FuNnY fAnFiC aBoUt SkYwAtChEr

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Sky padded to a rock and sat down."StarClan, StarClan, are you there?"

*Nothing Happens*

Suddenly a Voice said"Hey!"

Sky leaped to his paws, excited."StarClan! Is that you?"

The Voice sounded confused as it said"Umm…no. I'm The Sky, the one you're looking at now."

Sky was confused himself "Huh? The Sky? What a name!"

The Sky said,"Never mind about my name. Just turn around and don't look at me!"

Sky tilted his head and asked"Uhh…why?"

The Sky sighed irritably and replied"Because I'm getting changed and you're watching me!"

Sky looked up at The Sky."Well, I haven't seen anything different of the sky."

*The Sky Slaps Sky On The Face*

Sky leaped backwards onto the ground and exclaimed"Ouch! Can you just stop it and let me talk with my ancestors?"


The Sky hissed."Can't you just turn around until I finish changing?"

Sky growled,"I need to talk to Cloudstar! Get changed somewhere else!"

The Sky tutted and said"You're more stupid than I thought."

Sky was confused as he did not understand what The Sky was blabbering on about."What do you mean?"

The Sky answered "I can't get changed somewhere else, stupid furball. I'm the sky; I can't move!"

Sky narrowed his eyes."What the hell?"

The Sky sighed angrily and replied, "You're such an idiot. Have you ever gone to school before?"

Sky didn't understand."School?"

The Sky hissed angrily as though he could not believe that Sky was being so idiotic."Stop playing with me! Yes, I meant school."

Sky asked,"What's a school?"

The Sky looked shocked."Do you even know your English at all? This is the basicsyou know."

Sky growled,"You're so bitchy."

The Sky nodded."I know, right? I get that a lot."

Sky was dumbfounded. The Sky was meant to get angry! "That was meant as an offense."

The Sky shook its head and yelled,"I don't care anymore; just get out of my sight!"

Sky let out a MRROW of laughter."Now who's the stupid one?"

This time The Sky was confused."Now what do YOU mean?"

Sky laughed as he answered,"I can't get out of your sight because you can see everywhere!"

The Sky looked blank for a moment, then said,"Oh."

Sky cracked up, rolling on the floor laughing (rofling) this time as he exclaimed,"Pwned by the Awesomest!"

The Sky was mad and demanded,"Just look down and look down until I finish changing!"

Sky stopped laughing and asked,"Changing into what? The Sky can't change!"

The Sky sighed irritably and explained impatiently, "They can change into a thunderstorm, rainclouds, hail, etc."

Sky nodded as though sense had come into him, then he added,"Then what are you changing into?"

To Sky's disappointment, The Sky replied,"That's for me to know, and for YOU to find out. Now turn around!"

Sky hissed angrily and yowled, "Cloudstar! Do you hear me? Tell this loser to stop bugging me!"


The Sky laughed cockily and teased,"Now who got pwned this time?"

Sky growled,"Shut up!"

The Sky laughed again and said,"R-O-F-L."

Sky tilted his head, confused. "What's R-O-F-L?"

The Sky laughed AGAIN and asked, "You don't know what it spells?"

Sky didn't understand. "Spell…?"

Suddenly a Voice interrupted them."Now what's going on here?"

Sky turned around, relieved to see a familiar face. "Firestar! I'm trying to talk to Cloudstar, but 'The Sky' won't let me."

The Sky quickly argued,"I'm getting changed, but 'Sky' won't let me."

Sky was confused…again."How do you know my name?"

Firestar replied: "I told The Sky your name."

Sky looked shocked. So Firestar was in touch with The Sky!"I thought you were on my side!"

The Sky laughed…AGAIN. (Geez, what's with laughing and confusement?)"Egg on the face!"

Firestar didn't say anything else except: "Actually, I'm on neither of your sides."

Sky threw The Sky a haha-you-got-pwned look."Egg on YOUR face!"

The Sky ignored him and explained to Firestar: "I'm trying to get changed, but Sky keeps staring at me!"

Firestar glanced at Sky and announced quietly,"You'll have to be punished."

Sky was shocked…again."WTF?"

Firestar looked thoughtful for a moment then declared,"I name you Skywatcher. May StarClan grant that you do NOT look at The Sky when it is changing in the future."

The newly named Skywatcher couldn't believe his ears."WTF?"


Firestar looked at Skywatcher and told him: "Let's get back to camp and tell them of your stupid behaviour."

Skywatcher was dumbfounded."I can't believe it…"

The Sky looked at Firestar and then said quietly,"Before you go, I would like to say that YOU Firestar, is also watching me change."

Skywatcher laughed and said,"Pwned."

Firestar meowed,"Then I'm to be punished."

Skywatcher thought for a moment and then announced: "I name you Skywatcher."

The newly named Skywatcher protested: "You can't do that! There can't be two Skywatchers!"

The Sky agreed."Yea!"

Skywatcher (Sky) nodded as though understanding and declared,"Then you are Skywatcher Number Two."

Skywatcher Number Two was surprised and argued"I don't want to be Skywatcher Number Two. YOU be Skywatcher Number Two, and I be Skywatcher."

The newly named Skywatcher Number Two argued back:"I don't want to be Skywatcher Number Two. YOUUUUU be Skywatcher Number Two, and I be SKYWATCHER. I was named Skywatcher first!"

The NOW newly named Skywatcher Number Two sighed, defeated. "Fine. But I'll change it when I get back to ThunderClan."

Skywatcher protested"You can't, because you are punished."

Skywatcher Number Two argued: "Erin Hunter won't allow it."

The Sky interrupted the two arguing cats: "Just get lost and let me get changed."

*Skywatcher and Skywatcher Number Two leave The Sky in peace*

In the end, Skywatcher was still called Skywatcher but Skywatcher Number Two was called Firestar again.


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