Naruto: Thousand Soul Phrases
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Summary: The power of Persona awakened in the world of ninjas. Along with that, the wielder of Wild Card also has been chosen. What kind of destiny that awaits Naruto at the end of his 'Journey'? Naruto/Persona X-Over NaruSaku, possible NaruHarem, strong Naruto

Chapter 1: The Fool's Revelation

Even if humans have lived on this planet for a long time, there were so many secrets that they couldn't fathom. Like how was the civilization before the Great Catastrophe, how the Rikudou Sennin discovered chakra, or even something more trivial like what kind of life beyond the vastness of ocean that surrounds the Elemental Country. But one of the secret that really affected the World of Ninjas was the power of Persona.

Many mysteries surrounded this supernatural phenomenon, such as its origins, why it took so many different forms from people to people, how it awakened and why only a few people can use it. There was one theory that most people, if not all, agreed on regarding Persona. Persona was born from one's psyche and acted as a mask that protected him or her when he or she faced many hardships of life, thus giving Persona a distinguishable identity from one another. Once he or she have faced and accepted his or her true self, he or she shall give birth to their Persona. There is another way to awaken one's Persona, but it was very dangerous. When one person was under a heavy mental stress, he or she will awaken their Persona. This method was dangerous because it can kill the newly awakened Persona User because of the Persona is most likely went berserk after the awakening or because the heavy mental stress.

The first Persona awakening ever recorded in the history of the Elemental Country was during the Third Great Ninja War. Ever since that, Persona Users began to appear in almost every country of the Elemental Country, though the number was considered small, only 10 to 15% from the total number of ninja corps the country had. Even until now, years after the Third Great Ninja War, the number wasn't rising at all—declining in fact. Many researches were conducted to increase the number of Persona Users, but the result was nil, zip, and nada.

Konohagakure no Sato, the largest and the strongest hidden village to the date, said to have the most Persona Users among the other villages. However, the number was quickly cut short when Kyuubi no Youko attacked the village as many Persona Users were slain in effort to hold off the great Bijuu before Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, sealed the beast away in his own newborn son. However, no one knew that the moment when Kyuubi was sealed inside the baby Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, a Journey was set and a Wild Card has been chosen. Thus, the story begun…


Today was just another day in Konoha where the villagers were doing their own activities such as running errands, selling their stuffs on the market district, or just chatting with their friends about the life. In another part of the village, some ninjas could be seen leaving the village for a mission. In the main street of the village a boy was walking with nay care of the world, ignoring the heated looks or glares or whispered curses from the villagers as he passed by. He had spiky blond hair and sapphire blue eyes with three thin lines on his cheeks, akin to whisker. He was wearing bright orange jumpsuit with a green framed goggle resting on his forehead. His name was Uzumaki Naruto, the most notorious prankster in Konoha, the village's pariah, and the Jinchuuriki or the living prison of the Kyuubi no Youko that attacked the village fourteen years ago. He was also a student of Konoha Ninja Academy with the predicate as the dobe (dead last). Little they knew that the so called idiot had a secret with him that only a few people knew about…

While his body was walking in auto-pilot as he made his way to the academy, Naruto's mind was thinking about what kind of prank he should do today.

'Should I place that stink gas in Mizuki-sensei's desk? Nah, it would be too boring. Or maybe I should ruin the toilet? Nope, I already did it two weeks ago…Or I can paint the Hokage Monument like I had planned for a long time! But it will take some time to prepare for everything…Oh yeah! Today we had the Henge no Jutsu review! I'll use that jutsu then…This will be fun!'

Not a while later, Naruto found himself standing in front of the Academy's gate. Grinning, he fixed his goggles and shouted to himself, matching his usual loud and hyperactive personality.

"Alright, here I go!"

The classroom 302 was already filled with students and their chattering was heard in the whole room. They were doing various activities while waiting for their sensei to come. One boy was sleeping, another one was endlessly munching on his chips, another one was playing with a puppy, another one was stoically watching the class with occasionally fixing his dark glasses, and finally the last with a duck butt-like hair style was brooding over Kami-knows-what. There were also a girl who was timidly watching the class while playing with her finger and another two girls who were in a verbal fight.

"You think Sasuke-kun wants to sit next to you, forehead? In your dream!" shouted a blond haired girl.

"And what makes you think that he wants to sit next to you, pig!" shouted a pink haired girl back to her rival.

"Because I'm prettier than you are!"

"But I'm smarter than you!"





And the banter goes on until the door slid open, revealing Naruto in his orange-ful glory with his trademark foxy grin etched on his face.

"Good morning, everyone! Uzumaki Naruto's here and today just another day in my long road to be the greatest Hokage ever! Believe it!"

His loud greeting caused the class to silent for a while and looked at him oddly. Ignoring the looks his classmate gave to him, he walked next to the pink haired girl.

"Hey, Sakura-chan. You look beautiful today. Want to go to a date with me after the school is over?" he asked to the girl who blinked in response.

Ten seconds later, the answer came with a punch to Naruto's face by the courtesy of an angry Haruno Sakura.

"Baka! I won't date you! Not even in a million years!"

Naruto quickly recovered and asked Sakura while rubbing his sore cheeks. "Ouch…that's pretty hurt. Why do you like Sasuke anyway?"

"Because Sasuke is so cool, handsome, a genius, and from a famous clan," answered Sakura as she crossed her hands. "He's nothing like you."

The blond shrugged and asked her. "That's what most girls said. But what made you really like him anyway?"

Sakura was taken aback with his question. Before she could asked what did he mean, Iruka entered the class and proceeded to do his usual routine, shutting up the class with his Scary Big Head Jutsu and calling the absent roll. After calling the absent roll, the Chuunin teacher then spoke to the students.

"Alright class, today we will do the review about Henge no Jutsu. Please line up in front of the class and transform into me using the jutsu."

One by one, the students transformed into their teacher using the Henge no Jutsu. When it was her turn, Sakura quickly pulled the transformation technique after shrugging off the question Naruto asked to her.

"Henge no Jutsu!"

With a puff of smoke, Sakura transformed into a perfect copy of Iruka. The real Iruka nodded with satisfaction and told her to dispel the jutsu.

"Did you see that, Sasuke-kun? I'm awesome!" she said to Sasuke who already back to his eat after finishing his turn.

The said boy promptly ignored her and returned to brooding. Seeing that her crush ignored her like that made Sakura looked down in sadness.

'Why won't Sasuke-kun look at me? Or even recognize me?' she thought to herself sadly.

Naruto looked at Sakura for a while before he stepped in front of Iruka.

"Alright Naruto, it's your turn. You know what to do, right? And no funny business!" scolded the Chuunin as he saw the mischievous glint on Naruto's eyes.

"Fine, fine. I've changed my mind anyway," said Naruto uninterestedly to his teacher.

The blond formed the required hand seals and with a mutter of 'Henge no Jutsu' under his breath, he transformed into his teacher's perfect replica.

"Very good, Naruto. You really can do it if you put an effort into it," said Iruka with a warm smile.

"I'm not in the mood to do any prank today," replied Naruto. A grin then carved on his face as he saw Iruka's relieved look. "But I'm not promising anything."

The Chuunin teacher groaned and slapped his forehead. He should know better when it came to Uzumaki Naruto.


The class was over for today and some of the students still at the class, hanging out with their friends and whatnot. Naruto yawned loudly. As always, the Chuunin's lecture was very, VERY boring, and it was so easy to fall on the temptation to sleep during his lecture. He was about to leave when he saw Sakura asked Sasuke for a date, again.

"Sasuke-kun, will you go to a date with me?" she asked.

No response from the boy.

"Come on Sasuke-kun, just one date. I promise it will be fun," added Sakura.

Her hopes got up when Sasuke turned his head to her, but his glare made her flinched.

"Get lost," he replied coldly.

"B-But…" Sakura tried to say something, but the last Uchiha cut her off.

"I said get lost! You and all of those fan girls are really getting in my nerve! I'm sick with all of you! All you do are tailing me, asking me to those useless dates, and trying to get my attention instead of being a real kunoichi! Dating with any of you will just disgrace to me and my clan!"

Sasuke's outburst struck like a dagger to Sakura's heart and the other girls sans a certain Hyuuga heiress. The pink haired girl could only watch in disbelief as tears forming on her eyes.

"So let me get this straight, I will not and NEVER date any of you! Especially you," said Sasuke as he glared at Sakura.


"You're an ugly girl with a big forehead and weird pink hair, not to mention that you're very weak. Who would date someone like you?" the raven haired boy with a sneer.

That caused Sakura's heart to shatter into million pieces. Her crush had just belittled her in the worst way she could ever imagine. At this moment she was crying openly, pouring out her wounded heart.

"Oh, so now you're crying? What a—"

Sasuke never finished his line because Naruto punched him hard, right on his face. The blond watched the whole event with anger in his heart. He was holding himself until Sasuke belittled Sakura, his crush—no love, and that's where he snapped. The result was, he punched that bastard with all of his strength.

"That's enough, you asshole," said Naruto icily. "Your rejection is more than enough to make Sakura-chan sad. And now you belittle her? Just what kind of heartless bastard are you?"

Sasuke stood up and wiped off the blood on his lips. "This is not you're business, dobe."

"No, this is MY business because you have stepped over the boundary," replied Naruto, his tone getting colder than ever. "I know you're annoyed because of her and your other fan girls, but you can't just reject her like that! She is a human too, just like you! So you should at least consider her heart!"

"Naruto…" Sakura could only watch in disbelief with tears streaking down on her cheeks as she watched the even before her. Even all this time she was being mean to him and she found that he was very annoying, now he was defending her.

"She's not like me. She's just a commoner that can't compare to me, an Uchiha, the elite. Same goes for you, dobe," said Sasuke with a sneer.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at Sasuke and replied, "Looks like you need some lesson being humble, teme. Let's go outside, I'm going to kick your ass there."

Sasuke laughed. "You? The dobe want to fight me? Ha! I already know the result; you're not a match for me."

"Just don't get too cocky because you have a Persona," replied Naruto with a frown. He knew that Sasuke has a Persona and has awakened it for two weeks.

"I won't need my Persona to defeat you," replied Sasuke with a smirk.

"Just let get this over with," said Naruto as he walked out of the class with the last Uchiha following him suit.

The rest of the class went outside wanted to watch the fight between Naruto and Sasuke, though most of them already knew the result. If only they knew better…

Naruto and Sasuke stood facing each other on the Academy's Training Ground with their classmates around them. Both boys looked at each other for a while—righteous silent fury look for Naruto and arrogant look for Sasuke—before slipping into their Taijustu stances.

"You ready to lose, dobe?"

Naruto did not reply, he was still looking at Sasuke with that fury in his eyes.

As a leaf touch the ground, Sasuke quickly dashed toward his opponent with his fist cocked as he intended to finish the fight quickly. Naruto caught his fist, much to his surprise, and the blond elbowed his chest hard. Air was forced out of Sasuke's lung and the blond smashed the back of his hand to his face, before smashing his heels to the side of his head. The last Uchiha was sent soaring before landed on the ground violently. Naruto calmly looked at Sasuke who was trying to stand up and inwardly smirked as he saw the avenger wannabe glared at him hatefully.

"Alright, no more joking around!" roared Sasuke as he charged again with much faster speed than his first attempt.

Naruto calmly dodged his furious blows, one after another. Sasuke was clearly pissed off when he saw the supposed dobe was dodging his attacks like it was nothing. His anger made him overreached his punch and Naruto used this to land a hit into Sasuke's face, followed by a kick to his chest, creating more distance as Naruto leapt backward and not bothering to hide his smirk this time. Now he will gave that bastard a taste of his own medicine.

"What's wrong, teme? Got a dobe kicked your ass over?"

Sasuke growled as he wiped off the blood on his lips. "I'm going to make you pay for humiliating me!" The last Uchiha opened his palm and concentrated as a small blue tarot card appeared on it. He then crushed it and bellowed out loud. "Crush him, Kagutsuchi!"

The onlooking students could only watch in mixture of awe and fear as the being emerge from pillar of blue energy. It was a humanoid muscular creature with dark skin and his burning red eyes were glaring through his bronze mask. A bronze belt was securely wrapped on his waist, holding the tattered grey cloak that went above his knees. Flames were on its head like hair, his shoulder, his wrists, and his ankles. The Persona let out a sharp roar as he summoned to the mortal realm.

"How do you like my Persona, dobe?" asked Sasuke in glee, confident that he had this fight wrapped up.

Some of the spectators watched worriedly as they saw the newly summoned Persona, namely Hinata, because of her crush toward Naruto, and Sakura who was now praying for Naruto's safety. After he defended her from Sasuke's verbal abuse, she still needed to thank him and apologized to him for her behavior to him all the time.

Naruto glanced at the Persona and replied flatly. "Not impressed."

Sasuke's anger boiled up as he heard his opponent's reaction. "I'LL KILL YOU! KAGUTSUCHI, BASH!"

"What's going on here?" shouted Iruka as he arrived at the training ground. His eyes widened in fear as he saw Sasuke had his Persona summoned and ready to attack the defenseless Naruto. "SASUKE, STOP!"

As Kagutsuchi's fist approached, Naruto smirked as he opened his palm where a blue tarot card appeared. He then crushed it as he muttered under his breath. "Persona…!"

The black Persona's attack was halted abruptly as surging blue energy arouse around Naruto and a being emerged from it. He wore emerald colored robe with navy colored inner part along with emerald colored armored gloves and the same colored greaves over navy colored trousers. He wore sapphire colored mask over his face, allowing only his glowing teal eyes to be seen and has long blue hair that tied into pony tail. He wields a long sword on his right hand.

"Thou art I, and I am thou…From the ocean of soul, I have arrived…I am Susano-o, the trickster of storm…"

Sasuke was clearly taken aback when Naruto summoned his own Persona, so did everyone else who watched the fight. The emerald cloaked Persona has more comforting and much more powerful aura than Sasuke's Kagutsuchi. After summoning his Persona, Naruto shoved his hands to his pocket as Susano-o pointed his sword to Sasuke and Kagutsuchi.

"You're not the only one who has a Persona, Sasuke," stated Naruto calmly as he looked at Sasuke with an icy stare.

Sasuke broke form his stupor and glared back at Naruto. "So what if you also have a Persona? It doesn't matter to me! I'm still going to defeat you! Kagutsuchi!"

As it master ordered, the Emperor Arcana Persona roared and charged at Susano-o. Seeing his opponent's Persona attacked again, Naruto sighed.

"There is a difference between me and you Sasuke. You only awakened your Persona for two weeks, while me…" as Naruto left his sentence unfinished, Susano-o intercepted Kagutsuchi and blocked his attack. The Fool Arcana Persona then swatted his opponent's fist and disappeared before reappearing behind Kagutsuchi with his sword leveled on his side. "…already have my Persona for four years."

Three slash marks appeared on Kagutsuchi's body, causing him to howl in pain before disappearing. At the same time as his Persona howled in pain, Sasuke also cried in pain and collapsed as his Persona disappeared.

Dismissing his Persona, Naruto then turned around and said to the unconscious Uchiha without even looking at him. "Blade of Fury. That attack fits this situation, representing my fury toward you." He then turned to the watchers who were still shocked that he was able to summon a Persona and defeated Sasuke so easily. "He fainted because he also felt the pain that his Persona felt when Susano-o attacked. Don't worry about him."

He then walked away from the Academy Training Ground, leaving his classmates and teacher. As he walked further, Sakura suddenly called for him.

"Naruto! Wait!"

The blond stopped on his track and looked at the rosette. She was silent for a moment before looked at him and she said, "Thank you for defending me…and I'm sorry for how I treated you before…"

Naruto smiled at her in response. "Nah, don't mention it Sakura-chan. I always forgive you."

The blond then continued to walk away, leaving a completely stunned Sakura. As he reached the Academy's gate, he felt someone's presence nearby. He then spoke without even looking at the presence.

"I know what you're trying to say, but I will no longer use my mask from now on."

He could hear the presence sighed.

"But what about those old idiots at the civilian council? They will demand your head for 'hurting' their oh-so precious Uchiha."

"That asshole started the whole thing. He summoned his Persona first while I summoned mine in order to protect myself. And if they think that they can order me or the old man around, they will be arrested for trying to usurp the Hokage. They were there to advice the Hokage, not to order him around. So it's up to the Hokage to take their advice or not."

Naruto smirked softly as he heard the giggles from the presence.

"Heh, pretty good otouto. Well, I have to go now. See you after you graduate."

"Yeah, see you soon Onee-san."

The presence left as Naruto walked to Ichiraku to have his daily ramen servings.


A/N: That's it for the first chapter of my new story 'Naruto: Thousand Soul Phrases'. I'm dying to do a Naruto/Persona X-Over after playing 'Persona 3 Portable' for a while. I'm posting this on Naruto section rather than Naruto/Persona X-Over section because I'm hoping for more response from the readers because not many people read the crossover section (sad, but true). But if people started to like it, then I'm going to move it there. The pairing will be NaruSaku (of course), or maybe I'll do a NaruHarem if anyone wanted to. I'll open the vote after this story posted. As for my 'Naruto: A Different Path', I'll put it on hiatus for now. After re-reading it and pondering for a while, maybe I should rewrite it since it mostly written on my whim and it looked so rushed, leaving so many possible good scene left untold. Oh well now that's that, I hope you all like this new story of mine. R&R!

Compendium Corner

Name: Susano-o
Arcana: Fool
Spiritual Level: 45
Elemental Alignments: Wind (Resist), Electricity (Weak)
Skills: Fatal End, Blade of Fury, Garula, Magarula, Rakunda, Masukukaja, Wind Break, Wind Boost
Compendium Info: One of the three Deities that born after Izanagi's failed attempt to retrieve Izanami from Yomi, along with Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. Susano-o was also known as the powerful storm of Summer and a trickster. He was banished from Takamagahara after his fit of rage, but returned after slaying Yamata-no-Orochi.

Name: Kagutsuchi
Arcana: Emperor
Spiritual Level: 10
Elemental Alignments: Fire (Resist), Ice (Weak)
Skills: Bash, Agi, Tarukaja
Compendium Info: The fire Deity from Shinto Mythology. During his birth, his flames burned his mother, Izanami, and mortally wounded her to her death. Izanagi, his father, then killed him and cut his body to eight pieces which become eight volcanoes.