Hey I just stumbled on Hetalia and idk much about it but I like the idea of nations being personified. None of this will be real or correct. I'm Viet so yeah. LOL But I'm not going to do what lame people do and make the main character me and put myself into the story for people to love me, I hate it when peole make themselves into characters for a story. She is just a character just to state that I'm probably not going to be anything like her I just like Vietnam, she's modestly pretty. I like all the idea that Asia are siblings but there are also some Asian pairings so the idea is that their not really siblings but using the Asian system where they call everyone brother or sister. I'm pairing her up with another country I really love and would love for them to be together! XD So I'm writing this story. Hope you like this story! P.S. I'm not much of a writer. The characters are OOC and this is a kinda AU -DBSKLOVER

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Chapter 1: Meeting Miss Vietnam

All the nations were in a hall for a worldwide meeting but right now there was a commotion coming form the Asia side. Most of the members seemed to be fighting over something or actually, someone. Vietnam, this was her first time coming to a world wide meeting. Some of them recognized her around Asia but didn't really know her. She was

"Vietnam is sitting next to me aru," China shouted.

"No she's sitting next to me ana," Thailand argued.

"I think it'd be best if she sat by me," Japan interrupted. Vietnam just stood their with her head in her hand sighing.

She let them argue like this for a while until she finally broke them up by yelling," Alright stop it, you're all wasting time I'm sitting next to Hong Kong and Korea." She plopped right in between the only two Asian countries that weren't fighting over her. She was actually close friends with Hong Kong, they were both similar, reserved and quiet. Korea was just near them because he was good friends with Hong Kong. He seemed to be the exact opposite of them, he was bright and smiling all the time, the life of the party. Since he of course had all those K-pop stars in himself. The other Asian countries didn't even try to hid their disappointment and just decided to sit down.

The other countries were confused, what was so special about Vietnam, she seemed so plain, especially when she stood next to cute Taiwan. Taiwan was the cute twin sister of Hong Kong, she was always smiling and the center of attention. She seemed to cling to Vietnam lovingly, even she loved Vietnam. But when other countries passed by to talk to her she didn't hesitate to oblige in conversation. So during the break while the group was split between male and females naturally like school the other countries began to question the Asian countries. America was the first to ask anything.

"Hey China what makes Vietnam so special?"

China turned to America with a disgusted face as if he was just insulted," What? How could you ask such a thing about my precious little sister aru?"

"You don't ask how she's special, she just is ana", Thailand jumped in.

"you could even ask France he taught her when she was younger" Korea pointed out cheerfully.

America turned to France. France nodded,"it's true you just have to meet her to know she's silent but there's something about her... she just so..." His eyes began to sparkle ad he was grinning with a blush on his face. Hong Kong shoved his face away before he could turn all romantic on them, they didn't like that,especially about Vietnam. The other countries still couldn't understand. They all looked over to the girls group.

Of course being girls they were gossiping. Hungary was going on and on about how cute Austria was which left him blushing and Prussia irritated. "Okay we've all talked about who we like" Taiwan stated," what about you Vietnam, you were pretty quiet this whole time. Do you like anyone here? Huuh?"

Vietnam fidgeted around while all the girls began to nudge her. "Ohhh there is someone" Belarus smirked. She looked at the ground and when she turned to the males group her eyes turned wide and she blushed, whipping her head in the opposite direction, hiding her face. The male group all tuned around themselves blushing. So that's why? She seemed so solid and reserved but that showed them she had a soft side too. While the other country males were blushing the Asian males were smirking.

"We told you so~ aru" China said in a sing song voice. Hong Kong just sighed, he was to close to Vietnam to fawn over her like the other Asian countries. Korea just leaned against Hong Kong smiling at the show, you could never really know what he's thinking. But then the other Asian countries froze mid laugh. Blushes crept up their faces too.

"WAIT, VIETNAM LIKES SOMEONE?" they all exclaimed. The room turned silent on their side, they all began glancing at each other.

Who could it be?

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