Souji hastily goes back to Inaba and try the fan. But his wound is starting to hurt again and stops him halfway while at the Yasoinaba Station.

Yasoinaba Station

"Urgh...why now...?" he hurriedly leaned himself to a post.

"Hey!" a familiar voice calls out to him.

"Ugh," he tries to look towards the person calling, "Y-Yosuke...?"

"Whew, I'm glad I found you! I had a feeling you'd be here, so I rushed and wanted to wait for ya."

"Thanks... You're a great pal."

"Thanks for the compliment!" he smiled. "Your wounds must've opened up; I gotta get you to Dojima-san first. Wait, maybe a doctor can help to make it easier."

"No, I'm just a bit tired... But you have to take me to Yukiko first, I need to do this before I...ngh...!" he clutched his side tight.

"To Yukiko-san? Why? C'mon, let's start walking to get you home."

"I can be able to get her back with this," he slowly showed him the fan.

"A fan? What can this thing do? Wave the nonsense outta her?"

"Actually, the woman who gave me this said that Yukiko was cursed and I need to use this on her."

"...Man, a lot of crazy things are happening since the fog stayed in. I dunno if this has anything to do with the craziness."

"You have to take me to her now."

"Alright, but you have to get treated first."


Yosuke called Chie on his phone to take Yukiko with her and meet up with Souji. Chie replies and says to meet up at flood plains. Yukiko is resisting, stating she has the goal of dispersing the fog in her mind, and saying Souji has to be alert. The other four heard the plan since they are with the two girls. They went to the designated place as soon as Chie closes her phone.

Samegawa Flood Plains

"Ah! Phew, we're here!" Chie fell down and gasps for breath. "But you didn't have to sound so panicked, almost scared half to death!"


"Uhh..." Teddie is flat on his face on the nice soft grass despite the current atmosphere.

"Good, you're all here," said Souji.

"For goodness' sake, Seta-kun, why did you hurried us to go here?" Yukiko is gasping. "If this is about the battle, I'll listen."

"There's something much more than that, Yukiko," he slowly took out the fan. "I will get that curse off you!"

"What?" she blinked in confusion. "What are you going to do with that?"

"Whoa, is that going to help?" Kanji looked twice at the fan, "That's just a fan!"

"This is not the time to do other things, Senpai!" Rise shouted.

"You better have a good reason for this," Yukiko said.

"I won't let that thing stand between us, so I'll rid you of it! YUKIKO, I LOVE YOU!" Souji gathers enough strength and makes a huge wave in front of Yukiko, and a black cloud is released from her. It dispersed as soon as it left Yukiko. Fortunately, it didn't have a plan on attacking another victim.


"What just..." Yukiko suddenly fell unconscious. "Yukiko!" Souji and Chie screamed.

"What just happened?" Rise completed what Yukiko is about to say, she is shocked especially after seeing a cloud of black smoke emitted from Yukiko. "Yukiko!" Chie shrugged Yukiko, but she wouldn't wake up.

"Yukiko was cursed," said Souji, "I presume it's a curse that prevents her from loving the person she values. This fan has magic and it just released her from that curse. Ugh..." Souji had collapsed and dropped the fan.

"Gyaahh...? S-Senpaaii!" Rise rushed in with Naoto and Teddie.

"Quick, let's get them both home!" Yosuke puts Souji on his back, "Oof, I'll take care of him, you guys take Yukiko-san home."

"Roger!" Chie carefully supports Yukiko on her shoulder with Kanji.

"Teddie wants to come with you too!"

"Teddie? Alright, if there's anything we need to do for him, we'll get it done easily."


Dojima Residence

"I'll apologize for Sensei, Nana-chan...! Please stop crying!"

"No...! Teddie didn't do anything, and so did Big Bro," she snivels and wanted to keep herself from sobbing. "If only *sniff* I knew he would be going...! Dad is also angry at me...!"

"For the tenth time, Nanako, I'm not angry at you!" Dojima sighs. "It's not your fault. I should be the one to blame since I'm not keeping an eye on him. Sis is furious at me for it, but she still entrusts him to me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure, so c'mere and let Daddy hug you." Nanako went up to him and embraces him tightly. "Hanamura, how's my nephew?"

"He's sleeping nicely in his bed. I also did what you told me, but the ice melted quickly. And he needs a change of clothes and the water's already warm."

"You replace the water in the basin; I'll take care of the rest."

"I want to help too!"

"No, you stay here and stop worrying too much. You know how tough he is; he even risked his life to save you when you were kidnapped."

"Okay..." she sat down in front of the TV, but she didn't change the channel to her favorite show.

"Don't worry, Nana-chan, he'll get better soon," Teddie reassures her.


Amagi Inn, Yukiko's Room

"Mmm... Where am I...?"

"Oh I'm glad you're awake!" Chie buried her face into Yukiko's bed.

"Why am I here? I thought I was just at the flood plains with you and..." she suddenly gasps and remembers what has happened after she returned from Tokyo. "A-All those things I've done..."

"Everything happened, Yukiko-senpai," said Naoto, "But we were useless and couldn't help both you and Souji-senpai. We're sorry..." she looked down.

"Speaking of him," she sat down, "what happened to him after I collapsed?"

"He saved you from a black smoke-like thing and then he fainted," said Rise.

"Yosuke just called, he said Souji-kun's fine, but now he has a high fever. Aw man, what's gonna happen next?" Chie paced back and forth.

"Are you feeling better, Senpai?" Kanji asked. "Go on, Rise-san; ask her something romantic towards Senpai."

"Why me? Well here goes... Yukiko-senpai, what do you care most right now: Senpai or the fight against Izanami?"

"The fight," she replies and everyone gasps, "but I'm more concerned with Souji! How is he? You just said he's fine, but I want to make sure!"

"She's baaack...!" Chie embraces her confused best friend, "Wait 'til the guys hear about this!"


The next foggy morning, the team meets up at the usual place. Teddie had decided to stay at Souji's for the night to keep an eye on him, and Yosuke returned home. Kanji, Rise, and Naoto left the inn leaving Chie to keep an eye on Yukiko. But Yukiko insisted that she should be left alone for her to think things straight. As soon as the team arrived, the two lovers quickly rushed to each other.

Junes Food Court

"Yukiko, are you alright?"

"I should ask you the same thing. I didn't expect you'd go to that shop too."

"All for the sake of saving you," he said with a smile.

"You've just recovered from a fever, Senpai," Naoto said, "Are you sure you really want to rush in and confront our enemy? That is not good for your condi-"

"I'm positive, Naoto-san. The fever must've felt sorry for me that I just woke up this morning feeling better," he tries to laugh. "I want to finish this and make everything back to the way it was."

"That's Sensei!" Teddie said.

"Well, what do you say guys?" Yosuke looks at his comrades, "Do we let this guy do as he says or make him rest for a bit longer?"

"We want him to rest," they all said. Souji takes a step back from his surprise.

"But if that's what he wants to do, then let's do it!" said Chie.

"But you owe us if something bad happens to you again," Yukiko laughed. "But that's what I like about you!" she grabbed his arm with a smile, much like Rise's style.

"This crazed love story ends with a happy ending," said Rise. "Ah, the feeling of love..." she started making faces and daydreams.

"Now we won't be too worried about you leaving then," Yukiko said.

"So you really want me to leave soon?" he chuckled.

"No, but I know you'll be back."

"I promise you that. Everyone, let's go and prove to Izanami that we can overcome this!" Souji raised his hand, and everyone prepares for the rematch with stronger determination. "We'll rid the fog out of this town and earn our victory!"


- END -

junkosakura01: Umm...was the ending too lame...? I don't know what to think of...I apologize for it. But did you enjoy this fanfic? I hope you did. And like I say in my other works, cristicism is free and I will revise this if there's any errors.