Technical Difficulties

Burt didn't know whom he should blame more for the latest round of awkwardness: himself or his son. After his son admitted he blew the "Defying Gravity" competition, Burt got him to help around the shop. He had missed the bonding moments they used to have over the car hoods and was glad that Kurt accepted the offer and only needed his coveralls to seal the deal.

Kurt turned on the radio and sang along softly with the music as they worked. He would move his hips and tap his feet a bit, but rarely moved too much. Then a familiar bass beat started pounding through the speakers and Kurt stopped all his work to dance and sing.

"'Cause if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it! If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it! Don't be mad when you see that he want it, 'cause if you liked then you shoulda put a ring on it! Oh, oh, oh!"

Burt chuckled at his son's excitement. "That was the song you guys used for the football game, right?"

Kurt nodded, "Yeah." Then he frowned slightly and looked shyly over at Burt. "You're not mad that I quit, are you?"

"Of course not," Burt said, closing the hood of the car. "If it wasn't making you happy then there's no reason to do it. And now we can continue are Friday Night Dinner and Movie tradition." He pulled his son into a half hug and they shared a smile. "C'mon, let's grab some dinner and go home."

Somehow, after that night, that catchy song got stuck in his head. Normally Burt would just listen to a song a few times and it would leave his head, but the problem was that when he listened to the radio in an attempt to hear it again, he normally just heard annoying songs by a girl named Keisha who sounded like a robot. He could've asked Kurt, but it embarrassed him that he had the song stuck in his head at all. So he turned to that website he kept hearing about: YouTube.

After he finally heard the song again, he was curious if someone had put up a video of the football team doing that number. Sure enough, after he typed in "McKinley High School Single Ladies football" he found some poorly shot videos of the football team dancing on the field (man was it funnier now that he knew the outcome of the game). Then he noticed under the related videos that there was one called "Kurt Hummel field goal kick". He clicked on it and was greeted with his son dancing and then kicking the game winning point. Burt smiled at the memory when a comment caught his eye.

Hey, if you guys like this video, check out my profile to see me doing the full dance ;)

Burt read the name of the commenter: KurtDefiesGravity. Oh Lord, did he just find his son's YouTube account?

Despite feeling like he shouldn't invade his son's privacy like that, he wanted to see what videos he had posted. He clicked on the account name and was taken to his son's YouTube site. The first image was Kurt surrounded by that blond girl and the Asian "girlfriend" (Brittany and Tina, Burt remembered). And there were those ridiculous outfits they had been wearing when Burt came downstairs.

Ignoring all his instincts, he clicked play and watched his son dance. Wow, that really was the dance straight from the music video Burt had watched.

Then something horrible happened. Burt saw the comments on the video. Well, the comments between his son and someone under the account name of LesMisDude2150.

Is that really you? I mean, I can't see your face in the other video so I can't tell.

Haha yeah, that's me. I know I don't seem like much of a football player. It's a long story.

Haha no problem, just wanted to be sure. You look so good from behind in that other video it's nice to know that you look good from the front, too ;)

Why thank you kind sir. I do try, you know ;)

Well I doubt you have to try hard, Kurt

Well, I don't do too many HARD things, 2150, because it gets tiring after a while.

"…Kurt did not say that…" Burt said with a groan. His brain kept telling him to stop reading, but his fingers kept scrolling through the page.

Just call me Eli. And now that we're on a first name basis, I feel like I can say that you have some amazing DSL on you, Kurt.

Burt had no idea what that meant. Didn't it have something to do with the Internet?

So, Eli, you think I have lips meant for me to get on my knees?

Burt sputtered and his hand holding the mouse clenched. He accidentally clicked on another video of Kurt's. This time Kurt was wearing tight sweat pants and a tank top—casual wear for him—but had covered his right eye with a lightning bolt design. The music started with a girl talking and Kurt started dancing.

"I wanna take a ride on your discostick."

"What the hell?" Burt actually yelled aloud. That had to mean…sex, right? Oh my god, no, no, no. And if Kurt's suggestive dancing were any indication, yeah, it was totally about sex. And—Oh God, that Les Mis guy commented on the video again.

Nice video, Kurt. Lady Gaga's song styling's and choreograph just suit your body so well.

Thanks, Eli. Nice to know you appreciate my work. I nearly worked my butt off to get this dance down.

Well, we wouldn't want you to actually lose dat ass, now would we? ;)

You are SO bad, Eli! …but if you say so ;)

It's quite a nice one, Kurt, that's all I'm saying.

You're making me blush, kind sir!

So does your blush run all over your body? You seem deliciously pale enough for that

Well, wouldn't you like to know…;)

Burt finally managed to finally turn off the video and step away from the work computer. He groaned and rested his head in his hands. This could not be happening. His son flirting online with a complete stranger who could be a fifty year old psycho with a large backyard to bury bodies in for all they knew. And not just little, "Oh, you're so cute," flirting but full on "God you're sexy". Had flirting really changed that much since he was in high school? Or was it the Internet? Or maybe a gay thing? Weren't all those idiots claiming that gay guys moved fast and didn't have relationships or whatever?

No, that was not it; those hypocritical "Christians" that were so supposed to preach love just spouted off hate. He knew his son; there was no way he was just going to have random sex or whatever. And, no, his son would just never have sex.


Burt shook his head and decided to let it go. His son never had opportunities to flirt in Lima, so maybe he just went overboard online. Kurt wasn't stupid; he wouldn't meet up with anyone online. It was fine.

And could anyone blame him for turning off the radio as soon as "Single Ladies" came on and his son was in the room?

He doubted it.

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