Another cliché of a love story

A/N-so I wrote a Jojo story in my binder, I've worked on it for 2 years now, and its really going well, so we'll see how this goes, I still have 2 stories in progress on fanfiction, so here we go…

I sighed. "I hate moving.." I said sitting down on my bed in relief after carrying boxes all day.

You see, I've moved at least 18 times in my whole life…it seems my family can't make up they're mind. Well I'm moving in the year I turn 15, so I'm 14 right now…and really don't want to move…they say that there is a house for sale close to the mayor's house in a small town...wherever that is.

"Come on Rocky move it! Were moving tomorrow morning we haven't got a second to spare!" My mom yelled.

I sighed at my nickname, I've had it for a while now….everyone calls me by that name. I picked up a medium-sized box next to my gray bed and carried down the steep staircase. I literally threw it down and collapsed on top of it sitting on the solid object. I blew my black bangs out of my eyes but they just fell back into place. I stood up and once we were done, I trudged back into my room.

I sat in my bed, I didn't need to say bye to my friends, I only had one friend and his name is Luke. He said he wouldn't say bye to me today but tomorrow morning when I left, he thought it would be too sad, we hung out as much as possible, and tomorrow I would leave…and he'd have to deal with everyone who called us emo, or loners…he'd have to deal with it without me. I felt bad for leaving him alone…but I guess I had to.

I grabbed my ipod and leaned back against my black pillow. I turned the volume up and wondered if I'd find anyone to hang with after the move, and if anyone could replace Luke….of course no one wouldn't…but little did I know the events that would take place that would change my life forever…

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