Hey Scorpionking12 here with a new chapter for Bloodline from beyond the cosmos hope you like it and enjoy reading it

It had been exactly a year since Naruto and his adopted family and Girlfriends / fiancée's left planet gaia and the streak of light that held Naruto and his family and friends was approaching planet Gaiden really fast while in the streak Naruto was waking up and sent a message to the others with him to wake him up and telling them they were approaching the

planet he was born on but would most likely never be his home in his mind his home was wherever his family and friends wanted to be and he was sure that if things got bad here again he and his family would leave and never return but he would make sure to bring his precious people as well as the others like him meaning Jinchuriki.

"Soon we will be on my home world and those fuckers will wish they had not fucked with the Maelstrom of the cosmos". The streak had just entered the atmosphere and people from all around the world saw the light and felt the power inside Danzo sent his root to aquire what was inside Sarutobi was up and ready for a fight as were all the ninja in the village thinking it was a threat since it was stronger than Kyubbi they had no idea it would be the one that has been gone for several years and thought to be dead to everyone except the few who actually believed that he was alive some it was something in their guts that just screamed he was still alive and would be back one day.

Upon impact the light shone brighter than ever before dying down showing everyone that was inside Naruto , Samus , Ahsoka , Tifa , Cloud , Lightning , Serah , Snow , and a newly let out Kyubbi who had already told Naruto her real name.

(Flashback seven years after their first meeting with her telling him she would show him her true form"

Naruto went into his mindscape and Kyubbi kept her word and changed into her human form she was around Five foot eight and was fit for a woman had a slim stomach her hair was long and straight and was silky smooth her eyes were soft and not dark red but they were red she had the face of an angel and her bust was around a mid D cup with perky nipples her lower regions were completely shaved and no hair there what so ever and her whole body just screamed Sexy as hell Naruto was standing there mouth hung open and about 3 seconds later

turned around blushing furiously and Kyubbi walked up to him and somehow removed his clothes and hugged him from behind her tits pressing against his bare back Naruto shivered from the feeling of her tits on his back and finally passed out with a goofy grin on his face mumbling Hot Vixen in my mind can't wait to get her out and feel this for real Kyubbi smiled and stood up and shouted "I still got it" while doing a goofy dance not unlike the Happy dance that most anime characters do.

(end Flash back)

as well as Naruto's pet drake when they landed they saw a cave nearby that looked to be deserted and went inside since it was night time and kept going deeper as if something was calling them they reached an area that had 8 different paths to take and Naruto took the second on the left feeling the pull get stronger when they entered a chamber with a Bear on top and went inside they found a huge bear statue it had a scroll in its mouth at the top and Naruto went to get it feeling the pull come from it and now suddenly the pull was pulling him in another direction after he touched the scroll it made a cut and sucked in his blood somehow Naruto knew this was not the original bear contract Oh no this was the Demon bear contract these bears were more fierce and had stronger bodies as well as could make Manda Katsuya and Gamabunta seem like fresh out of the academy students for summons.

Naruto then sealed the scroll away deciding to summon the demon bear boss later he left and went down a different tunnel finding corpses of people who probably did not feel a pull and could not navigate since eye doujutsu did not work here since Naruto tried using his and they just would not turn on so he guessed they did not work so he just kept following the pull and found a door with a Black mantis on it he opened the door and went inside there was a giant mantis standing there looking at him before speaking in human language.

"You must be the one that finally will full fill the prophecy that was given to us by the Kami and her sisters and brothers if you will just let me bite you we don't have a contract but if I bite you our summon tattoo will appear on you arm and you will be able to summon our kind be kind to us and we will always be by your side and treat us as equals and we will be fine."

Naruto nodded and stuck out his arm and the mantis bit his arm with its huge mandibles and a picture of a mantis appeared on his arm before the mantis dissapeared he said "I am sure you can find your way out since we only had the doujutsus not work while we were here I am sure you found the demon bear contract so that means nothing else is left here of value unless the corpses had stuff but we took that and all we found were weapons not even scrolls anyway good luck until we meet again."

and with that he was gone they made their way out of the cave since it was morning and went in the direction of Konoha but on the way were met by shinobi from Konoha they had blank masks with the Kanji Ne on thier masks Naruto knew after reading their minds that they were here for a man named danzo who from what he read on their minds wants him and the people that landed with him to be his to command Naruto knew he would enjoy ripping these guys to shreds and would then go ape shit on the bastard that was danzo but for know his men would do.

And cut next time we see naruto first fight back on his planet and let me tell you it will make people think twice before messing with him and his family ja ne for now guys and if I don't write before the holidays start then happy holidays