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Wish, Love, Life

CHAPTER 1: Signs of Love

It was the final battle against Izanami-no-Okami, Souji and his friends struggled to battle. Unfortunately, they all got beaten by the enemy's final blow [Thousand Curses]. Rise just stood there crying, with nothing she could do to help. Souji lies weakly before Izanami, gazing at the sky.

"I... I wasn't strong enough..." he muttered.

"Souji..." Yukiko whispered, lying helplessly beside an unconscious Chie.

"Now, this has shown me that humans aren't strong enough to prove their desire to change for good of mankind," Izanami said, "I'm ashamed to have chosen you humans to enter this realm, you proved no strength in your hearts."

"W-What..,are you saying...?" said Yosuke, "...We've fought Shadows... Ngh, and even solved the mystery YOU created...!"

"Y-Yeah, dammit!" Kanji struggled to stand then fell down again.

"I have no choice but to shroud you in fog for unable to defeat and prove to me your true and deepest desires to change!" Izanami summoned a huge amount of power and engulfed everything in fog. "I shall give you one more chance to redeem yourselves! Fail to accomplish this one, and your world will be forever in mist."


A few days later, Souji lies unconsciously on a hospital bed, he was badly injured and his body is full of bandages. The whole town of Inaba became engulfed by the fog, and continued to spread all over, leaving people to suffer. Yukiko was beside him crying for his state.

"Please, Souji... Please wake up... You're not in a coma, you're just sleeping... Please...don't leave me...!"

Souji suddenly stopped breathing, but Yukiko didn't notice because she unconsciously fell asleep. His mind got transported to the Velvet Room. And for unknown reasons, Yukiko's mind was transported there without Souji knowing.

"Huh...?" he opened his eyes.

"It seems that you have failed to abide by the contract," said Igor, "I am deeply disappointed. You were defeated by fear and lack of strength of your heart."

"...I'm sorry..." he looked down.

"Mmm... Huh? What is this place?" Yukiko opened her eyes. "Who are these people? And what is Souji doing here?"

"For this unfortunate event," said Margaret, "we have no choice but to dismiss you as our guest, Souji Seta... Your commitment with us is now finished."

"But...! I can fight her again...! I just have to train harder and try again! Please, I'll—"

"Commitment? Guest? What is she talking about?"

"And it seems that Death has befallen you; you are nearing your time. I am terribly sorry for your unfortunate fate," "We apologize for not telling you about this sooner..."

"WHAT...? Me? ...I'm dying...?"

"DIE...? NOOO...! SOUJI...!"


Souji disappeared from the Velvet Room, and then Yukiko is now seating inside the unknown realm.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room, my dear young girl. We apologize for keeping you waiting outside."

"Tell me... Why is Souji here just now? Why did you tell him that he's dying? Did I heard wrong? What's going on here?" then she calmed herself, "...I-I'm sorry, I got carried away..."

"There is no need to apologize; you simply did what your heart tells you. The reason he was here is because that he failed to do his part as a guest here in the Velvet Room."

"Is this what this place is called?"

"Yes," replied Margaret, "Only those with strong will, and fate has chosen, can enter here. In your case, you were allowed to enter for a special cause."

"Me? But… But why? For a minute I was crying beside Souji, and then I'm here..."

"You were summoned here because of that faint desire inside of you for someone dear."

Yukiko looked down and faced them with worried eyes, "...I see, so that's why. Souji's in a coma right now because of that battle. And when I got here and heard that he's dying, I didn't have other thoughts but to save him in any way possible! Please, Sir, do you know how?"

"I do not have that power," he said, "But I know one person who can grant your wish."

"Really?" she tried to wipe her tears, "Please, tell me who this person is!"

"She lives in the city of Tokyo, you will find out when you get there. Your instincts will guide you to her location. But you must be well-prepared when you get there."

"Alright, I will go to Tokyo and find this woman. Thank you, I'll try my best to save him!"

"Once you have made a commitment to her, your life will change. Remember that well, my dear."

"Yes, I will."

"Well, then, I bid you farewell."

"We hope for your success in your desire to save your dearest person, Souji Seta."


Inaba Municipial Hospital

Yukiko wakes up on a chair beside Souji feeling she had a long dream. Chie suddenly hugged her in relief.

"Oh, Yukiko...!" Chie was still sobbing. Like Yukiko, Chie was also covered with small bandages.

"Ch-Chie...? Why...are you crying?"

"...We *hic* thought that you were gone too...! You wouldn't wake up!"


The rest of the team were also in tears and in bandages due to the last fight. "Senpai," Naoto said while wiping her tears, "you were unconscious when we found you here."

"Naoto-chan? Um, wait, I'm not getting any of this..."

"Yosuke-kun and Nanako-chan went here earlier to visit Souji-kun," Chie said, "But when they got here, they saw him not breathing anymore... They even saw you 'asleep' beside him bed, and so they thought you committed suicide...!"

"Huh...?" Yukiko stared at them.

"But it's a miracle," Yosuke sighed, "When I left Nanako-chan so that I could call a nurse, she said that he suddenly got better, but still wouldn't wake up. And we had the doctor check up on you too since you were out cold. He said you were fine, just stressed, that's why you didn't wake up easily."

"Where's Nanako-chan now?" she asked.

"She's returned home with Dojima-san because she couldn't bear to see Senpai like this," Rise replied. "But don't worry, she's fine now."

"Everyone..." Yukiko began to cry, "I-If it's not much of a bother... Can we go to Junes right now? I...have something important to tell you all..."


Junes Food Court

"WHAT?" Chie exclaimed, "YOU'RE GOING TO TOKYO?"

"That's a long trip, Senpai!" Rise stood up. "WHY...?"

"I have to, it's my own decision; it's something important that I have no time to stay and go now."

"Man, what happened to you?" Kanji said, "Is there something you're not telling us?"

"It's...kinda complicated..." Yukiko looked away, "I can't tell you exactly why. I have to leave before it's too late. And it's the only way to save him."

"Save him? How? ...Well if that's your decision," Chie said, "then we're to support you!"

"Really? You're not going to insist on asking me why?"

"Of course, Yukiko!" Chie stood up, "I know that you're going through tough times now, and you need to prove something to yourself, right? Though we wanted to, but it's not that important now! Go on, go there immediately."

"Chie..." Yukiko sobbed.

"Yeah!" Teddie jumped, "If Yuki-chan is going for a special cause, we're right here to keep an eye on Sensei for you!"

"Teddie..." Yukiko smiled a little.

"Right!" Yosuke agreed, "We won't interfere, but if you need our help, we'll come right away!"

"Thank you...!" she cried even more. "I don't know what to do without you all...! *sob*"

"But," Chie said, "What about your mom? And the inn and everything at school?"

"I think I won't be gone too long," Yukiko answered, "After I'm done, I'll come home right away."

And so, Yukiko packed light and boarded the train to Tokyo. When she got there, her strange feeling led her to a mysterious peculiar house. She walked nervously towards the front door and rang the doorbell.