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Chapter 2: No Longer Alone on the Journey

Sakura Story (POV changes will happen often)

Sakura waited for whoever was approaching. She looked at the figures approaching, and noticed they were all human…well, except for the strange metal being that is floating in the air.

The first person to enter was a man who showed wisdom as he was old. He wore a robe with the letters B.O.S, the initials that the other person had on her armor.

The second was a much younger woman, around her 20's or so and had some features similar to the man. Perhaps she's the man's daughter. She wore a strange suit as it looked bulky and metallic. It had the letters the man had, except in a different shade.

"I see you are up my child," the man began to speak after seeing that Sakura was examining them, "Let me introduce myself, I am Elder Own Lions, and this over here is my daughter, Sentinel Sarah Lions."

Showing her respects, Sarah saluted the new figure as the Elder motioned for Sakura to introduce herself.

Catching the hand motion, Sakura responded, "My name is Sakura Haruno."

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you," Elder Lions said as he extended a hand to shake. Sakura grabbed it in respect and shook it, "We don't usually allow outsiders into the Citadel, but you seemed to drop in."

"Yeah, how did you pull that off," Sarah asked as Sakura opened her eyes wide.

"I forgot about Naruto and Kakashi! Did anyone see anyone else fall with me?"

"You came with friends," Elder Lions responded as Sakura nodded worriedly, "I'm afraid that you were the only person lying on the ground after the flash of light came."

"That…we were teleported randomly by a thief before my friend, a blonde kid wearing a headband and orange jumpsuit hit him and sent everyone bouncing everywhere."

…and how was this person teleporting?" Sarah asked as she awaited Sakura's reply.

"It was a forbidden jutsu that allows the user to warp anywhere they choose."

"…Forbidden jutsu?" The two asked at the same time as Sakura stared at them. She thought since they were human they would surely know what she was talking about.

"Where am I anyway?" Sakura asked as the Elder replied.

"My child, you are in the base of the Brotherhood of Steel sent to the East Coast."

"Brother who of what?" Sakura stared at the two confused.

"Are you from this world?" Sarah asked as Sakura scratched her head.

"Errr, what village am I in?" Sakura wanted to know, and noticed the two people looking at each other.

"…You're in the Capital Wastelands which used to be Washington D.C before the Great War," Elder Lions responded as Sakura blinked in confusion. She never heard of these names.

"This must be another reality," Sakura shouted as she stormed out of the room to look outside.

"You don't think she really is out of this world, do you father," Sarah Lions asked to her father as he turned to the Mr. Gutsy next to him.

"Sir, her build up is very different to any of the men and women you sent me to heal," it responded as it processed more information, "She didn't show signs of any radiation damage or slightly mutated cells unlike any other wastelanders. She is either Coo coo in the head from one of the vaults, or she really is a human from another world."

"II think we should go explain things to her," Sarah said as they followed after the girl.

Sakura ran passed many people, all clad in the blue armor with the familiar letters. All of them looked at her as she ran passed everyone, to a door that showed some light. The moment she opened it, she couldn't believe what was outside. Many men and women were out onto a lifeless land, aiming metal rods at targets and destroying them, and others practiced using melee weapons or their own fists. The sun was shining down, but it was very bright, brighter than the sun back where she lived. No country matched the land she was in. The two people stepped behind her.

"Your land that you say you come from might have many of the things this land used to have before the Great War," Elder Lions began as Sakura turned around in shock, "but this is the land we live in. Farther outside, lays a land where people do anything to survive. Small communities try to shelter people, but others seek to kill and rob for their own gain out there."

"Th-Th-Th-This can't be happening to living beings," Sakura tried to register everything that was out of this building; "A war left this place without beauty or life."

"It's a sad truth," Sarah added, "but now it's the only thing that we can do to protect those who can't protect themselves from the dangers of the wastelands."

"I think we need someone to show you what awaits beyond the safety of the Citadel and to see what we can do about your two missing friends," Elder Lions suggested as he headed inside the building, "I'll go search for Scribe Jameson to gather any records we have, and to see if we have any records you recognize from where you came from."

Sakura, having no idea what to do now, followed the man back into the building, wondering if Naruto and Kakashi were out there.

Naruto's POV

Trying to adjust his vision, Naruto tried to focus his gaze on the being that was still blurred by the sunlight. He almost adjusted quickly before a growl was heard from behind him.

"Huh," Naruto turned around to see what was making the growl before 6 more growls were heard, "Nice doggies."

Right before Naruto, 7 four legged creatures that still looked like large dogs were approaching him. Their fur was mostly burnt off, or never grown at all. Their teeth had a red liquid dripping from them, perhaps the blood of their last meal, and it looked like their wasn't enough to pass around.

"Errr, if you back off, I'll give you some raman I was storing for later," Naruto tried to convince the animals as he looked for his hidden stash of food, but that was also missing. He only had to knives, and he unwittingly lift one up. The vicious dogs took it as a sign of danger, and lunged at Naruto.

"No way," Naruto shouted as he sidestepped the beasts' jaws and prepared to fight back the attackers, not knowing that someone was watching the battle.

The Lone Wanderer's POV

"Too…much…light!" A young girl said as she put her arm over her eyes. She wasn't used to the light from the outside. It was different from the dimness of the vault. The girl was no taller than 5 ft 4, green eyes, and somewhat long brown hair. She always thought she resembled her father in some ways…but her mother wasn't a live long enough for her to remember. Her dad said she died after giving birth to her…and now he vanished off to the outside world.

Stumbling around, she tried to figure out where she was going. Armed with a 10 mm pistol, a BB gun from her 10th birthday, and a baseball bat, the 19 year old, soon-to-be heroine, tripped over a rock that was out of her sight, falling into the sandy dirt and soiling her Vault 101 security suit, she…ummm…acquired from a dead guard who attacked her.

"I wonder how everyone's doing back in there," she muttered as she stood back up and spat out the sand from her mouth.

"No way!" the girl heard a voice shout from her left as the sounds of something's hitting the ground with growls accompanying it. Turning to the noise, her eyes adjusted enough to see a kid with an orange jumpsuit fending off a pack of hungry dogs. Not sure if she should help, she pulled out her pistol and aimed at the group to see if the person needed help.

Naruto's POV

"Darn sunlight!" Naruto shouted as a dog was able to sneak passed his line of sight and sink its jaws into his arm. But the pain lasted for a short while as the dog who bit him yelped and let go. Naruto now heard a popping sound from his left and noticed a small object zooming through the air and striking the dog, causing it to fall limp to the ground dead. After ducking two other dogs' lunges, Naruto turned to where the projectiles were coming from. A young woman was standing there, with a small, metallic device in her hand that fired the weapons striking the beasts.

"Grrrr," the beasts headed straight for the lady, and Naruto now found time to charge his Racengan. Distracted by the new enemy, the vicious dogs didn't notice the attack coming from behind.

Lone Wanderer's POV

"What the…" the young lass stopped firing as she saw the blonde kid run behind the dogs with a bright blue energy in his hands. As she watched, he slammed the attack in the middle of the 4 remaining dogs, causing a large explosion. The dust picked up afterwards, and eventually cleared, leaving the mangled and dismembered bodies of the once dangerous creatures.

"You shouldn't have messed with me!" the blonde kid cheered after his victory and noticed he was looking in her direction, "Thanks for the help."

Sensing that the person was friendly, the wanderer replied, "I'm glad I could help. I'm Hanna Price."

"Thanks, I'm Naruto Uzamaki," the kid introduced himself as he raised his fist into the air, "Do you know where the heck I am?"

"…I was hoping you would know," Hanna said as her spirits of having a guide was broken, "Don't you live out here?"

"Don't you?" Naruto asked confused as he looked around, "Aren't we somewhere in the Sand Nation?"

"Sand Nation!" Hanna said in shock, "This is what I was taught to call as the Wastelands of Washington D.C!"

"Washington?" Naruto scratched his head in confusion and everything suddenly hit him, "Sakura, Kakashi! Where are you!"

"I'm now confused beyond salvation," Hanna pouted sadly…Finding her father is now going to be one long journey if everyone is like him.

"Where's that teleporting thief," Naruto looked around for the thief who sent him here, "Where am I!"

"Teleporting?" Hanna became curious…but the kid looked insane…

A long explanation followed that took a long while. Wondering the ninja's, as he called himself, story, Hanna wondered why he was sent here.

"It's probably best we look around in a group," Naruto suggested as Hanna thought for a moment. She had no idea what was out here, and going it alone probably would lead her to be lunch for something else. The kid seemed powerful enough, with his claims of his jutsu abilities, or whatever he called it. But there goals now were similar. He was looking for his friends, and she was looking for her father. Might as well help each other out with the search.

"All right," Hanna responded as she looked around and noticed a large, metallic structure not too far away. Before telling Naruto where they were going, Hanna checked out the remains of Spring veil, and found some more ammunition, frag grenades, some random medications and drugs, some still-edible (according to her pitboy 3000 on her hand) drinks and food, and a suit of leather armor. Though, she probably needed a more private place to change into it, and decided to carry it for now.

"So where are we heading off to?" Naruto asked as Hanna pointed at the structure in the distance.

"It looks like some weird town," Hanna declared as she began walking towards it, "Maybe some people live there."

While walking, they chatted a bit about their adventures, wondering what the heck the other person was talking about…

…but for now, let's just check up on Kakashi and Obito.

Kakashi's POV

"I see that they are doing well out there," Obito said cheerfully watching as Naruto was heading off to look for some information along with a friend, and Sakura, who he located on his screen, was now studying the history of the new world she was in.

"Naruto just fended off a pack of dogs," Kakashi said with a bored attitude, "Nothing special on his part."

"Why are you such a downer like that?" Obito asked as he attempted to poke off the mask on Kakashi to no success.

"They could do more with their abilities," Kakashi responded with the same tone as Obito pouted, "This might train the two's survival skills, but that's all."

"Are you sure about that," Obito responded as he began to spin around his former teammate, "I actually scanned around this land, and I've seen some dangerous things that reside in the nightmares of most people. If they aren't careful, your teammates might not make it back alive."

"Can't you just teleport them out as you said you could do for me," Kakashi responded, and Obito got annoyed for a bit.

"You want to leave already?" Obito asked the masked ninja, "You were going to train them after you caught that teleporting ninja. Why not consider this trip their training."

"…Why not," Kakashi said as he pulled out a copy of Icha Icha Paradise, "Gives me a chance to catch up with my reading."

Obito floated above Kakashi and stared at the page he was reading. His eyes bulged open as he saw the "descriptive" words Kakashi was reading. "Wait until Rin sees what you are reading!"

For the first time in a long while, Kakashi jumped where he was sitting and turned to Obito.

"What…Nearly all of the dead spirits from many worlds are here," Obito replied as he teleported away to fetch his other teammate. Kakashi decided to hide the book, but it was too late. Obito swiped the book while Kakashi was stunned from the name, and was now in the possession of Obito…

...Slumping in defeat, Kakashi stared at the screen to await what Rin had to say about his "reading."

The hidden Leaf Village…

Tsunade adjusted from the loss of Team 7. Ninjas sometimes now come and go, and even though this might seem a little cruel to think about, but with Naruto no longer located anywhere, the Akatsuki can no longer chase after the Nine tailed fox. Work has been easy for her…until one day…

"Lady Tsunade!"

"Oink, Oink!"

Shizune and Tauntaun came dashing into the room as Tsunade looked up at the worried messengers.

"What is it?" Tsunade glared at them as she put away her lottery ticket, "I was…conducting business."

"I think this is more important than your usual gambling," Shizune panted as she attempted to regain her breath, "He's returned."

Muttering something about hiring a new assistant, Tsunade asked, "Who!"

"That ninja with the forbidden jutsu that teleports. He is running through the village screaming for help."

Flinging her pen over Tauntaun's head, Tsunade stood up, and walked towards the balcony of the Hokage tower. As she looked down, she could see the ninja that Team 7 was looking for, randomly teleporting in random directions through the village.

"Someone, help me!" The ninja yelled as he ran into a wall, and warped above a pond, falling into the water.

"…Shizune!" Tsunade shouted for her, "Get all the available ninja's that are in the area to capture him!"

"Y-Yes my lady," Shizune said in a panic as Tauntaun and her leaped off the balcony to save time climbing down the stairs and looked through the papers she had at hand to see who was available.

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