After everything that's happened the last few days, Tony relaxes in his apartment watching Twister. It isn't too late yet. He wants to relax and hopefully sleep without nightmares tonight. He knows that it might not happen, but he can hope.

Tony thinks back to Jethro's reaction. He'd been very surprised to say the least. He would have thought that Jethro would think him weak and pathetic. Instead, Jethro had been angry with Tony's father for his treatment of him when he was younger. Then Jethro had told him how proud he was of the man he'd turned out to be. That had really surprised Tony.

Tony falls into a deep sleep at about eleven o'clock. Three hours later, Tony wakes up trembling again from a nightmare. It is an improvement from the night before. He had slept almost twice as long before the nightmares had awoken him. While he isn't happy about still having these problems, he's relieved

The rest of the night goes by somewhat smoothly. He has another nightmare at about four o'clock, but it is still an improvement over what has been happening to him lately. Tony knows that they will dwindle down to nothing soon. It's happened before. He hates it when a case does this to him.

The next morning, Tony shows up to work looking much better than the day before. Ziva notices immediately. She realizes that maybe talking to Ducky and Gibbs had helped him with his nightmares. She hopes so anyway.

"Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful day," Tony says more chipper this morning than he has been in a while.

"Morning, Tony. You're mood has certainly improved this morning," Tim says not having a clue what's been going on with his partner lately. He has noticed something is wrong, but that's about it.

Tony smiles at him, but doesn't otherwise acknowledge the comment. He feels that for the moment he has revealed his secret to enough people already. He knows that they'll keep his secret for as long as he feels is necessary.

Jethro comes into the squad room a few minutes later with the ever present cup of coffee in his hand and immediately notices the change in Tony's demeanor. Relief flow through the older man, knowing that means that the nightmares have been kept at least somewhat at bay the night before.

"Gear up. We've go a dead lieutenant in Rock Creek Park," He barks in his normal voice.

The end.

Author's Note: There may be a sequel. Just not sure yet.