Tenten wasn't one to notice her things missing at first glance, Normally, It would take maybe a week to notice the difference, Maybe even a month, Depends soley on the importance of the item.

But when Tenten woke up that evening after a nice nap, She had been up most of the night, Waiting for the Hyuga to show up on her window frame, Her front porch, Or even her bed. Waiting so she could kick him into another dimension. But nothing happend, Not one sight of him. It was quiet, Finally she had the time to herself and peace as she had desired since her mothers passing.

And she was miserable.

She missed him; But at the same time, It seemed out of place for him to have stopped harrasing her entirely. No..Something was wrong.

But of course, A Hyuga never gave up. It all changed when she walked into her practice room, Meant to be filled with battle armor, Along with kunai ontop of katanagatari swords that cluttered the walls.

But, They all had disappeared.

The room was completely empty, And echos were created when Tenten punched the wall so hard it cracked. How did he get the time to do this? She never counted just how many of her supplies she kept in there. But she guessed that's what happend when she bought them drunk, Out of all the other more dangerous things that could've happend while doing that. (Ouch..)

Of course she was angry, A blind slash def person could see that. But at the moment she was to horribly shellshocked to move. The only movement she accomplished was moving her hand up to undo her buns, Letting the locks of brown hair fall helplessly into her eyes.

What was wrong with him? Did her recluse really effect him so much to have a complete personality change? Or was it that he cared about her just that much to commit a crime like this? She admitted that the thought brought warmth to her soul.

But she was still mad as hell.


Bursting into the Hyuga estate without a care, He didn't care to do anything anymore, So why should she?

"Yes?" She heard his voice come from one of the rooms, Some would say that it sounded... Suggestive

She ignored it and began. ".Back." She put angered emphasis on every word, Containing her urge to throttle him.

"I have to say Tenten i don't know what you're talking about." Neji said, Picking up his magizine and tried to read again; A attempt that failed miserably as she ripped the content out of his hands. "Have you gone mad?"

Tenten's eyebrows frowned violently. "You have the nerve to ask me that? Mister sneak-in-my-bed-and-molest-me!"

"I did not molest you." Neji countered, Standing up to face her. "And don't you think you should do something with you're hair? You look like a brunette-Lucy from Elfen Lied"

Tenten snapped her fingers in his face. "Don't cross fandoms! Bastard!" She growled, Pushing him into the wall, Something that surprised him. "GIVE MY TOOLS BACK!"

"I don't have them, I already told you." Neji pushed himself back up. "How do you expect me to hide things like that?-"

"Because you're you! "

She couldn't imagine the last time she had been this upset, Not even the time when Gai tried to get her to do pushups. ("Tenten, I think it's time you show some serious potential! Now drop and give me two hundred!") ("But i'm in the shower!") Tenten's eyebrow twitched at the flashback. She was surrounded by idiots..

But still, After a moment or two she realized Neji's features went completely unchanged. His eyes almost impaled her with their fierceness. She blinked, And waited, Perhaps he would make a move.

"You know.." He began finally, Raising his hand to touch her face, Smiling alittle when she blushed. "It really breaks my heart beyond fix when you think i'm such a terrible person." His voice was soft but firm.

She was going to say something, But guilt struck her like a weapon to the face. She didn't blame him for everything wrong in her life, Not her mother's death. She found it rather hard to pin it on someone who had to hear about it. She didn't blame him for the sadness she's felt, Or even being as annoying as he had been for those months. Even though it had been some of the most exhausting months of her life. "That's not true." She finally said.

He turned to her, Both eyebrows arched. "Is it not?"

"No it's not...I'm sorry.."

She turned her gaze to the open window, She had not noticed it started to rain. She wondered..Was it cursed?

Was she cursed?

To see rain whenever something horrible happend to her?

"It's alright.." Neji's lips curved into a rare smile..."And you're tools are in my closet."


A arm drapped around her waist, Pulling her to the Hyuga. "But you admit.." He began, Moving a piece of her hair out of her face. "Theft brought us closer together.." Right before she opened her mouth, He let his own lips fall on her own.

The second kiss...

"Ha! You can disappear to some place now! You're home!" She taunted him, Pointing a finger at him.

"Yeah right. Like i would be so limited. Really Tenten, You should open you're mind a bit. You actually came out of you're house just to scold me, I've almost finished my job with you." Neji smirked, Disappearing for the hundreth time infront of her.