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this was a rp done with my friend madison, she was sniper and medic in later chapters.

Stealth. Cunning. Sexy French accent. Those were essentials, if you wanted to be a good spy, and luckily, this man had an abundance of each. He was slim, and sexy, a lithe body perfect for sneaking, jammed into a classy red pinstripe suit. Now if he could say so himself, the RED Spy would also say he had a gorgeous face, not that anyone on his team had ever seen it. Usually, he was hidden under his balaclava, though he griped often about having to hide such a beauty from the world. Had anyone gotten the chance to catch the spy without his mask, they would have to agree. He had cobalt blue eyes, with nice lashes and no crows feet, and a sleek, French nose and jawline. Thin pink lips that always seemed to have a cigarette between them, and never without a smirk. Of course, that was all things you could mostly see while he had his balaclava on. Now without it, or any clothes for the matter, he was a French god. Thin, hairless, but muscled, with a couple scars here and there, but most fighters did. His hair was the most noteworthy, black and thick and ending at his chin, curly as all hell but slicked back for the most part. He truly was hot, but no one on his team would go so far as to tell him that, frightened at what such an ego boost would cause.

Well, it was about time. The siren went off, letting both sides know the war for the day had begun. After all this time, it stopped feeling like a war, and more like a game, but never say that to Soldier... well, unless you like getting shot. Armed with his butterfly knife, cloaking device, and case of cigarettes, Spy headed off to the BLU base. Sneaking by the maniacal pyro, definitely his most hated BLU member, and letting the RED scout distract the BLU heavy as he slunk into the building, squeezing into a vent and shuffling through what he thought would bring him to the room holding the BLU intel case. Imagine his surprise when he popped out right behind the enemy's sniper. No matter, he thought, as he opened his cigarette case and lit one of the smokes, holding it carefully with his lips as he flipped out his knife, and started sneaking closer, ready to stab the hatted man in the back.

When that siren sounded the lithe tall body of the BLU sniper took off to his post where he was going to pick off anyone he could see and hopefully get those damn pyro's away from their heavy.. it was like they had magnets for each other or something.. Dashing to his spot that no one had managed to find yet, the room they had had the intel in before so if anyone was to sneak in they'd run into the angry aussie with his huge machete.. Leaning by the window, one long leg laid out while the other rested against his chest, he held his gun tight and smoked, sharp eyes watching the ground below carefully from behind his glasses. There was wind today.. strange.. there never seemed to be wind.. The sniper's eyes flashed when a RED pyro ran out into the open and he raised his rifle carefully.. steady.. aim.. quick little breaths in and out of his mouth.. his finger pulled the trigger and his bullet sliced through thin helmet and the pyro was down, making the sniper grin and sit back, unknowing that there was a spy right behind him..

He watched the sniper work for a minute, silently taking a drag from his cigarette as he did so. Weren't snipers supposed to be aware of their surroundings? Spy could care less as he watched his teammate get taken down, waiting til the sniper sat back, and sneaking up. "Au revoir~" he cooed to the sniper, as he stabbed the man in the back, a grin on his face as he did so. Too easy.

By the time the sniper's ears caught on it was too late and those low whispered words caught in his ear.. He let out a low grunt when he was stabbed but his razorback did it's job and stopped it, jolting the spy back from behind him and sniper was up in a second, whirling around to stare at the man. "Wadnt expectin' tha, were ya?" The sniper said with a wide grin, reaching for his machete, but he realized how close they were and he needed to get this spy AWAY from the intel.. and the best way to piss of a spy was to ruin that beloved suit they wore.. Grabbing his jarate and hefting it, he threw it right at the RED spy and watched it shatter, the room filling with the strong stench of urine. "Tryn stab me agin an' yall be sorry!" He quipped before he ran out of there the opposite way, hefting his rifle, trying to search for a good place to run and a good perch to settle in..

Fuck. Fucking razorback. A jolt of electricity shot up the spy's hand as he stabbed into the wood, making him curse in french and back up. Damn sniper. He glared at him, moving to grab his revolver, only to see a jar coming at him. "NOOOON!" He shrieked, trying to dodge, but failing. He was drenched with piss, the horrible stench filling his nostrils. He was frozen in place, watching as the sniper escaped. "imb├ęcile!" he shouted, filled with anger. "My suit! My precious suit!" he sobbed, before snarling and running out of the room after the sniper.

This wasn't good.. he had to lose him.. if there was one thing the sniper wasn't good at it was running for long distances.. especially with his jarate techniquie and the way it had changed his body.. He needed to find someone and he needed to find them FAST. Skidding down a hall he saw the BLU pyro sneaking around and the sniper grinned and ran toward him. "Spy comin' at ya, mate!" He said with a tip of his hat as he ran past and turned another corner, knowing another little hiding place he could get into and get away from that damn spy..

Well. This was nice. He had just run out of the room, hot on the sniper's trail, only to get intercepted by the BLU pyro. And burnt to a crisp. He left a pile of ashes, that quickly disappeared as he respawned back on the RED base. Fucking sniper. At least he didn't have piss on himself anymore... He stepped onto the teleporter the RED engineer made, teleporting right near the entrance of BLU. He smirked and put on his soldier mask, disguising himself as he ran into the base, acting like he belonged. First things first. Find that sniper and take him out.

Realizing that the spy had died off somewhere back there the sniper cooled off a bit and walked to his other camping spot, it was in this old box waaaaaaay above everything.. it was hard as hell to get there but when he did it sure did pay off. Getting their team heavy and scout to cover him as he wriggled his way up to the top. Once inside he grinned because all of his things were still here, which either meant that no one had found this place or they had and just made him think that he was safe.. He set up his rifle, left hand on the trigger and looked through the scope, not seeing anyone yet but he knew they'd come out sooner or later..

Catching it as the sniper clambered into that precarious perch, Spy grinned, still disguised as a BLU engineer. "Hey guys, I'll take ovah watch, they need you out there on that there RED base." he said, mimicking the southern drawl. It worked perfectly, and the scout and heavy both left, leaving the spy alone. He cloaked himself, sneaking up to the perch, invisible. This time, there was no razorback, and he knew for sure as he stabbed into the sniper's back, that blood came out and uncloaked him. A backstab was an instant kill, and he grinned. "Tch, you got blood on my suit..."

Now the Sniper really wasn't expecting that.. He woke up back in his base with a little grumble, not accepting the hand that was given to him for him to get up and got up on his own, eyes narrowed, he meant business now.. " 'M goin' afta tha spy." Sniper said seriously into his headset and set off out of the base, his razorback back as well as his jarate, he was ready to take on this damn RED Spy.. The BLU Sniper found a good perch and took out the red Pyro and Heavy easily, he wasn't letting anyone get by and he had their entire team dead, except for that damn spy, within minutes. "Where's tha bleedin' baastad.." He growled softly to himself, keeping his eyes looking for anything that moved and his ears very very open..

"Right here~" he said in a sing songy voice, standing behind the Sniper. He had his revolver out and aimed at his head, point blank. "What room ees the intel in? Tell me and I may let you live." he said with a sneer, his accent bleeding through especially on some words. He didn't feel like just killing the sniper again, no fun in that. And after all, the whole point was to get the intel.

The Sniper swallowed hard when he heard the little click of the revolver behind him.. He slid his hand away from his rifle and licked his dry lips, he couldn't even see that damn Spy but he could hear the sneer in his voice.. that damn accent would come to haunt him later.. "Not gon' tella bleedin' baastad like ya where it is." He mumbled softly and moved as fast as he could, glad he had been crouching because he could turn fast, bring his hand down to chop the Spy's elbow and push the man up against the wall, pinning him with his body as he struggled to get his kukri out..

He was expecting the answer, but not the action, unready when the sniper turned and chopped his elbow, making him drop his gun. He cursed in his native tongue as he struggled to get free, ignoring that part of his lusty french heritage that made him notice how handsome and rugged the sniper was so close up. Not having anything else he could do, Spy struggled to get a hand in his pocket and grab his knife, while he spit in the Sniper's face as a deterrent.

The spit didn't deter the sniper at all, he had had worse things in his face.. Feeling that the Spy was trying to get into his pocket the Sniper grunted loudly and hauled the Spy across the room and threw him out of the window, slouching afterward. With a huff of air the Sniper moved to the window to see if the Spy was still there but he wasn't surprised to find that he wasn't anymore and he decided to do something different.. he decided to stay in that damn room and wait for the Spy..

Shrieking as he was tossed out the window, the Spy hit the ground hard, cursing and wiping blood from his forehead. This wasn't over. Hell no. He called for medic and got himself healed, before heading back inside, going his air vent route again, sneaking around the base until he reached the same room. He went inside without a second thought. "Ah. Per'aps you aren't as smart as I thought. Why are you steel 'ere? I have ze advanteege now~" he smirked and cloaked himself, sneaking around the room and dodging the sniper's jarate, picking up his revolver in the process.

The Sniper had been waiting for that damn Spy to come back here.. he came back faster than he had expected and grabbed his jar, missing, damn, and kicked out one of his long legs to try and get at the Spy, pulling up his gun and taking a shot, it echoed in the small room and everything was kind of still.. he wasn't sure if he had gotten him or not and all he could really do was wait and see since he was pretty much trapped..

It missed. The cloaking device turned off, and Spy was eye to eye with Sniper. He pulled the trigger, shooting the Sniper in the stomach. Not enough to kill him, but if the Medic didn't come soon, he'd die. Soon after, that familiar voice came over the intercom. "BLU has taken RED's Intel!" he scowled. "Sheet! I will be back for you. Til then, mon ami~" he masked himself as Sniper and ran out, looking for the BLU who would be holding their suitcase of intel papers.

He wasn't going down that easily.. sure it hurt but he had been in worse pain. Glaring at the Spy, he heard the alarm go off and scowled at the man when he masked himself. Moving mostly with his rifle as a tool, the Sniper managed to get himself to the window and looked down to see their scout followed by their pyro and heavy running around so he decided to take a chance. Hauling himself up, wincing as he felt blood in his mouth, Sniper managed to lift himself up and out of the window, free falling until he hit the pavement with a loud crack, his glasses cracked, the sun shining in his eyes as he died and faded away. Seconds later he woke up with his gear and didn't even wait to get checked on by the computers, he was out of there as fast as he possibly could and he was going to find the fake BLU Sniper..

"Crikey mate! Lemme 'ave a look at that intel theyare." Not the best aussie accent, but it was good enough to fool the scout holding the red intel case. "I'mma take it up to the announcer, le'er have a look ati'." The scout seemed bored so he just agreed, obviously wanted to get back out and do some bonking. When he left, the spy grinned devilishly, hurrying to the exit as inconspicuously as he could.

It was almost like they were fated to meet.. Running down the same hallway just on opposite sides.. the two BLU Snipers met with a crash and he pulled out his jarate and threw it before he could do anything else, scrambling to get the case out of that damn Spy's hand, all elbows and knees as they slipped on the wet urine that was on the slick floor.. "Gimme.. this.. thang.. ye.. bleedin'.. stewpid.. spai!" He grunted with every tug on the case's handle.

The spy scowled as he met his counterpart, cursing when that disgusting jar smashed open on him, disabling his cloaking device and showing himself as the spy he was... not to mention ruining his suit, AGAIN. "Never! Zis is our eentel, I vill not let ze likes of you have eet!" he fought valiantly for the intel case, tugging it back and forth and back and forth until... snap. The case broke, papers flying everywhere. "Nooooooooooon!" he shrieked, letting go and grabbing for as many papers as he could. He got most of them just as the announcer came on, telling them that the war had ended for the day. "I vill get my revenge, sniper. I hope you 'ave no need for sleep tonight..." he snarled, before hightailing it out of there.

it get's much raunchier from here on. just a warning.