If only

After they finished the concert, With happy faces, Samantha and Ian started to stroll along the street holding hands. With eyes full of energy and cautious, Ian kept checking on Samantha. He couldn't believe that things really changed. And that he actually succeeded in altering destiny in order to save her from a doomed ending. He was happy at that moment for many reasons. First of all because he saved her and she won't die again like the last time. Second was because he learned this time how much he love her and there for he appreciates and churches each moment he spend with her .

While he was staring at her smiley face and listing to his own thoughts concurrently it started to rain heavily. people started to run away to avoid getting soaked . That's when Sam started to ask Ian to pull a cap so they can go back home. He started to shack and sweat, he looked down to check the time on his watch , his heart stopped for a second when he realized that it didn't become 11 yet and that there is 10 minutes left . Between Sam's nagging about the taxi and the rain poring heavily, he just stood there frozen, staring at her with teary eyes and broken heart. A heart that knows that whatever he changes, the result will still the same , which is Sam's Death . A loveable sound cut through his thoughts, it was hers, she was yelling at him to go into the taxi and set near her. She was glaring at him with her beautiful eyes in an resistible way that he couldn't fight. He just walked to the cab helplessly like a dead man walking. He sit next to her in the back seat, hugged her with all he got. He exchanged looks with the cab driver as if he knew what's going to happen. The cab took off through the rain, it goes down the street in a steady speed. And while Ian was looking around hysterically as if he was anticipating something bad, Sam whispered in his ear ' I Love you'. He looked at her with tears in his eyes and said 'I Love you too Sam'. That occurred concurrently with the cab crossing an intersection. It wasn't any intersection for Sam and Ian. A Truck Came from nowhere causing an accident that lead to injuring Ian severely instead of Sam, cause the way he postured himself as a shield save her life. He interred a coma for 6 weeks . And when he opened his eyes, Sam's were the first thing he saw. And all he managed to say is that " You are still with me '', she answered laughing '' Of course I am silly , Where else would I be ".