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Vietnam and Denmark were dating. If that's what you'd call it...

As soon as the tour ended Denmark didn't hesitate to ask Vietnam to be his girlfriend. Though completely shocked by the sudden confession a blushing Vietnam nodded a reply. He swept her in his arms and spun her around. That was the as romantic as their relationship got.

Six months have passed and they were still dating but there was no flame in their relationship. Vietnam was excited when their relationship started, the more they spent time together the more she began to like Denmark and enjoy the time they spent together. Denmark was always eager and energetic whenever they spent time together. They reserved weekends for each other and he would be there at her door every weekend without fail, even when he was sick and was on the verge of collapsing. Vietnam spent that weekend tending to him while he lied there trying to entertain her through his coughing. She just chuckled and tried to shush him while she fed him some soup. She began to fall in love with Denmark little by little.

Though it seemed to be different to Denmark. Whenever Vietnam asked Denmark if he liked her he would smile and answer "Without a doubt." but their relationship was more of that of just friends. They would go to the movies but all they'd do was watch the movie, they didn't even hold hands and the movies were always action and adventure. Vietnam had tried to hold his hand once or twice but he was always jumping out of his seat because of the movies. That didn't bother Vietnam what bothered her was that they never did anything remotely couple in their relationship, even just holding hands. They were walking through a park one day when they passed by an area with filled with couples. Vietnam noticed all of them had their hands intertwined. Vietnam shyly reached for Denmark's hand but as soon as she had his hand in her's he pulled his hand back and pointed at basketball courts ahead of them. Vietnam brushed it off but every time she attempted to hold hands or lean into him he would pull back and act awkward until she let it go. She was happy with him but she wanted to any sign that he cared for her. Six months and they hadn't even held hands yet let alone kiss. Vietnam was getting tired of the rejection, maybe they were better off as friends. She tried to bring the topic of their relationship up subtly but every time Denmark overlooked the topic.

This week they were going to a nearby fair They were laughing trying the rides and cotton candy. Denmark pointed out things excitedly the whole time and Vietnam would look and laugh at his excitement. But as she was staring at a certain booth that Denmark pointed out he seemed to have disappeared when she looked back. She looked all around but the fair was to crowded for her to see. She spotted a couple holding hands pass by and when the girlfriend was distracted and it would seem they would get separated but the boyfriend pulled her back to his side as soon as he felt the tug. The girlfriend giggled shyly at her boyfriend and he smiled back at her. Vietnam looked at her hand, they wouldn't have been separated if they were like a real couple...

All of a sudden a huge stuffed swan was placed in her arms. She looked up to see a beaming Denmark. "Surprised," he asked. Vietnam stood there speechless. "I saw this hanging in that booth over there and I just had to win it for you." He leaned over the swans neck to see Vietnam's reaction. "How do you like it?"

Vietnam felt her hear bubble. "I love it," she grinned. Seeing her grin Denmark's grin grew. Vietnam then noticed that their face was extremely close and he seemed to notice too. She slowly leaned in and when their lips were millimeters apart... Denmark pulled back.

Coughing he turned his head away from Vietnam. "Look over there, I wanna win that next." He sounded excited all leaving Vietnam still leaning forward feeling disappointed all by herself. "I bet you I could win the prize before you." He was still not looking at her.

"Let's break up," Vietnam spoke softly.

"Hurry before someone else wins it!"

"We're better as just friends."

"Come on let's go," Denmark pulled on her arm ignoring what she just said.

She tugged her arm back. "No," she shook her head. "I'm tired." With that she turned and headed towards her home. She waited for the sound of Denmark's voice to tell her to wait but she never heard it. She didn't cry that night but when she woke up on Sunday and he wasn't banging at her door all it took was one tear rolling down her cheek to have her curled up in a ball. She moved like a zombie through the week and her siblings stopped by to make sure she was eating sleeping throughout the week.

It was Saturday when it was Thailand's turn again. He was ushering Vietnam to eat breakfast when Denmark came barging through the door.

"Hey Vietnam it's sparing time!" He paused momentarily when he saw Thailand but smiled and pulled out his ax. "Let's go!"

"Go away Denmark, I'm not ready to see you yet."

"Come on you seem fine."

"Go away! Can't you see I'm eating breakfast with Thailand?!" Thailand stared between the two nervously.

Denmark was silent for a second. "Okay." Thailand looked at Denmark, surprised he gave up so easily, Vietnam didn't even look up. "You made me do this." He grabbed Vietnam's paddle with his ax arm and picked Vietnam up with his other arm. "See you later, Thailand," he smiled over his shoulder while carrying a screaming Vietnam out the door.

He finally put her down when they reached their sparring ground. "Denmark listen to me, we are over! You can't do this anymore."

He swung at her with his ax and she deflected him with her paddle. "Come on Vietnam you can do better than that."

She tried to get his attention but he kept coming with the attacks. Finally fed up with it she attacked back, "listen to me!"

She managed to trap him under her and he was forced to listen to her. "We are over Denmark, let's just be friends."

"I don't want to break up, there's no need," Denmark whispered now sober.

"Denmark we're going nowhere, you don't even want to touch me," Vietnam cried out. "I can only be rejected so much times before it starts to really hurt." Denmark stared at her speechless. "Let's...let's just stay friends." He continued to just stare. "I'm going to go back now, Thailand's probably confused."

But before she could get up Denmark flipped their situation. He trapped Vietnam under him and kissed her. He gave her several pecks and Vietnam could only stare wide eyed and her eyes got wider when she felt water drops on her cheek. She looked up to see tears in Denmark's eyes. "I don't wanna break up. I don't wanna see you with another guy." He sat up and hugged her. "I love you."

She hugged him back crying. When they both finally calmed down she realized they were still hugging and she gave him a squeeze. He squeezed back tighter.

"I'm sorry," Denmark muttered the apology. Vietnam looked at his face surprised. "The truth is I really want to touch you all the time and I don't wanna stop once I start. Even though I'm your boyfriend I was scared if I touched you to much you'd think I was a pervert and avoid me." He rubbed the back of his neck and an unfamiliar blush popped on the bold Danish man's cheeks. "I guess I was trying to hard and had the opposite effect."

Vietnam felt a great weight lifted off her and she leaned in to peck Denmark on the lips and was happy when she didn't feel him pull back.

When I looked Denmark and Vietnam's relationship in my story I thought to myself, "How am I supposed to make this couple act couple-y?" And this was the best I could come up with, hope it's okay... Brains kinda dull cause got a little cold right now. (excuses excuses) -DBSKLOVER