Francis ran down the streets of London, his lungs feeling as if they would burst. He kept running, running to the exucution grounds, running to her. The one who swore on her life to protect him, the one who now needed his protecting.

Finally, Francis reached the clearing, the exucution grounds, and there he saw her. She was being dragged, dragged to a wooden post. Looking up at the man who dared hurt his angel, Francis felt his blood boil. Arthur! That damn tea-sucking bastard!

Francis watched as Arthur tied her to the post as she screamed and struggled. He saw as she shouted insults at the Brit, but Arthur didn't understand, for they were in French. Francis saw Arthur slap her across her beautiful face, blood dripping from her newly cut lip.

The anger welled up inside the Frenchman's chest as he ran to his angel. Arthur then noticed him as he made his way to save her.

"Stop him!" Arthur ordered to his British troops. Soon, a group of soldiers held Francis to the spot.

"What do you want us to do with him?" One of the soldiers asks.

"Hold him here, I want him to watch her burn." Arthur smirked, setting the post on fire. She screamed as the flames licked her feet and then her legs. Francis could only watch as she was burned alive.

"Non! Stop! Leave mon cheri alone!" Francis begged as he struggled uselessly against the strong grip of British soldiers, tears dripping down his face.

She was burning, burning in front of his eyes. Arthur stood just out of reach of the flames, the fire reflected in his hate-filled, emerald eyes. A slight smile formed on his face. That bastard was enjoying it!

As the flames engulfed her body, her screams died down, but Francis could swear he saw her mouth the words "Je t'aime."

Francis stood there for what seemed like years, until her beautiful, young body was reduced to ashes. Mere ashes...

"Release him!" Arthur commanded his troops. They obeyed, and Francis ran to what was left of his love. He dug through the ashes and embers as he looked for any remains of her. He pulled a small, silver cross on a silver chain out of the ashes...

The ashes of Jeanne D'Arc...