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Chapter 7:Performance

They had already booked a hall and everyone was dressed in traditional old English renaissance clothing. The girls were yet to enter the room and the guys were all standing around feeling awkward all except England who planned the whole party. They weren't used to the whole tights outfit.

"Korea stop that aru,"China commanded,"this is supposed to be a classy party."

"But this thing is giving me a wedgie," Korea explained still hopping around. Then they heard the doors creaking, the girls were finally here. They came in wearing a variety of colors. Most of them stuck to a pack and moved towards a table. Taiwan, in a pink renaissance dress, pranced over towards the males seeing who would like to escort her to a dance. Vietnam entered the room last wearing a green renaissance dress. Her hair was braided down her left should with a gold ribbon intertwined. She looked like Cinderella as she observed the room shyly.

England, being the gentleman he was walked up to her and bowed. He offered her his hand and she took it confused as he led her to the dance floor. When she noticed what was going on her eyes widened and she tried to pull back,"no I don't know how to dance to this kind of music."

But England just pulled her back, their faces almost touching. "Don't worry I'll teach you," England smiled. Even though they started off slow Vietnam still stepped on England's feet and tripped over him. She wanted to give up red with embarrassment but England wouldn't let her give up. After a couple of more tries Vietnam stopped stepping and tripping over England, they even managed to finish a whole song without a problem.

After the song ended Vietnam beamed at England,"how did I do that time."

Seeing her look at him for approval made him blush. He turned away covering his face and coughed,"that was good..."

China then jumped up and ran over to Vietnam," now that you're lesson is over which one of us will get the pleasure of dancing with you first."

The guys all stood in line for them Vietnam to pick. Hungary was about to pull Austria away but Prussia saw and pulled her to the dance floor with him, jealous. Vietnam brought her hand to her mouth nervously, she was shy to meet any of the guys in the eyes for more than a flash. She finally stopped in front of Russia and smiled,"would you like to dance?"

Russia's eyes widened and he blushed behind his scarf that Vietnam had given back for the occasion. He nodded and extended his hand for her to take. Vietnam took it smiling and they headed towards the dance floor. As they were dancing it seemed that Vietnam was leading the conversation and the dance. It looked weird considering he was the bigger person. Belarus was sitting at a table glaring and stabbing her piece of turkey.

"How come she's so nice to Russia," America asked China.

China was pouting and mumbled,"because Viet loves big shy people. She finds them cute, to her Russia is like a giant polar bear." By then some of the other nations where beginning to move on the dance floor.

japan walked up to Russia when the song ended and asked Russia,"may I take your partner?" Russia nodded and Taiwan gasped. She was standing next America and he saw her grip on her drink tighten. As they were switching partners Taiwan rushed up onto the dance floor towards Japan and Vietnam.

"Japan I wanted you to dance with me," Taiwan pouted. But Japan began dancing with Vietnam in tow. Vietnam looked between the two nervously.

"I'll dance with you after," Japan replied.

"No I want to dance with you now,"Taiwan demanded.

"Taiwan stop acting like a child I'll dance with you later," Japan sighed. Taiwan was silent for a minute then splashed her drink on Vietnam. Everyone turned to look at them.

"You guys always put Vietnam first what happened to me,"Taiwan screamed at Japan. She was glaring at him her vision clouded with tears then ran out of the room.

"Taiwan," Japan yelled running after her. It was obvious to everyone that Taiwan was in love with Japan except Japan.

Vietnam was still standing on the dance floor soaking from Taiwan's drink. "Let's get you cleaned up ana," Thailand spoke gently leading Vietnam off the floor. No one felt like dancing anymore and waited for Vietnam to come out. When she did come out she was wearing a female waiters outfit. It was a black pencil skirt with a white buttoned top, not the right close for the guest of honor to wear. When Vietnam entered the room she kept her eyes on the ground as everyone watched her. She felt like crying, her only sister hated her and she didn't even know.

But before a tear could drop a more modern song came on. Everyone looked up to see Korea dressed in the male waiter clothes, he just smiled and said,"the tights were irritating me." He walked over to Vietnam and held out his hand," you know these clothes are similar to the ones in my countries mv I Need a Girl." "And right now I know it sounds corny but I need a girl," Korea smiled and that made Vietnam laugh and roll her eyes. "Come on your the only girl here who knows this song," and with that urging Vietnam took his hand.

As Korea's voice took the form of his pop star people began to crowd around them. Korea was a natural performer but what surprised them was the shy Vietnam from before was now dancing with confidence. They guys couldn't turn away from their performance Vietnam was in step with every one of Korea's movements.

After the song ended Vietnam was huffing but smiling. The crowd burst into applause. "I thought you said you couldn't dance," asked America with a raised brow.

"I said I couldn't do that kind of dancing," Vietnam smirked.

"Vietnam loves Korean music," explained Hong Kong quietly. There was a small hint of jealousy in his voice.

Vietnam suddenly stopped smiling and looked in one direction. Everyone followed her eyes. Taiwan was standing at the door she had seen the whole performance. Vietnam looked away afraid of what Taiwan was going to say. When Taiwan finally spoke she clapped her hands,"nice performance."

Vietnam looked up and smiled near tears again. "Thank you," she choked out.

That killed Taiwan. She ran over and nearly tackled Vietnam and started crying,"I'm so sorry. I was being stupid, a jealous stupid freak." Vietnam shook her head and tried to comfort Taiwan. "No I was, you know I love you though right?"

Everyone began to party normally letting the two sisters make up. Everything was turning around again. "Good job Korea," complimented Japan.

Korea grinned," no problem."

"But," japan smirked," J-pop is better."

Korea's jaw dropped,"hey where was your J-pop when Vietnam was crying huh?" And the two began their argument.

America stood watching the two wondering what exactly was going on. "Korea and Japan have this competition on who's pop celebrities are better," Hong Kong dropped in to explain," Taiwan is on Japan's side of course and Viet is on Korea's side. Korea and Japan try to convert the girls onto their side. They don't bother with us guys cause frankly we don't care."

The evening went without a hitch after that Korea was standing in front of Taiwan trying to tell her how wonderful K-pop was while Japan was trying to do the same thing with Vietnam except with J-pop.

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