How Mistyfoot REALLY Got Her Warrior Name

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. . . V . . .

Mistypaw slept deeply after a long day of hunting and battle training. She never thought that she would miss sleeping any time she wanted in the nursery.

'I didn't know being an apprentice would also mean getting tired and never being able to rest properly,' she thought before she closed her eyes.

. . .

"Open your eyes, Mistypaw," someone meowed, and Mistypaw felt a sharp prod on her left.

Leaping up to her feet, Mistypaw turned to face the cat who had disturbed her from her sleep.

It was a black cat with amber eyes. Probably a tom.

"I'm NEVER going to enjoy my rest peacefully, am I?" Mistypaw complained, annoyed.

The black tom blinked, looking totally innocent. "I'm sorry," he meowed, not looking sorry at all.

Mistypaw groaned. "Look, I don't have time for you. I'm going back to –"

It was only then when Mistypaw realised that she was in a dream.

Glancing back at the amused tom she asked warily, "And who might YOU be?"

"Oh, someone," the black tom shrugged. "Not that it matters."

"Oh YEAH it does!" Mistypaw snapped. "Before I speak to someone, I got to know their NAME first!"

"I got to as well, so what's your name?" The black tom was clearly enjoying himself.

Mistypaw hissed, and then snarled, "I asked first! Now ANSWER IT!"

"Pretty she-cats first."

Mistypaw spat, "EXCUSE ME? Do I LOOK like a pretty she-cat to you?"

The black tom purred. "So you're either referring yourself as an ugly she-cat or a tom?" he asked oh-so-sweetly.

"I'm saying I look ordinary!" Mistypaw meowed loudly. "Now answer my question!"

"I already said my name. It's Someone," the tom replied.

Mistypaw snorted. "Haha. Very funny," she meowed sarcastically. "Now tell me your real name."

"Someone" sighed, now a bit impatient. "I'm telling you, it's Someone," he protested. "I don't know why my mother named me that, but I just am Someone."

"Is this the time where I believe you?" Mistypaw asked, her voice in a hissing tone. "Stop lying. You look like a Night or a Flash. Not Someone."

"Will you ever listen?" "Someone" snapped. "My name is really Someone. Anyway, aren't you supposed to be shocked about my presence?"

"Why should I be surprised at the sight of someone in my dream?"

"Ah, so now you believe my name is Someone."

Mistypaw sighed frustratedly. "I meant the OTHER someone. Not the false name Someone."

"Someone" shook his head. "My name does not matter in this case, but yours does, although you do not wish to tell me."

"I will after you tell me yours," Mistypaw answered immediately. "And how does my name matters?"

"You do know that you're going to receive a warrior name tomorrow?" "Someone" (the reason it's in "" is because Mistypaw still doesn't believe that's his name) asked.

Mistypaw blinked, surprised. "Really?" She felt excitement bubbling up inside of her.

"Yes," "Someone" confirmed. "However, it will be a warrior name that you do not wish to have."

"And what warrior name would I not want?" Mistypaw meowed. "I wouldn't even mind 'Mistybreath' as my warrior name."

"Is your breath misty?"

"Who said it was? I was just pointing out an example!"

"Someone's" eyes glinted with amusement. "Now I know your name. It's Mistypaw; isn't it?"

Mistypaw cursed. "Mouse-dung!" she spat. She glared at "Someone". "Fine; I told you. Now what the HECK is your name?"


"Liar! What a huge lie!"

"I speak the truth and nothing but the truth."

"That is another lie, mouse-brain!"

"Someone" shrugged. "Then don't believe me. Now, I am here to help you. If you want to have a good warrior name that everyone would like, then how about you do as I say?"

"I already told you that I don't mind any type of warrior name at the moment!" What a stupid tom he was! Mistypaw snarled, "And how can you change my warrior name?"

"I just can, because I'm awesome," "Someone" meowed simply.

Mistypaw rolled her eyes. "Sure," she meowed sarcastically. "Now, if this warrior name is so bad, then what is it?"

"That I cannot tell you," "Someone" answered. "Because if I do, your name will become that."

"No it won't. I'll steer it clear from that name."

"Someone" sighed, defeated. "Fine. If you think so. Your name will be Mistyfoot."

"What's so horrible about that name?" Mistypaw asked. "It's better than Mistybreath, that's for sure."

"You will regret that you ever asked, Mistypaw," "Someone" warned. "But you asked for it."

"I don't mind that name," Mistypaw meowed. "I'll just do nothing and get that name. It's actually a pretty good name."

"Someone" suddenly snapped. "You don't understand! You – argh. Fine. Get that name."

"But how do you know for sure I'll get that name?"

"Because . . . just look at your feet."

Mistypaw frowned. "What's wrong with my feet?"

"I told you to look at it. Look at it, and then you will find out." "Someone" turned around and looked like he couldn't contain his laughter.

Mistypaw – still suspicious at "Someone" – slowly glanced downwards.

And guess what?

Her feet . . . they were suddenly all . . .

. . . Misty.

Mistypaw yelped in surprise and dabbed her paw on the ground. "What happened to my feet?"

"Someone" shrugged. "How am I supposed to know? I think StarClan just wants to punish you because you refused to believe my name is Someone."

"Fine! Fine!" Mistypaw shrieked. "Your name is Someone! Now please get the mist off! I'm trying to get it off . . . but it won't get off!"

"Someone" sighed. "It won't wear off until after Leopardstar grants you your warrior name, Mistyfoot."


But Someone (finally accepted his name was that) had disappeared.

. . .

"Great StarClan! Mistypaw; WAKE UP!"

Mistypaw groaned, kneading her paws. She slowly blinked open her eyes and met the shocked faces of Stonepaw – her brother – and Leopardstar herself.

"What's wrong?" she mumbled, and then suddenly the dream replayed in her head. She sprang to her paws and looked at her feet.

Yes; they were still . . .

. . . Misty.

"I-I-I . . . woke u-up and s-saw y-you like t-th-that . . ." Stonepaw stuttered. "I c-couldn't believe . . . i-it."

"I can't believe it either," Leopardstar meowed, her eyes round with surprise. "What happened to you?"

Mistypaw glared at both of them. "I know who did it!" she declared.

"Who?" the apprentice and leader asked in unison.

"Someone! It was Someone who did it!"

To Mistypaw's dismay, Leopardstar looked like she was biting back her laughter even at a critical situation like this. "Funny. We obviously know someone did this."

"No! I mean it! It was Someone! SOMEONE!"

"Yes, yes, we know."

"S-sister . . . stop making jokes at a time like this," Stonepaw stammered. "What I'm looking at . . . misty paws . . . during Greenleaf . . . it's just weird."

"Perhaps it's a sign," Leopardstar meowed. "Maybe StarClan wants me to name you Mistyfoot on your warrior ceremony."

"NOO!" Mistypaw wailed. "I don't want to be called that! Call me Mistybreath instead!"

Leopardstar narrowed her eyes. "I cannot change what StarClan declares for me to do," she meowed.

"That makes sense," Stonepaw agreed.

"I'm serious! Someone did this to me!" Mistypaw screeched.

"THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" Leopardstar howled.

There was an eerie silence afterwards.

"Good; now I await the warrior ceremony for you both eagerly," Leopardstar meowed, and she left the den without another word.

Awkward silence followed. Then . . .

"I can't wait for our warrior ceremony," Stonepaw meowed excitedly.


. . . V . . .

PoX's Note: Oh poor Mistypaw! Someone had found a very good name. And I believe Mistyfoot is a better name than Mistybreath, but whatever. Anyway, what do you think? I hope it met your standards, whatever your standards are. A funny story? I hope I passed the test. Maybe. Whatever. Back to the point, let's guess next chapter's cat together with the hint: Former ShadowClan medicine cat before becoming ThunderClan's medicine cat. Such an easy hint. *sigh* Anyway, maybe will update next week!