Okay this is my second try at fan fiction. Darby and Megan both like Cade and when Cade likes Darby is Megan going to let them be together or try to keep them away from each other?

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Darby stared at Megan. Could she believe what she had just been told? "Okay so you are saying he likes me and you like him?" Megan had an exasperated look on her face. "Yes Darby. I. Like. Cade. But. He. Likes. You." Darby couldn't believe it. "I don't believe you." "Believe it." But he never acts like it!" "And I act like I like him?" Darby stopped to think. She could believe that Megan liked Cade, but Cade liking her? No way. "Okay so you don't act like it, but I cannot believe that Cade likes me." "Just go ask him!", Megan said in frustration. Darby started laughing. Megan gave her a funny look and then Darby spluttered through her laughter, "Hey C-Cade, Meg-Megan said th-th-that you l-l-like me. Is that t-t-true!" Then Megan laughed too. Cade walked by and looked at the girls nearly rolling on the ground. At the sight of him they laughed even more. When he gave them puzzled looks they laughed even harder. "Okay I don't know why you're laughing like maniacs but Jonah wanted me to come get you Darby." Darby couldn't quit laughing long enough to say okay, so she just nodded her head. Then she looked at Cade and started laughing again. Megan have just stopped laughing and then she looked at Cade and there was no stopping the tornado of giggles. Darby struggled to keep a straight face but as soon as she had quit giggling she started up again. Megan was walking with Her and Cade when Kimo walked up. He stared at Cade and then turned to the girls, "Could I be in on the joke?" "Yeah me too," Complained Cade. The girls quit laughing for a split second then shook their head erupting in laughter once more. Cade turned to Kimo and explained, "I walked up and they were laughing. They looked at me and they laughed harder. And every time they look at me they start that girly giggling." Darby struggled to keep from giggling and from looking at any one. She finally manged, or so she thought. Jonah walked up to her and said, "Darby." As she turned to ask what he needed she once more erupted in giggles, then turned to Megan, "Sh-should I ask now?" Once more through her giggles. Megan shook her head so fast her hair nearly flung its self into Cade's eyes. "Ask what keiki?" Asked Jonah a bit of worry in his eyes. "Nothing Jonah." said Darby to her grandfather who insisted she call him by his first name. Jonah's eyes narrowed. "Really Jonah it's nothing." Said Darby once more. Finally controlling her giggles knowing that if she didn't she would more than likely embarrass Cade. Jonah jerked his head for her to follow him.

An hour later

The girls at Iolani had been taking turns cooking meals but Cathy had insisted that Cade cook a meal. She said her reason was if he didn't learn how to cook one day he would stave to death but everyone knew that it was because the girls were getting tired of cooking. "Whats we eatin?" Asked Megan then looked at Darby. She leaned over and Whispered to Darby, "I guess that you could tell him what we were laughing about, but don't tell him that I like him." Darby nodded.

After supper by Huku's corral.

"So Cade do you want to know what Megan and I were laughing about earlier?" Cade gave Darby a look that said that he did want to know, and had wanted to since before she'd asked. But the look on Darby's face said that she wasn't going to tell until he answered her. He did. With a short sharp nod. Darby gulped and it all came out like this, "'." Cade blinked his eye's really fast. "What in the world did you just say?" "Um well I said that Megan told me that you liked me and when I said I didn't believe her she told me to ask you and I made up something to like ask you and that's what we thought was funny and well... Doyoulikeme?" "Okay I understood the first part but not that last part there." Darby shook her head. "If you tell me the last part I'll tell you if the first part is true or not." Darby thought. Well if she told him he would tell her so why not. "Well what I said was, do you like me." Cade was so surprised that he lept backwards spooking Huku in the process. "You were really asking that?", He asked astonished. She nodded, and then said, "But I will understand if you don't like me because, well Megan's prettier and and...", Her voice trailed off. Cade was leaning toward her! No this could not be happening. Okay she liked him, but Megan liked him too. She was debating if she should push him away or back up or what should she do? She knew in a split second. She couldn't let him kiss her. She shook her head, "No Cade not now." He pulled back and looked into her blue eyes. He could tell that she liked him, and he knew he liked her, so why wasn't she letting him kiss her? Darby could see the question in his eyes. She put her hands over her face so he wouldn't see her tears. She wanted him to kiss her but she didn't want anyone to tell Megan. Or worse yet to have Megan see.

Then Megan came out and saw Darby and Cade. She saw Darby trying not to cry and Cade wondering something. She was sure it was why Darby wouldn't let him kiss her. She marched over there. She didn't care if she had a crush on Cade, she wanted her friend to have the best boy friend out there. Namely Cade. "Um excuse me Cade, could I borrow Darby for a sec?" Then without waiting for an answer grabbed Darby by the elbow and pulled her over to a nearby tree, "Look Darby I know you like Cade the only one that doesn't is Cade. Just let him kiss you." "But Megan you like him." "Yes I know but if you care enough about me to not let him kiss you then I think I can care enough about you to let you have the boy of your dreams. And your diary." "And my what!" "Nothing." Megan smiled at Darby and then whispered, "Go get em girl." Darby smiled back and went over to Cade. She had a perfect idea. She would ask him to go on a ride and then kiss him. Yeah, she thought, that's what I'll do.

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