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Kanda's POV

I knew it was bad news when the finder interrupted my meditation with a panicked look on his face, handed me a message, and fled without a backward glance. Normally the finders are a spineless lot who are terrified of me, but most of them have gotten good enough not to show it so blatantly. I dismissed the thought with a "che" and unfolded the paper, fully expecting to not like what I saw. As per usual, my expectations were correct. The note bore a simple message "Come see me in my office, Komui."

"What does that idiot have up his sleeve this time?" I mumbled under my breath.

I grabbed Mugen from where he rested against the wall in case I might need him (I would hardly put it past Komui to have a few Komurin lurking in his office) and stalked out into the hall. My normally cold demeanor was icier at that moment because I was pissed. As such, anyone within my path parted like the Red Sea before Moses, leaving me a quick walk with no human interaction, just how I liked it.

When I reached the Supervisor's office, I could hear shouting inside. Something along the lines of the science section workers being scolded for falling asleep again. Che, how annoyingly loud, I thought, and made my entrance by slamming open the door.

"Ah, Kanda-kun," Komui addressed me, readjusting his glasses. "Come in and sit down." He then made shooing motions at the science guys with his hands. They scampered from the room, although their speed was more due to my presence than Komui's little shooing motions.

I gave Komui a glare upon noticing the condition of his couch, the only seating in the room. It was covered in heaps of documents. I gave the documents a glare too before sweeping them off onto the floor and dropping onto the couch.

"Kan-nda!" Komui whined. I glared at him again. His whining gets on my nerves. "I just got all of those nicely organized!"

"Shouldn't have left them on the couch then."

"But there's no room anywhere else!"

"Che. Tell me what you wanted me here for, or I'm going away."

"Ah, yes," Komui said, all seriousness again. It's sometimes scary how quickly he can change his demeanor like that. He dug through the papers on his desk for a moment and brought out a file. He handed it to me before beginning again. "I have a new mission for you. We have discovered a new Noah, the Noah of Survival it seems. Your mission is to take him out. This will most likely be a long term mission, seeing as sources say this target is a tough one."

At that moment, the door creaked open behind me. I didn't pay it any notice. Probably just another science guy crawling in here with things for Komui to sign.

"Perfect timing," Komui addressed the person behind me. "I was just briefing Kanda on your new mission."

That got my attention. 'Your new mission' couldn't mean anything good. I could feel my temper rising. Partner missions were bad, I preferred to work alone. But I could usually go on a mission without massacring the other exorcist, usually. The exception to that…

"Come in and take a seat Allen-kun," Komui told him, digging up another file.

"No way in hell," I stated flatly. "I am not going on a mission with the moyashi. No."

"Who says I want to go on a mission with you baKanda?" Allen replied.

"You don't want to, I refuse. There's a difference."

"Then you have no sense of duty."

"Of course I have a sense of duty," I snapped, steaming. I wasn't actually that concerned about a sense of duty, but the moyashi just had a talent for riling me up.

"No you don't. You just want to be able to kill something," Allen snapped back. I glared at him with as much force as I could muster. He glared back. You could practically see the sparks fly.

"Stop bickering like an old married couple," Komui teased.

"What did you say?" Allen and I said, turning the wrath of our glares on Komui, who promptly hid behind his desk.

"Nothing, nothing," the Supervisor squeaked, the top of his beret just peaking out from around the side of his desk. He waited a moment before reemerging and proceeding as if nothing had happened. "Like I said, you two are aiming to take out the Noah of Survival. It won't be easy; he's not called that for nothing. Sources say he is extremely frightened of death, and has even taken measures beyond the Noah regeneration ability to stay alive.

"This one's also unique in the sense that he has human followers in addition to Akuma."

"What? That can't be true! Humans would never willingly follow a Noah!" Allen cried out.

"Che," I mumbled in annoyance. Allen was too concerned about the humans for my taste. Humans, Akuma, I'm just fine killing either.

Komui cleared his throat and pressed on as if we had never interrupted him. "Some of our allies have actually fought this Noah and his followers, and have been surprisingly successful. They've been able to eliminate some of his human followers, of course none of the Akuma because they are not exorcists. You will both be staying with these allies seeing as the Noah has been concentrating his attacks on this group. The rest of the vital information, including train tickets, is in your files. Toma will accompany you until you can meet with our allies. You will need to leave within the hour. You may go."

I stood up, turned sharply and stomped to the door. I marched back toward my room, once again anyone in my path wisely fleeing for dear life. "Che, this is annoying," I muttered, slamming my door behind me. My exorcist uniforms were the unfortunate victims of my wrath as I shoved them ruthlessly into my suitcase, dropped the mission file on top, and slammed the case closed. I was ready to leave. Joy.

Allen's POV

I locked my bedroom door and hit my head against it, hard. "Ouch," I mumbled without much feeling, and left my head leaning against the wood. Timcampy, who was curious as to why I started slamming myself into things, fluttered over and began chewing on my hair. "I'm OK, Tim," I reassured the golum before gently detangling him from my silver locks. The last time I let him chew on my hair for any length of time, I ended up with a rather unfortunate bald spot.

Truth was, OK wasn't exactly the right word. The mission was fine, Komui had already informed me of it the day before, save the pleasantness about humans siding with the Noah:

"Allen, I would like to talk to you for a moment," Komui said as I walked past his office.

I retraced my steps. "What is it?"

"Come in, I have a mission for you."

I entered his office and sat down, trying not to disturb the large piles of paper precariously perched on his couch. I was a little puzzled as to why I was being sent on a mission. I thought I was still in trouble because of the Ark incident.

Komui noticed my confusion. "Some of the big-shots at the Vatican have been sniffing around, particularly the incident involving the Marian Cross and Froi Tiedoll protection teams. They seem especially interested in your involvement. I expect this to be a long-term mission, and hopefully by the time you come back, things will have calmed down," he explained.

"You will be working alongside a longstanding ally of ours to defeat a new Noah we have recently discovered, the Noah of Survival. As this is a long term mission, you will be staying with our ally, at a school for magic he runs. While you are there, you will be enrolled as a student and learn to use magic. It could potentially be a great advantage for us."

"But how can I learn magic? As far as I know, I'm not a wizard," I pointed out politely.

"We have discovered through research that innocence has the ability to conduct magic, but only for parasitic types, so consider yourself lucky."

Komui shuffled the papers on his desk and pulled out a file stuffed so full of papers that they threatened to burst free at any second. "This is information you need to know about the wizarding world." He handed it to me and I nearly dropped it; it was heavy. "You are free to go, but come back tomorrow at the same time to receive your ordinary mission file. Oh, and don't forget to study."

I turned and walked to the door, but as I put my hand on the knob, Komui added, "And one more thing, Allen. This has the potential to become very dangerous, so you will have to have a partner."

I nodded and thanked Komui. I flipped through the file in my hand absently, not really reading the words, instead wondering who my partner would be.

No, it wasn't the mission that had me upset; it was Komui's choice of partner. Kanda, it just had to be Kanda. What made it worse was I could completely see the logic. Kanda was the perfect choice because of his strength, which we would need because our opponent was hard to kill. There was no one else he could send. Crowly was passed out, Miranda wasn't very good for offense, Noise was set to be sent off on another mission, the higher-ups wanted Cross kept here for surveillance, Lenalee still couldn't synchronize properly, and Lavi, well, Lavi just wasn't serious enough for a mission of this gravity.

I hit my head against the door again, secretly harboring the hope that if I knocked myself out, I would wake up and the whole issue of Kanda being my partner would just be a dream. Tim fluttered nervously around my head before tugging on my hair again, as if to say 'come away from that door before you give yourself a lovely bruise.'

I relented and walked across the room, only to slump down on my bed and turn on my side so I could stare at the picture on the wall. "What would you do, Mana?" I asked, knowing there would be no reply. I wished he would, I could use the guidance. I had no clue how to deal with all of this. I could manage easily if the concern was constant bickering with Kanda; if only it was that easy.

My hate for him had strangely transformed into something else, but entirely one sided. My dislike for him had turned to grudging admiration of his ability as an exorcist after our first mission together. Then, the more I watched him fight, the more I realized how beautiful he looked with Mugen in his hands. His grace and power and how he nearly became one with the blade was mesmerizing. The way his muscled yet still slender limbs and body would twist and move in a pattern dance was… more than mesmerizing. Admiration had become something more akin to attraction.

While on the Ark, I was so worried when he made us leave him behind to fight Skin Bolic, and in turn so relieved that I had nearly cried when he came back alive. Now, don't get me wrong, he still managed to strike a nerve most of the times I spoke to him, but my anger to him didn't feel quite so intense anymore, and I never stayed upset for long. Perhaps because there was something overshadowing that anger and pushing it back. Those sort of feelings weren't what I thought were associated with attraction, but no, I couldn't possibly be in love with the prickly samuri, could I? No, it was completely impossible. I was attracted to him, that's all… severely attracted.

Yes, I was severely attracted to Yuu Kanda, who I knew would never return my feelings. If they were ever expressed, I would be lucky if I just got sliced to bits by Mugen. So, I hate to say it, but I hid from him. Whenever I saw him I got this feeling of… severe attraction, and it only served to remind me that these feelings toward him would never lead to anything. And I was always afraid that if I was around him, some my feelings might somehow show on my face through my fake, yet polite, smile.

However, on a mission together there was no way I could avoid him. We would have to plan together, and potentially even fight together, and in either situation I foresaw disaster.

I sighed, and reminded myself that this was a mission. There was no backing out, it was my job, no my duty, and I wanted to do it… just not with Kanda. It has to be done told myself, and then repeated it again several times like a mantra for good measure. After a few moments I forced myself to get off of the bed and begin packing my bag, resigned to my fate.

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