Summary: "You never cheated on her, Nate." "I know... I know. Tempted." "No, you weren't." "I was."



He twisted his wedding band, a habit he recently developed. After four years of marriage, it had grown familiar on his hand, lost its coldness and bulkiness, became an extension of his ring finger. He loved what it represented, how it looked and felt. He loved the way it gleamed in the sunny.

It wasn't until she came along, until she smiled at him and charmed him, when he started to notice it again, when she led him through all of Europe on some foul's chase and stood before him to show just how untouchable she was. That's when he started spending his nights in Europe playing with it. When he thought of her, he twisted his ring around his finger. He pulled it up over his knuckle and then back down again.

This time, he wasn't just thinking about her, he was looking at her. She stood in his apartment. Another tease- one of her games to get him distracted and through him off her scent. He twisted his ring again, up over his knuckle, as he watched her pour them drinks. And this time, he pulled it off. Without it, he could feel naked skin against naked skin. It felt strange and it felt exciting, wonderful, terrifying.

He was tempted to leave it off, but the ring's presence remained behind in the form of a pale circle wrapping around his finger. Yes, he was tempted by Sophie, but he slid the ring back on.