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6 months later, Diane was in remission, her both her and Sam's hair had grown in, and Molly was seven months old. It was the day of the wedding. They were holding it at a garden, on a butterfly garden on a Sunday morning so that everyone could be there. Woody would be the sole bartender for the next month so that Sam could take his honeymoon to Paris, where he had promised Diane that she could pick the place. Lilith and Frasier were babysitting so that they were in good hands. As it turns out, when Diane had asked her if she would baby sit, Lilith said it would be okay, Lilith replied it would be good practice.

"What do you mean?" Diane asked.

"Frasier and I are expecting a child of our own," Lilith proudly revealed to her.

This was turning out to be the best day for everyone. Carla would still be training a waitress which meant that she'd worked it out in her favor somehow. Between that and counting the tabs for Woody at the end of the night she would be too busy to pick on Cliff, although she would find time somehow to throw a crack in at his expense a time or two during the day. But the most important thing was that Sam could trust his gang to keep the bar running for a month, he needed this time off more than anything. This wedding was a once in a lifetime deal, and it was a long time coming.

So it was set in the morning, before work, so that everyone could be there, even Molly, so Sam and Diane could kiss her goodbye before boarding their plane, and they could take stock of their lives, and how far they've come. But no time for that now. Five minutes to the ceremony. Diane took Molly and handed her to Carla. Lilith and Frasier were Matron of Honor and Best Man, coming full circle for Frasier and Diane. It wasn't long ago he would have cursed Diane's wedding; now he wanted nothing but the best for her, and he knew that Sam was it.

Once the ceremony had begun, the minister asked if there were any objections. Everyone stared at Carla.

She shook her head no, and then the ceremony proceeded.

"Sam and I have decided to write our own vows," Diane spoke up.

"Of course, who didn't see that coming," Carla muttered as she held out her hand, receiving payments from a bet she'd made with Norm and Cliff.

"Sam", Diane looked at him. "Most couples pledge to stand by each other in sickness and in health and in good times and in bad. You've done that for me. Those are not just vows. That is a way of life. You've proven to me that you are committed me and my daughter not by just saying those words but by living those words. So in a sense we were already married. I can never repay you for all that you've done for me. You've been my rock and my strength when I haven't any to go on by myself. For every season I've found strength in your love, and for that I'll carry that with me for as long as I'll walk the earth. I love you Sam Malone. It's not about the two of us anymore. I can deal with what comes along in my life as long as you are in it. I love you Sam. I don't tell you often as I should but It's always you, Sam."

Woody wiped his eyes. Lilith passed back a handkerchief that she brought along for him without looking back.

Now it was Sam's turn. "Diane you know I'm not good at the talking part. But you know when I watched you go through everything you went through I've never felt so helpless. And you drove me crazy like you always do. And then it dawned on me that there's no one who I would want to drive me crazy for the rest of my life more than you. Then you gave me the biggest gift of my life- my daughter- and I know I'm not perfect but I want to make life good for the both of you. I know I've hurt you before but if you give me the chance I will show you how much I really love you. Maybe I don't tell you enough as well but I do love you enough but I do love you Diane Chambers."

"Malone,"Diane spoke up.

"Excuse me?"

"We just pledged ourselves to each other. All we have to do is exchange rings and say I do and then I'll be Diane Malone. So can we keep going Father?"

The priest nodded and obliged. Sam and Diane exchanged their rings, said I do, and then were officially declared husband and wife.

The gang gathered around. Woody took the baby and clapped her hands together and started waving goodbye to Sam and Diane. Both parents ran over to kiss their daughter, then looked over at Frasier who was standing right behind Woody thankfully. Frasier took the baby, and then he started to walk away, allowing Sam and Diane the time to make their exit that they needed.

Looking around at their friends, their daughter, and at themselves, they really thought to themselves, that they were some of the luckiest people in the world.

The end

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