Troubling Rain
By: YukkiKaname
Disclaimer: Don't own Twilight sorry
Special thanks to my Beta: Bell

It starts out like every day in the lovely town of La Push. My truck breaks down once again. It looks like it is going to rain. When it rains, it doesn't sprinkle, it downpours and I'm not looking forward to it. I am so pissed at my brother for buying me a piece of shit of truck that I want to pop him one. "Oh yeah, Bells, it works just great. It won't breakdown." I mutter to myself.

I start walking down the dirt path back to my house. Damn my brother and his wife-to-be. I'm in the middle of nowhere of La Push. As the wind starts to pick up, I curse. I knew it wouldn't be long until it starts raining and I happen to be wearing a white tank top. I curse again for wearing it. I hurry as fast as I could back to my house. It starts down pouring. I try to getting out of its path, taking the woods with no such luck really.

Sometimes I wish I were like my brother and his friends, who are able to phase into a wolf, so I could be home in a snap and be barely wet. As I got near the house, I groan when I see trucks and a motorcycle. "Great. They are all there. Ugh. They are perverts at times." I grumble. I quickly get to the house realizing how drenched I am. I have to be sneaky and go through my bedroom window so they can't see anything.

As I walk away , I suddenly hear a whistle and turn. There he stood, tall with short black hair. I growl at him, covering my top as much as I can so he won't see much. "Get a little wet there, Uley?" He asks.

"Bite me, Paul." I say.

"Mark the spot," Paul says.

"My fist will mark a spot in two seconds, so back off." I yell. I push passed him, drenched and leaving little puddles as I walk in the house.

"Bella Uley, what the hell happened? And why are you home late?" Sam orders.

"Because, Big Brother, that piece of shit you call a decent truck broke down on me once again! So I had to walk home and no, I didn't have my cell phone on me either. Now if you excuse me, Brother, I really need to take a shower and get away from your friends, who are drooling over my soaked body." I say. Sam glares at them and they look away. I walk to the bathroom and peel off my soaked clothes. I ring out my hair from the rain and then my wet clothes in the tub, laying them on the floor to dry.

I turn on the shower and quickly get in. When I am finished, I change into my black skinny jeans and a snug blue tank top. I walk out of the bathroom with half wet, half dry hair. I walk into the kitchen where everyone is gathered. Paul smirks at me. I glare at him. "Why don't you wipe that smirk off your face before I wipe it off for you." I say.

"Ooo, little Miss Tough Girl are we" Paul asks. "What are you going to do, deck me or scare me with your little dolls?"

Sam growls at Paul, giving him the 'you better knock it off that's my sister you are picking on' look. "Knock it off, Paul." He says.

Paul shut his mouth and sits down. "Brother, you should have let that big-mouth ogre keep talking his stupid ass. I would have put that pup back in his place. He isn't that tough." I say.

It is Paul's turn to glare at me as I grab a seat next to Jacob and Embry. They are my two best friends and my classmates as well. "Bells, do you have any homework to finish?" Sam asks.

"No, Father." I say.

Sam growls "Don't even start, Bella." Sam says sternly. As I finish my plate of food, I get up to put my plate in the sink.

"Oh lighten up, Brother, it's not like I am failing and yes, I got my homework done already. It wasn't hard." I say. Yes, I was being a smartass, but I really don't care. I have to be with these guys.

"Okay Bella. Can you please go watch TV, go to bed, or go do something? We have our meeting now." Sam says.

I nod. "Yeah, yeah. What about that piece of shit truck? I do need a vehicle to go to school tomorrow, ya know." I say.

Sam nods at me. I know he isn't really listening. "I will get it tonight. Jacob will work on it tomorrow after school." Sam says.

I groan. "SAM! I need a vehicle tomorrow, like I said!" I yell. Sam growls at my raised voice.

"I will drive you to school tomorrow, Bells and bring you back home. Then I can show you how to fix your truck when it breaks down again." Jacob says.

I smile and hug Jacob. Then I kiss him on the forehead. "Thanks, Jakey." I say.

I leave the room. Paul keeps staring at me as I walk away from them. I walk down the wooden hallway where pictures of Emily's family and our family hang on the walls. Down the hall on the left is my room.

I open the door to my room and walk in; my pale yellow bedroom with baby blue, silky sheets. I plop down on my bed, sigh, and start to relax. I look up at the ceiling and soon let sleep consume me. I sleep the whole night.