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The Sniper stumbled back and his eyes widened when he felt his machete being pushed into his hands and all of a sudden the tall Spy impaled himself on it and all he could do was stare.. lucky that his back was turned because the look on his face contradicted his actions. "Wait.." He breathed out but the Spy had already gone and he held his blood covered machete, standing there in a daze until a hand patted his shoulder and he turned to see the Pyro and realized that they were really stuck down here now.. Sniper sighed and picked up his things, tugging his glasses and hat on while he pulled out another cigarette and tried to understand what the hell the Pyro was saying to him until he heard a familiar yelling.. a loud hyper yelling that only meant the Scout was nearby. "Oi!" Sniper yelled as loud as he could, seeing the hopping skinny man go hey. "Hey! Scout! Help us out won't ya? We're stuck down here!" He called out loudly, staring at the opening of the pit.. waiting to hear a response..

The BLU scout was scouring the base for that stupid RED spy. He'd heard he'd been masquerading as the scout, NOT COOL. As he searched, he came across a giant hole, and peered down it. Ha! That stupid sniper was stuck down there! And pyro too! What idiots. As the Aussie's voice rung out to him, he grinned and pulled out his shot gun. "Sure, I'll help ya, dingbats!" BLAM. BLAM. Two shots, right in both of his stupid teammates heads. He laughed. "Dudes are gonna be so pissed at meeeeeee." and ran off.

It was around that time that the RED spy respawned inside the base, groaning and rubbing where he'd stabbed himself. The voice of their boss filled the base, announcing the end of today's war. Everyone would be respawned and then end for today. That meant no going back to BLU.. hopefully sniper got out. He could care less about the pyro. Near him was the Medic, and he flushed before mumbling something about helping out soreness.

The Sniper's eyes widened when he heard the shots and he fell back hard on the floor, looking down to see several holes in his chest and then he faded away along with the Pyro.. He woke up suddenly just in time to hear the alarm.. he was laying on the floor and the medic was standing over him looking down at his chest with speculative eyes.. at some point the man had tugged his shirt open and up and everyone was kind of staring at him. "I'm fine!" He said suddenly and tugged it back down and got up to his feet, skipping dinner and going straight to his room, slightly hunched over because it still hurt bad.. The man pulled off his shirt and poked at the little healed over bullet wounds, grumbling to himself over the new wounds..

On the other side of the RED base everyone was filing in and the young medic was standing aside with his gun, he was skinny and he had fluffy brown hair, blushing darkly when he was told to heal the other members and he did it quickly.. He hadn't made a name for himself but he had really been trying to help as much as he could but it felt like people had just been mad at him.. As soon as the Spy came into view he rushed over and checked his scar before blinking at being asked about soreness.. not sure what he meant but he gave the tall man a nervous smile. "W-Well.. ve can go back to the lab.. Maybe I can find someting to help you.." The Medic said softly, hugging his large gun to his chest, almost as if it was hard for him to hold it up.

"Alright, zat is fine." he began to walk with the medic towards the lab, the rest of the team, once healed, had headed to the kitchen to start dinner. The Medic used to make dinner every night, but now that they had a new one, they had to do it themselves, at least until they badger this new one to do it. It was a silent, awkward walk to the lab, and when they got there, the spy sat himself gingerly on the table. "I, uh... need somezing zat would help a, how you say, inner soreness." he wondered if the medic would catch on, or if he would have to say it outright, which he hoped not to do.

Once in the lab the Medic set down his large gun and let out a little huff, his arms sore and skinny and he slid his fingers through his hair before he turned to the Spy and blinked his light blue eyes. "Inner soreness? Mmm.. Like the stomach cramps? You eating someting bad?" He asked as he moved to get a bottle of pills that would help with someone with stomach ailments. "You should watch what you are eating.. sometimes I think the men.. they are eating not healthy things.." He said softly in a slightly disapproving voice.

This Medic... Does he not know anything! Spy held back a rather colorful insult, instead rubbing his temple and sighing. How could he word this politely? Eh, better to go blunt, at least he would understand. "Listen. I need somezing for my ass. Eet is sore from taking somezing up there that shouldn't have been. Got it?" his face was visibly red, even behind the balaclava, and he gave a dead stare to the new, unexperienced medic.

That.. stopped the Medic dead in his tracks.. he held two bottles of pills in his hands and stared at the man with wide blue eyes, his face a dark dark red. "Oh.." Was all he could let out, more like a squeak before he quickly turned to put away the bottles, feeling pretty silly.. but then again he would have never thought of that.. and he wanted to know what a man like the Spy was doing things like that but it wasn't any of his business.. The skinny man grabbed a small bottle of lubricant and a little jar of soothing cream and he handed them to the Spy, swallowing hard as he stared at him. "Y-You should.. be careful.. ripping the r-rectum is hard to.. fix." He said softly, almost a whisper but he tried to be serious.. it was his job to help people after all.. no matter what it was. "If you need more just.. come get it.."

The spy was deadpan as he took the jar and lube, standing up. "Merci. I vill come back if I need more. By the way, zee men are eating badly because our old medic made ze dinners. Now zey must fend for themselves. If you worry about zer health, make dinner yourself. Zank you once again." and with that he took his leave. As he left, pocketing the small items, he was passed by by the largest, most formidable member of their group. Heavy. The Russian man was bald, huge, and usually in a great mood. His heavy accent and loud voice made it rather unpleasing to talk to him, but he was a good guy in all.

Heavy busted into the lab, footsteps pounding as he walked up to the smaller man. "AH! TINY MEDICAL MAN, I HAVE FOUND YOU. IS DINNER TIME, YOU NO EAT?" The team, minus spy and medic, had already eaten, and that worried Heavy. "YOU TOO SMALL, HERE, TAKE SANDVICH." He thrust the large, nutrition-filled 'sandvich' into the medic's hands, grinning as though he'd just killed the opposition.

As soon as he was left along the Medic let out a little sigh and slid off his glasses for a moment.. feeling tired and ready for bed and since he didn't have a room really he had to sleep in this huge lab at night.. which usually meant he didn't sleep well because being in here was creepy.. Suddenly the doors swung open though and he slid his glasses back on, eyes widening when the huge man he knew as their team's Heavy bounded toward him and started to speak, his voice so loud in the large lab. "Oh I.. you shouldn't.. oh.. uh.. thank you.." He said softly when the strange sandwich was pressed into his pale hands, staring at it for a moment.. wondering what was in this thing and if it was even nutritious.. The short man gave the Heavy a tiny smile and swallowed hard, thinking about what the Spy had said to him.. "What.. what did you have to eat before.. I arrived in this place?" Medic asked softly, holding the large sandwich in both of his hands, wondering why it was so.. heavy.

The Heavy stared at the Medic with an innocent, friendly smile, standing rather than sitting, because he'd break any chair. Except for his special steel chairs in his room and at the table. At the question, he pulled a inquisitive frown. "Before you came? Ahh, that was nice times. Our old Medic made dinners, so good and filling. De vegetables not so much, but I would eat, sos to make him happy. Now we must make dinner ourselves, but is okay. Not every medic can feed us, no? Vould be nice though." He laughed that booming laugh of his.

With the half a sandvich he'd swiped from Heavy just a moment ago filling his belly, Spy had nothing to do. The BLU Sniper was on his mind. Did he ever get out of that stupid hole? Was he okay with that Pyro? Maybe he should go check... Heading out of the base, Spy clicked on his cloaking device and hurried over to the other side, heading straight for the winnebago where he hoped he'd find Sniper.

The expression on the Medic's face faltered a little as he listened to this.. feeling bad that he hadn't done anything to help and he swallowed hard and gripped the sandwich in his hand, smushing it on accident. "I should.. be helping cook the meals.. I can.. cook more healthy meals for all the men, I hope.." Medic said very hopefully and looked up at the large Heavy for some kind of reassurance.. it was hard for him since he hadn't made a name for himself yet and no one really seemed to like him at all.. he wanted to impress his teammates and if he could cook meals that would make them fight better did that then he would!

Spending time in his room in the base usually made the Sniper feel.. restless and strange.. he hadn't eaten dinner and he was hungry and grumpy and lonely so he decided to tug on his cloths and walk out to his van, ignoring the rest of his team that were mercilessly making fun of him for getting trapped in that bloody hole.. After getting to his van the Sniper put his things away, hat off and glasses off and he took off all of his sweaty cloths besides the pair of striped boxers he liked to wear and lay down in his flat bed on the floor, everything dark besides the moon outside that showed the long legged man holding something against his face.. the mask that the Spy had left behind the night before.

At Medic's offer to start cooking, the Heavy's face brightened. "YOU WILL COOK? DIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS, DA? I WILL HELP, OLD MEDIC WAS NIZE AND SAID I COULD HELP. CAN I HELP YOU MEDICAL MAN? PLEASE?" He gave an almost frightening rendition of puppy dog eyes.

Peeking into the winnebago, Spy was glad to see the Sniper... but what was he doing? Is he... touching himself? How naughty... and is that what the Spy thinks it is, that he's sniffing? The fact that he was getting off thinking about him made the RED member tingle as he sneaked into the van, concealed by the dark, and slinked his way to the bed. Leaning down, he put a hand on the man's cock, face next to Sniper's. "Bonjour, mon petit pamplemousse..." he whispered, smiling in the darkness.

The Medic had to take a step back and almost fell over.. staring at the huge man as he boomed at him.. it was a bit intimidating but the man wanted to help him so bad and he couldn't help but smile shyly and nod. "Yes.. I.. would love your help.. I don't know where anything in the kitchen is.." He said shyly and licked his lips a little, looking down at the ruined sandwich in his hands and he blushed a little. "Oh.. I'm sorry.. I ruined the sandweech.." He said a little sadly, biting his lip.