It's time for Halloween and Vinnie decides to pull pranks on the hospital staff including Jack, Candy and Doogie meanwhile Jack and Doogie are trying to figure out how to diagnose a little girl

The scene is Doogie is sitting in a chair looking at some books on a table in front of him Jack walks in with a couple cups of coffee he hands one to Doogie "Here"

Doogie looks up and grabs it "Thanks"

Jack walks over and lays down on a couch nearby "figured out anything yet ?"

Doogie looks up "Not yet it looks like" he notices Jack on the couch resting his eyes "What are you doing ?"

Jack sits up and looks at him "look I've been going for 48 hours on 30 minutes of sleep give me an hour and I'll be up and ready to help"

Doogie looks at him in surrender "Ok one hour"

Opening credits

The scene changes to Curly and Vinnie walking into the break room "there he is Vinnie"

Vinnie looks at her "Thanks Curly" he then slips on a monster mask and some gloves and walks over to where due is passed out with his head hanging over the back of the chair Vinnie walks over and starts to rub a feather under Doogie's nose Doggie swats it away in his sleep he then dose it again Doogie swats it away again but this time open his eyes to investigate Vinnie looks him in the face surprising him with the mask "Ahhh…" he falls backwards in the chair from surprise Vinnie pulls off the mask "Happy Halloween !" he then helps Doggie get up

Doogie looks at him as he pulls him up "Are we doing this again ?"

Vinnie looks at him "Doing what ?"

Doogie looks at him "Trying to prove that your master of scares"

Vinnie looks at him "Oh please I am the master of scares observe" he push's Doggie out of the way as he puts back on his mask and walks over to where Jack is still asleep on the couch he taps him on the shoulder "Jack"

Jack moves a little before opening his eyes and looking up to see the mask he then lets out a scream and rolls off the couch onto the floor then gets up and runs out of the room not yet relizing it's Vinnie

Vinnie takes off his mask and looks at Doggie "The Master"

Doggie gives him a look and shakes his head as the scene ends