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"I'm sorry for having called you at this hour," said Cornelia through the phone, a small bit of static in the background of the receiver. Outside of her office window she could see the sun beginning to rise as two men behind her went about placing a new door into the frame, Cornelia having wanted everything to do with the previous night to be fixed as soon as possible as to not have a constant reminder.

"It is quite alright," replied the mechanical voice from the other side of the line. "Might I enquire as to the reason you are ringing me?"

"It has to do with your children," explained Cornelia. "Last night we tried to gather them all up for you but our ploy was thwarted and the children were taken away by another party."

"Do you know where it is they may have gone?"

Cornelia let out a quick sigh of relief, thankful that the person she was talking to hadn't gotten aggressive after receiving this piece of information. "They escaped by ferry, it is safe to assume that they have set a course for the nearby island, it's the only place that they could willingly go without risking dehydration or starvation."

"Couldn't they have travelled somewhere down the coastline?"

"While that's a possibility I have all nearby coastal towns on lookout for our ferry and as of the moment none of them have reported anything back to me. If any information is received I shall let you know of it immediately."

"Thank you, if you have heard nothing then I assume that the children will still be located on this island you speak of, do you have any way to retrieve them?"

"I'll be travelling there today with high school children who are on a camping trip, while there I'll be able to sum up the situation and decide just how many reinforcements I'll need to round them all up," stated Cornelia.

"Your reinforcements will not be necessary, in three days I shall arrive and help sort out this problem myself."

"Are you sure?" asked Cornelia. "You don't have to trouble yourself with something like this."

"I guess you could say that I would like to see how my children survive in the wild."

"Okay then, thank you for your time," concluded Cornelia.

"It was no problem, I shall see you in three days," replied Tao as he hung up the phone, leaving Cornelia on the other side of the connection relieved that the talk had gone as well as it had. Placing the phone down on the desk, she breathed the salty air in deeply before she stepped outside, barging past the two workers as she did so. It wasn't often that she didn't look around for any sign of a stray child and even though she knew none of them were around she still had to gaze about more as a force of habit.

"Ah Cornelia, we have a problem," said a nearby teacher as he saw the commanding chief of the town. "We've gathered all of the students together and we're ready to set sail but we're missing a couple of the students."

"Really now?" questioned Cornelia, trying to seem as if this was news to her.

"Yes, Videl informed us that not only was Gohan missing but also Erasa and Sharpner, in fact nobody has seen them anywhere," stated the teacher, growing more frantic with every word. "What if they got injured in the commotion last night?"

"Last night, it was reported to me that Gohan stole one of our ferries," said Cornelia calmly. This of course got a shocked expression from the teacher as the town leader continued. "Since I have seen those three students hanging together quite frequently, I think it is safe to assume that they have helped him get out of town."

"I...I don't know how to take this," said the teacher slowly as this information seeped in.

"If we are correct in assuming this, when we find them I hope that you will punish them severly," said Cornelia to which the teacher couldn't agree more.

"Not only with they be reported for this and face expulsion, I will have them come back here and grovel for forgiveness," said the teacher, suddenly gaining a backbone whilst taking their teaching duties seriously.

"Excellent, now shall we tell the rest of the class to head down to the docks," offered Cornelia who watched with a smirk as the teacher stormed off towards the rest of the students. For the head of Augusta, she was a little worried about what it would be like once Tao got to the island a few days from now, never having actually met the man in person. That being said, she wanted to help him rid the town of its biggest problem and she for one was not going to say no to such a tempting offer.

Videl meanwhile was standing around with her classmates, feeling kind of lost without her bubbly friend standing by her side. It wasn't often that she was seen without Erasa and now she didn't really have anybody she could openly talk to without them trying to suck up to her. So she merely stood there in silence, waiting for the instructions from the teacher as she tried to forget the things that had occurred the previous night. It didn't matter if you were the child of the world champion, as soon as you said that you saw someone fly away on a yellow cloud you were going to be locked away for a long time.

That being said she couldn't help but remember the fight that she had had with Gohan. Even though the teen had been fighting with everything she had had, it wasn't even enough to faze her friend who was able to take on two other men at the same time. Then there was the astounding feat of strength when he had knocked down the support beam with a single kick. Not only was it incredibly dangerous, the possibility of anything falling on top of him was incredibly high, but it also showed how much courage he had. She had seen similar things when he had both protected his brother and the two children he had been with the other day but this was taking things to a completely different level.

Unknowingly she balled her hand into a fist, silently swearing that if they ran into Gohan on this island she would definitely fight him without hesitation, and this time she would win.


"Welcome to your new home," said Gohan as the ferry mourned itself onto the beach. Despite Sharpner's sea sickness, Gohan had set a steady course for the other side of the island, figuring that they were less likely to be tracked.

All around him the young children shouted in joy as they climbed off of the ferry and the sand sunk between their toes as water lapped at their ankles. It didn't take long for them to all start playing around, running up and down the beach without a single care. Marc was one of the last of the children to get off of the boat but he too couldn't help but let the feeling of freedom wash over him as he quickly got involved in a game of 'tag.' "Can't forget this," said Erasa from behind Gohan, holding the first aid kit firmly in her hand.

"I don't think I'm going to need a change of bandages for a while," said Gohan.

"Yes you will, your bandages need to be changed daily," said Erasa putting her foot down. "Plus what if one of the kids cut themselves, someone needs to look after them."

"It's as if you're their mother," said Sharpner as he joined the fray. Unlike Erasa who held something relatively peaceful in her hand, he had the rifle that he had obtained the night before. It only had a handful of rubber bullets left but with the amount of firepower that the weapon contained he didn't doubt that he'd be able to kill a rabbit or something similar if they needed fresh meat. He hoped Gohan though was willing to skin the animal, he wasn't sure if he'd be able to do such a thing himself. Thankfully he still had his lighter tucked away in his pocket so they wouldn't have too much trouble with starting a fire.

"Someone needs to look after them," said Erasa with a huff.

"Calm down you two," said Gohan with a chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck. "First off we're going to need to find some food to feed everyone here. The kids managed to eat all the rations we had stored so we're going to have to do some hunting and gathering straight away. If you want to stay here and look after the younger kids that's fine Erasa, meanwhile Sharpner will take a few of the older children to go foraging while I go get us some meat."

"So what, you're sending me to go find nuts and berries and stuff?" asked Sharpner, his vocabulary failing him at the end of the sentence.

"These kids need a good balance of food, wouldn't you agree Erasa?"

"Totally," replied the blonde.

"Exactly," said Gohan. "Once we've got enough to start with we can start doing things like constructing fishing rods and whatnot, get ourselves a bit of a base camp going before we explore too far from the beach."

"Alright then, so where are you going to get the meat from?" asked Sharpner, but before Gohan could answer a scream rang forth, quickly gaining their attention. Without a moment's hesitation, Gohan leapt off of the ferry with his sword in hand. Sprinting as fast as he could, he quickly found the source of the terror as a young girl ran towards him before hiding behind his legs. It didn't take long for the thing which had scared her to appear through the bushes, an evil glint in its eye.

"Mister Tiger?" questioned Gohan, the animal resembling his old friend. A brief memory passed through his mind where he recalled having told the animal that he would come back one day and even though that day had taken twelve years to happen he had kept his promise in a way. The animal however was not so friendly in its advances, snarly viciously as it eyed its prey. Gohan couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with the animal he had spent several months with but before he could figure out what had happened his eyes went wide as it leapt forward, the girl behind him screaming as the wild animal bared it's teeth and claws as it prepared to tear Gohan limb from limb.

For the Saiyan hybrid however, several options flashed through his mind before he dropped his sword much to the shock of those watching. As the tiger got close enough however he was knocked out of his flight pattern by a vicious right hook that had the animal bouncing off of the sand, dazed and confused from what had just happened; a single tooth having been hit out of the tiger's mouth now resided in the sand with fresh blood clinging to the base. It got back to its feet slowly before taking off back into the dense shrub, not wanting to be struck by such a blow again.

"Keep track of the kids," shouted Gohan over his shoulder as he picked up the sword, ignoring Sharpner's cries of protest as he gave chase to the animal, determined to find out what had changed so much to make his former ally attack him.


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