Chapter 6

Note: Well hello long chapter! Per usual I'm hopping around in the timeline again. In the current time, we are now post-Eternal Flame. (No need to recap the Jackie break up, or go through the events of Loc'd Out through Draw The Line. Yeah what can I say, I'm lazy and rather go through the meat and potatoes than the fillers; I have a short attention span. And there are flashbacks! I love flashbacks). There was also one inconsistency in particular that I really wanted to correct in that episode. I don't know if this is any good, it is very dialogue heavy.

St. Petersburg - 1987

"I have to say, this I by far the best assignment Fuller has ever given us." Hanson commented, rubbing extra sun lotion on Judy's back.

"I think you've got me covered, I won't be getting sunburned." Judy assured him, looking down at her body full of white lotion splattered on her figure. "I do have a little more melanin than you do."

"Very funny. Very very funny," Hanson yawned, covering the bottle and settling it down in the beach bag.

Tom admired his work as Judy laid back to rest on her back on her beach fold out chair. He had drawn smiley faces, dots and various patterns on her legs and arms, making her look like some sort of exotic Amazonian warrior. She definitely already looked the part. Hoffs was short but had noticeably long legs. She wore a modest but very appealing one piece black swim suit. Her cool black shades were now covering her eyes, as she put her curly brown hair in an updo, held up by a matching unusually large black bow scrunchie.

Tom removed the hair garment to release her hair, and kissed her cheek.

"Don't do that."

"What? Why not?" Hanson gave her a puzzled look. "We're on a case." Hoffs pointed out sternly.

"But we're playing boyfriend and girlfriend." Tom reminded her.

"And we're looking for someone." Judy explained curtly.

"…so?" Hanson shrugged, putting back his round glasses 'disguise'. "Doesn't mean we can't have a little fun." He tickled her neck. Hoffs giggled in spite of herself.

"Fun huh? You want fun?" she challenged. Unsure and intimidated now, Hanson still hesitantly nodded.

She leaned over to her side, and unexpectedly, gave Tom a long open kiss on the lips. Afterward, Judy looked into his eyes, awaiting his answer.

"I'm having lots of fun."

Jump Street Chapel - 1990

Judy entered the chapel early. No one else was there but Hanson. The lights were off, which made his figure look a little spooky, haunted even.

Uh-oh, looks like Hanson is brooding again, Judy thought, sighing. She thought it best to leave him alone. But he wasn't about to.

"You're up early detective?" Tom lifted his head, his voice somewhat cheerful but with its usual monotone demeanor.

"So are you officer," Judy noted. "What are you doing here?"

"I didn't want to stay in my apartment so I decided, why not get some work done." He shrugged. His desk was less than neat, and the papers on his desk were blank.

"How long have you been here?" Hanson started hard at the pencil he was tapping in between his fingers, ignoring her question.


No answer.

"Hanson, answer me." Judy was beginning to get worried. It wasn't a good sign if he was quiet.

"Can't you just call me Tom for once?" The question took Hoffs off guard. He continued without an answer. "I mean, you call Penhall and Ioki by their first names, but never me. Why is that?"

Judy tried to keep cool. "I don't know. I thought you wanted me to call you that."

"Yeah, because for some stupid read I thought if you did, it would make things easier for me. The first name is personal. The last name is not," his voice wandered off, as he scribbled nothing in particular in his notepad.

"What—what on earth are you talking about?"

"I'm wrong about everything and everyone. I was wrong about Debbie, I was wrong about Amy, I was wrong about Jackie, I was wrong about Linda. Please tell me I'm not wrong about you." His tone was beginning to sound judgmental and slightly deranged.

"Hanson…please just tell me, the hell is going on with you?"

"No, let me finish. I just have to let this all out. I don't keep diaries,"

"Well maybe you should."

"I thought Linda was it. When we found each other again I thought, okay this is it. My true love is back and we can live happily ever after like we were supposed to. But now she's gone, and she left me again. When she first left I think that's when I went to the academy to become a cop," Hanson told Judy, repeating what he shared with Penhall weeks earlier.

"I thought you became a cop because of your dad?"

"Well, yeah…but Linda—"

"You're letting this girl take over your mind. Come on. You don't become a police officer because of no girl." Judy corrected him, with a slight hint of attitude.

Hanson appreciated her honesty.

"But listen, she left. I graduated from the academy. I graduated top of my class, and here I was out on the streets doing everything wrong. I kept on accidently bruising my partner's faces because I was taunted left and right because of my babyface."

"You still have a babyface." Judy teased. Hanson ignored her. "So I joined Jump Street. And then I met you,"

"Where are you going with this?" As if she weren't even there, Hanson continued his story.

"Penhall and Ioki made fun of how I looked. Jenko freaked me out at first. And when I met you…I thought, okay, this ain't so bad. So, I pretty much forgot about Linda entirely."

"Jenk told me you had a crush on me but I didn't believe it." Judy remembered.

"I later decided that you were pretty much out of my league. I met another woman—a much older woman. But it wasn't serious or nothin'..."

"You're rambling Hanson…"

"So anyway, after that was over, Jenko died. Fuller took his place. Everything was hectic. And we became so much closer. Don't you remember that time?"

"Yes, I do."

"The only thing that made sense to me was you. We spent almost every day together—at my apartment, at your apartment, bowling, the beach, the park. I thought it was something serious, and just out of nowhere–boom—you told me it's best we stayed friends."

"It was the right thing to do, and you know it." Judy frowned. She could feel her nerves tensing up. It was a long time since she and Tom ever discussed that point in their lives.

"So we walked away from each other and that was that. But I never stopped thinking about you. Even when I had other girlfriends and it wasn't fair to them, but I never told."

"I thought about you a lot too," Judy admitted.

"You did?" Judy nodded.

"But…just as friends." Without a second thought Tom could already tell she was starting to fib in attempt to protect herself and her feelings.


"We work together, it wouldn't have worked out and you and I both know it."

"How would we know unless we tried?"

"Why, and risk getting hurt?" she argued.

"A risk I was willing to take. And still am." Tom reached over his desk and took her hand, giving it a slight squeeze. He looked at her meaningfully, hoping to get a similar response.

"So now that you realize that all those women weren't right for you, you think you can just come back where we left off years ago and I'll just say yes, right?" Judy snatched her hand back.

"No!" Hanson shoved his fingers through his hair in frustration. "No." he repeated, calmly.

"Sorry, you're kind of laying it on a little thick in the time span of one minute."

"I'm sorry. I just needed to talk."

"Listen. In last few months," Hoffs put a finger to her chin, to exaggerate her thinking. "You were framed for murder, been to jail, broken out of jail, then back to jail and finally released from jail...I think you should relax. You're jumping into things. Your letting any little feeling you have and multiplying it to about…a million!"

"They're not little feelings," Tom pleaded. He sighed. "Yeah, you're probably right. Maybe I need to law low for awhile."


Jump Street Chapel – 1986

"You know, I think she likes me." Tom Hanson rested his chin on his fist, gushing like a little. He was starring at his newfound object of his affection, Judy Hoffs. Although he was talking aloud, he was speaking to no one in particular.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." Harry Truman Ioki entered the chapel, rubbing Hanson's shoulder. Tom didn't mind the teasing at all and kept staring from the chapel balcony he was leaning on, looking at Judy from above.

"You have no chance!" a loud voice boomed from the locker room. Doug Penhall removed his black leather jacket and slammed his locker door shut. "Judy doesn't go for bowlers."

"And how do you know that?" Hanson angrily shouted, lifting his head, frustrated and a little offended. Harry couldn't help but laugh at Tom's timely outbursts.

"Aw come on, Hoffs? What would she want with a square like you?"

"You should have seen the way she looked at me." Tom insisted as he wagged his pointer finger. "When?" Penhall demanded.

"Yesterday, she looked directly at me, I'm telling you."

"Ah, she probably just had something in her eye." Doug shrugged. Harry laughed, digging the side of Doug's stomach with his elbow. "He's going to take her to the bowling alley on their play date."

"Maybe I will." Tom challenged, briefly leaning forward with a threatening stance. Pausing, Tom looked back down at Judy, who was finishing her school book report. He looked back and Doug and Harry, and smiled. Suddenly he jumped down the pole to the first floor of the chapel.

"This I got to see," Doug laughed.

"We should wait 'til he comes back. I mean, it's already an embarrassing situation." Ioki suggested. "We don't want to make him nervous." Penhall agreed. "Poor guy," he shook his head.

But it wasn't before long until Hanson was already back upstairs, changing his bright yellow sweater in front of his locker mirror with a huge cheesy grin on his face.

"So did you she let you down gently or what?" Doug egged on, eager to know what happened.

"I've got a date with Judy." Hanson smiled humbly, shut the locker door and left. Doug froze in his place, while Harry shook his head.

"AARRRGHHH—YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!" Penhall boomed. Harry stuffed his head into his palms, stifling his laughter.

"And to think she turned you down three times. Who woulda thought, right Doug? Hanson wins again!" Harry quipped.

Penhall gave Ioki one last snarling look before he exited.