neji?" She turned to him, A hand moving to her hip.

Neji didn't answer as fast as she imagine he would, He turned his head slightly, looking at the solid ground being quickly, if not already, covered with damp mud. "I'm sorry."

Tenten let out a huff of petulance. "What do you have to be sorry for?" She frowned and brushed passed him, Sitting back in the pouring rain. Letting her hair come undone and damp.

"You should go inside." Neji adviced, Moving towards his team mate, Trying to put his hands on her shoulders. And frowned when she brushed them away hastily.

"Don't tell me what to do Neji." Tenten snapped sharply, moving away from him again, facing her houses gates. She didn't know why she was being so cold to him, But she was angry at him, it was a reflex of some sort, it felt natural.

"I'm sorry..-"

"Stop apologizing!"

"I"m sorry-"


Tenten throw her hands up, She groaned with frustration. Crossing her arms and facing the opposite side of the Hyuga. Neji looked down again.

How was he supposed to make it alright- No, He couldn't do that no matter how much he tried, her mother just passed, what could he do to resolve that? At least, He wanted her to feel better. "I don't want to leave you here alone Tenten, Please.."

Tenten stayed silent, did not move an inch, nothing even got her to flutter her eyelids closed from the impact of the rain. "Why?"

"Because i want you to be safe." He admitted, Comming closer to where she stood, he wanted to smile when she didn't push away, like expected.


She lifted her arm towards her face, Readying herself to wipe away any tears immediatley that fell down her check. She did not want to cry, especially not infront of the proud, Neji Hyuga. But couldn't hold the tears when he came behind and hugged her.

"You don't need to be like this, Especially to you're friends..." Neji whispered, Pulling her back into his arms.

"How..How did you get here?" Tenten asked shakily.

And before she knew it, The arms around her were gone, And she was in the rain, Alone, Again...