A/N: Okay everyone I am thinking of writing up a brand new Twilight Fic. And I need your help! I am making a vote on which one you guys want to read! So either you can write in the review which one you want to hear or you can send me a message on my fanfic profile!

"You are my one and my only"
alice/jasper fic... Alice and Jasper go on vacation from the family as they go through a wonderful journey together and their love grows stronger a strange force blind sides Alice's visions and Jasper and her love are put to the test

"My bestfriend is a werewolf"

Bella/Jacob fic... Bella and Jacob grew up together since they were in diapers. She was Sam's little cousin who he treated as a little sister. Now her and Jacob are heading to high school together. Will their high school life be the start of a brand new relationship or will something tear them apart.

(I will have OC APPS Required for this one needing two boys app and three girl apps)(I will need your characters name age height hair color eye color if they are human or werewolf type of clothes they would wear and their personailty)

"Sam's sister"

Bella/Embry fic... Bella is a very special girl she's a Uley she is coming back from a pirvate school she was a very beautiful girl with her long pale legs and her wavy brown hair she knock any guy off their chair. She also had a bad temper Embry meets her for the very first time when she walks in with her suitcase in hand and thats when the fun begins.