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Naruto and the bloodline from beyond the cosmos

It is October 10th 5 year after the Kyubbi attacked and was sealed into a little baby that baby is now five today and is running from the usual mob wait uzumaki had been walking to his favorite place to eat Ichiraku ramen stand when someone had hit him in the head with a rock he looked behind him and saw a mob of around 30 people ninja and civilian alike he started

running as fast as his 2 feet could carry had just gotten to the gate when he was hit in the legs with kunai and winced in pain but knowing that if he did not keep going he would die so pushing the pain to the back of his mind he kept running until he was about 4 miles away from Konoha where he collapsed no longer able to run"Well look what we got here boy we can kill

the demon brat said one of the shinobi that kept following to kill the child know as shinobi beat him until they were stopped by what looked like a blue sphere like beam sound of thunder like claps and sounds of electricity yet it was not stormy and their were no clouds outside they also heard strange noises like communications and when they turned to see what was behind

them they saw something that was the last they would see they saw 2 weird looking creatures one wore green armor with orange visors over his eyes (master chief) and a being that looked human and alien at the same time this was the metroids mother brain hybrid that was created after the treaty for their planets were signed they also saw some humans with weird looking

swords and said one word Raijin they saw beam swords that looked like the Raijin and than one last being that looked like a human with a gun (Mass effects reapers in human form they will show their true form later) they looked at the shinobis with murderous eyes when one of the humans with a light saber approached and said we have read your memories and intentions for

this boy we will tell you this because you are about to die we will take him and train him and in 11 years he will come back on his 16th year with training in all of our arts and he will be far stronger than anyone on this planet goodbye and with that the force user took out another light saber and slaughtered the shinobis and then left with the others and the boy never to be

seen for 11 years but when they returned Naruto would have 5 fiancés already and would be very dangerous to anger since he had 3 bloodlines and not to mention he was the most powerful force user in the universe ever been born

(Year 1 Planet prime)

It is the first year of Naruto's training and they went to the conjoined planet of the metroids and mother brain and started by going into Naruto's mind and talking to Kyubbi.

"So my vessel has finally decided to show himself to me to what do I owe this Honor". Said the fox bijjuu with what sounded like Sorrow in its voice.

"We would like to make a Deal with you Kyubbi we want you to give this boy the abilities we show him and make them what are considered bloodlines on his planet if you do this you will gain your freedom as one of Naruto's mates".

Kyubbis eyes widened since she thought no one knew she was female and thought over the deal and decided that she would do this but then Naruto spoke up and said something that surprised everyone.

"She does not have to be my mate if she does not want to I will let her free anyway but if she does want to mate I will not mind if she shows me her human form".

Kyubbi blushed because she remembered that she had no clothes on in her human form but decided to make a deal with the young 5 year old.

"I will show you my human form in 7 years since you are to young to see me naked to be affected so I will do all these things and in 7 years I will show you my human form".

Naruto pouted at that but said "Deal" they left his mindscape and started his training in using beam cannons and the metroids bombs and lasers that mother brain and her minions used and all the weapons like freeze ray and heat ray and even special visions like infra red and organ vision and even tenketsu vision he had it all and he could even watch in slow motion like the sharingan and copy jutsu and he decided to name this the Technology eye cause he could also look at weapons and recreate them from scratch only better like a plain kunai and change that into a kunai with boomerang capabilities or explosive properties.

Year 2 planet Aldarion (Made up planet for Mass effect)

Naruto and company had just arrived and were in the shopping district looking for weapons when they spotted some powerful guns that fired Black beams which were the most deadly beams that were made so far Naruto looked at them and used his Technology eyes and found some scrap metal some silver and gold diamonds and went to work a week and 2 days later

Naruto came out and fired the guns he made the silver beam totally annihilated a whole deserted city and the gold beam roasted everything in its path the people that were behind him were gawking at what his weapons had done and his first friend who had been resurrected because she died a long time ago came up and said Wow Naruto-kun that was amazing she was

Samus Aran the bounty hunting Metroid the Mother metroids had brought her back with a certain dna technology that gave her all her old memories but left space for new ones in her new life as well.

Year 3 force temple

The force users had decided to use the cloning techniques of the Metroid mother to bring back 2 very important force users from the past one was the very first all around force user who could use both sides of the force and not let it corrupt her Revan and the second was once Anakin Skywalkers Padawan Ahsoka Tano both 7 years old like Samus since they thought Naruto would like his future Finance's to be at least a year younger than him.

The force users revealed themselves to be Ace Torbonsailor (Oc who is a human) and Tracie Tornacix (oc human the people that are training naruto will only be in the first few chaps).

These people taught Naruto how to use both sides of the force and Naruto found 2 more force sides Chaos and order they were more powerful than Light and Dark and he trained in using them as well Naruto was gifted in using all forms of light sabers from the original to the duel wielding as well as the light axe and light lance he could also use the double bladed light saber (Darth mauls weapon) as well as all the guns.

It was beginning to close on year 3 and Naruto knew that the rest of his training was going to be more brutal than ever and he could not wait since he wanted to get stronger an prove those Asshole villagers wrong.

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