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Izaya liked rainy days. He loved to stroll the streets of Ikebukuro on a rainy day (actually, he liked to stroll the streets of Ikebukuro just to troll Shizuo).

Approximately 5:45 PM on a rainy Tuesday, Izaya Orihara spot the Dollars leader hurrying down the street with his school bag over his head. Now this scene would have been hilarious if expressed in a comical way, but Izaya thought otherwise.

Mikado's wet cheek, Mikado's uniform clinging to his skin, Mikado's worried expression, and Mikado's legs... Izaya admired these attributes for a short amount of time, but his senses returned before Mikado could completely disappear from his sight.

And so, Izaya skipped after his little Kouhai*.

"Ah~ Mikado Ryugamine-kun~ Need a hand?" Izaya asked while looking down upon a fallen Mikado. He pulled the Raira student up and into an embrace, despite the mud that belmished the other's uniform. Few seconds later, Izaya shrugged off his coat to cover up Mikado.

"Th-thank you for your help Orihara-san," murmured Mikado. Pink dyed itself on Mikado's cheeks; he had never been this close to someone physically besides Kida, his best friend. Which brought up another question, why was Izaya here? Even with Mikado's status as the Dollars' founder, Izaya had no business with him unless something was going on.

Mikado asked, "ehm... do you need something, Orihara-san?"

"You have little faith in me, Mikado-kun!" the man pouted and hugged Mikado with his now soaked self harder, "Can't I just say hello to a friend...?"

Had it been a thing of importance, Mikado wouldn't minded Izaya's intrusion in his life. But for no reason...? The thought was uncomfortable and disturbing. The meeting between those two was pure coincidence, Izaya simply saw him and chased after him. The big question was, 'What had caused Izaya to go after Mikado?'

The informant himself didn't know, which was rare for a person like him (no other beings were like him). So he took this chance to relieve his curiousity.

"Mikado-kun, what do you say about some hot chocolate and warm clothes?"

Kouhai - Underclassman, Izaya was a graduate of Raira Academy.