This is the end. It's not very good sorry :(

Cade and Darby had decided to ride everywhere together. They had been riding with Megan up towards Two sisters. Megan had decided to take a break from riding for a minute, but told Cade and Darby to go on. Seeing as she had the food she was most likely going to raid the chocolate supply and didn't want them to stop her.

With knowing looks they went on. Cade sighed and reined in Joker. "Is something the matter Cade?" "I think Jokers got somethin in his hoof." Darby started to rein in Navigator, but Cade said, "Go on it's okay. I'll catch up." "Okay." Darby went off at a walk.

She was only about 50 yards away from Cade when she heard a grunting sound. She turned around. What she saw was terrifying.

An ugly wild pig with long tusks dripping with blood. The sight of blood scared her. Who else had that pig been torturing? The pigs eyes looked evil. Darby started shaking in fear. Navigators eyes were rolled back to show his whites.

The pig made some evil grunting noises, and began to charge. "Cade!" Darby was screaming. Cade's head whipped around. He stared in horror as the wild pig ran towards Darby, then remembering that he had a gun whipped it out of the scabbard and shot, praying with all his might that it would hit the pig and kill the pig.

His prayers were answered. The pig fell to the ground bleeding profusely. Megan and Tango trotted up. Megan saw the bleeding pig, "Eeeww!" Cade shot Megan a mean look. Darby covered her face with her hands. Now that the danger was passed Darby began to cry.

Cade walked over and pulled her closer to himself. She rested her head on his chest and cried. "My mom would have gone insane if I had gotten hurt." Cade whispered in her ear, "I would've too."

If Cade had looked over at Megan he would have seen her bristling with jealousy. Megan huffed off.

"Whats wrong with her?" In a flash Darby knew. "Megan wait!" Megan turned around eyes aflame. "Yeah?" Cade could hear some of what they were saying but not all of it. The bits and pieces he heard sounded like this, "...for you...I like...why!" "Megan,...I didn' sorry!" " every...I" " to...?" "No!" "" This is what they were saying that he didn't hear. "Look Darby, I'm happy for you, but I like Cade. Why do you guys act like that in front of me? Why!" "Megan I'm sorry! I didn't think about how you would feel, I'm so sorry!" "No you didn't think. Like every day I think why me like him. I mean really why me?" "Do you want me to talk to him for you?" "No!" "Then what can I do?" Megan got an impish look in her eye and hissed, "Tell you at the ranch."

They had a race all the way back to the ranch. Cade and Joker won, Megan next and Darby last.

Later in Darby's room

"Okay what do you want me to do?" "Get Kit to ask me out." "Kit!", squealed Darby. "Yes and hush." Darby nearly laughed out loud. "What?" "K-kit?" "Yes Darby, Kit."

Later about 8:00

"Um Kit?" "Yeah?" "This is going to sound really weird, but could you ask Megan out?" Kits eyebrows went up. "Mekana?" Darby nodded. "Oh let me guess she doesn't want you and Cade to be to togther unless she has a guy?" "Kinda." "I'll do it." "You will! Oh thank you Kit. Thank you thank you thank you!" "Welcome." Then Kit walked off.

The next day

Megan walked up to Darby wide eyed. "Darby how did you do it?" "Do what?" "Get Kit to ask me out." Darby shrugged. "Well thanks. I really like him I was just trying to get Cade to be my boyfriend because I might actually get to date him."

~ Kit and Megan and Darby and Cade went on a double date the next week and everyone was happy.