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I'm back! And I'm rewriting the first 3 chapters... I decided I'm not good at 1st person view.

Prologue: The Death of Obito: Ghost?

Obito woke up with a jolt and looked around. He appeared to be in front of a campfire of some sort.

He brought up his hand to his face and touched the eye which he gave to Kakashi. It wasn't there.

"Was it all a dream?" muttered Obito to himself.

"No. You are most definitely dead." a voice said.

Obito looked up at what seemed like a young brown-haired girl who was glowing.

"Y-you're glowing!" Obito exclaimed.

The young girl looked at Obito with shockingly emerald eyes. "Yes. I am what you may call, God."

Obito stared at the young girl and burst out laughing.

"What!" the young girl glared at Obito.

"There's no way that a little girl can be God, if he exists. Even if you glow." grinned Obito.

"Hmmph." scowled the girl. "I'm a mere part of God's consciousness. I'm not the whole God."

"One part?" Obito said with interest. "Well, if that's the case I have some questions for you. You're a horrible god. What sort of god makes war? And people who kill others? And-"

"Wait, wait!" the young girl cried. "It's not my fault. I'm just a lesser part of the consciousness."

"If you say so." Obito rolled his eyes. "So, where's this? The afterlife?"

"This is the place all spirits go if they have someone who is waiting for them or need to wait for someone." the young girl answered.

"So, do I have to wait for someone?" Obito asked.

"Normally, you would wait for Rin, I believe." the young girl said. "But, the reason I'm here is to offer you a chance."

"A chance?" Obito asked.

"A chance to help a very important person as a ghost." the young girl said.

"Who?" Obito said, interested despite of himself.

"Uzumaki Naruto." she replied.

Obito blinked. "I don't know him."

"Would you understand me better if I say Namikaze Naruto?" the young girl asked. "And that all time is connected here?"

"Is he related to Minato-sensei?" Obito asked.

"He's Namikaze Minato's son." the young girl answered. "Unfortunately, on the day Naruto was born, the Kyuubi attacked, and Minato had no choice but to seal the Kyuubi into his own son."

"What!" Obito cried. "That's horrible!"

"It was that or the village." the young girl answered. "Minato wished for his son to be treated as a hero. He should've known better."

"Don't tell me... this Naruto was treated like the Kyuubi?" Obito asked worriedly.

"Yes." she replied. "But Naruto is very important to your world. And, to tell you the truth, I think he's cool."

"So how would this work?" Obito inquired. "Would Naruto be able to see me?"

"Yes, Naruto would be able to see you. But only Naruto." the young girl said. "Also, I'm going to send you there on the day before his 10th birthday."

Obito nodded.

"If you do this properly... the Shinigami of your world has agreed to free Namikaze Minato." she said.

"What? What do you mean by Shinigami?" Obito asked in confusion.

"You ask a lot of questions, don't you?" the young girl smiled and touched Obito's forehead. "All will become clear eventually."

"Hey- wait!" Obito cried.

The young girl just continued on smiling as Obito disappeared in front of her.

"Good luck, Uchiha Obito." she murmured.