Just A Note~

Hello readers! Although this isn't an update, I want to thank you all who followed this story and who are still reading. I will like to inform you all that-yes, I am still alive and am currently writing a new chapter! It's definitely been awhile, so I want to sincerely thank all who have continued to wait so patiently. You all are the best and I love my readers dearly.

I have planned out major happenings in this story in hopes that I will someday finish, but I wanted to let you all know, that I haven't given up on this story and won't plan on doing that anytime soon. Please dear readers, continue supporting and I will work hard in getting out new updates for you all very soon! Please keep an eye on this story! I will be making a comeback soon!

Thank you all again for supporting, you guys are amazing!

Mage: Just stop talking and start working on the new chapter I'm dying over here!

Zero: Stop being selfish! Were here too!

Casper: Guys…really? Are we going to start fighting again?

Kent: I've had to deal with you guys for 6 months fighting with each other! We can wait a little longer.

JoJo: … /nods

Rocky: We didn't even make it to Camp Jen yet! /face palm

Mage: I wanna see Ashton *pouts*

Casper: /glares

Kent: /glares

Zero: Please author hurry and update :c spare us!

JoJo: /nods

Rocky: Where do the other characters go if were here? I mean…where are they at? :O

Everyone: O_O

Author: I'll update soon! Please look forward to it! *nervous laugh*