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Digimon Demon Wars: The Return


Fire, fire was everywhere, and it was out of control. A ChaosGallantmon struggled back from the edge of the fire, pulling its shield up to protect itself. Its cape had been burned off, and its armored body was covered in dents and scratches, as if it had been in a great battle.

It looked around, as if looking for someone, but unfortunately for this digimon, it was found first. A blast of fire hit the ChaosGallantmon, and when the blast of fire subsided, it was gone. The fire continued to rage, but other than that there wasn't a sound. Suddenly the fire disappeared, almost as if some force had been holding it there and now that force was gone. The cliff where the fire had been burning was now covered in complete silence. Now that the fire had subsided a gate way could be seen, sealed although it was quite simple to walk around and see the far side of the gate. A few feet in front of the gate was a stone pedestal.

Out of the burnt area were the fire had been burning someone walked. He walked cautiously, but not afraid. He was on his guard, but ready to meet anything that he encountered. He was dressed in a fairly worn tan trench coat that could have hidden any number of objects. Long pants protected his legs, while he wore a pair of boots. A blue shirt was worn under the jacket with faded stars just barely visible if you looked closely. His hands were covered in a pair of gloves with the tips cut off, showing the fingers of his hand. On his left wrist was a strange looking device, which beeped as there was a flash of light. All of the clothing he wore looked fairly worn, but not worn out.

His hair was wild, flying in almost every direction, and, on top of a headband keeping his wild hair out if his eyes was a pair of goggles. He walked up to the gate, stopping at the pedestal in front of it, and was joined there by a small orange lizard digimon.

The digimon walked up to the human who was staring at the pedestal and the nine cards he had pulled out of his coat.

"What's the matter?" The digimon asked, concerned for the human.

"I don't know if I can do it." The human replied in a quiet voice.

'What?" The digimon said, throwing his arms up into the air. "We've been fighting for three years for an opportunity like this. You've been pushing yourself and me to our limits for this chance." The digimon walked closer to his friend. "Why the second thoughts?"

"That's just it Agumon." The human said, facing the orange dinosaur. "It's been three years, how can I possibly face any of them?"

The digimon nodded his head, and placed one of his hands on the humans arm. "It'll be ok, you'll see, all of them will be thrilled to see you. Think how much they've been missing you!"

The human looked at his partner, and the expression on his face said he didn't agree, and Agumon sighed.

"Well, either way they're going to need help, and protection." He said, and that seemed to snap the human out of his indecision in a second.

He turned to the pedestal, and placed the nine cards in nine matching spots on the pedestal. The pedestal and the gate glowed before the doors of the gate opened, revealing a portal of sorts.

The human pulls something out of his pocket, and unfolds it. It's a photograph, and a very old and worn one. It has twelve high school age children all smiling, along with eight digimon, all standing by their various partners. The human's eyes linger on the auburn haired girl, laughing at the expression on the face of the boy next to her and the reaction of the Agumon in his arm has to the photographer saying cheese.

The human put the picture away and the two stepped around the pedestal looking at the portal. Before they could step forward the human turned to the Agumon.

"Thanks Agumon, I don't know what I would have done without you these last three years." The human said with a small smile. The Agumon flashed a big smile back.

"Don't mention it Tai!"


There was a deep silence in the center of the giant castle. Hordes of digimon stood, staring at the Keramon and two Diaboromon that had just delivered a message to the seven digimon arranged in a semi-circle at the front of the giant room, which was a throne room of sorts.

The digimon all held their breath, because the lack of reaction was not a good thing for the three. Finally one of the seven digimon leaned forward.

"How the hell did he get past the guards?" The digimon spat at the Keramon, which almost let out a breath of relief. None of the digimon gathered around the three were particularly forgiving, or prone to being kind, but Beelzemon, the one who had spoken, was at least fair, most of the time.

"My lord, he had assistance. The humans from the third quadrant provided a distraction, and he broke through the guards left at the gate." The Keramon quickly told Beelzemon, who grunted and leaned back into his seat.

"And why wasn't there a strong enough guard left to ensure no one could slip through?" Another of the digimon asked, and the Keramon turned to face Barbamon.

If digimon could sweat, and if they wore clothing, then this Keramon would have needed a new set of clothing from the amount of sweat that would have been pouring down its body. "Well, my Lord…" The little digimon started, only to be cut off by another voice.

"Be careful what you say, if it is another excuse, things will not go well for you." An angry voice said, and Keramon did its best not to swallow. If you weren't afraid around Daemon then there was something wrong with you.

"Y..y…y..es My Lord." Keramon managed to get out, and then turned to Barbamon, who was tapping his staff on the ground impatiently. Keramon took a deep breath and resumed. "My Lord over a dozen of our best soldiers were left to guard the gate…"

"Only a dozen!" A voice asked, and Keramon looked to the voice. Another of the digimon had stood, and this one had the characteristics of a female, as opposed to the male characteristics the rest of the digimon took after.

"Yes, Lady Lilithmon." The Keramon said, bowing its head.

"And what made you think," Lilithmon asked as she strode towards the Keramon, and ran a hand over its head. "That a dozen guards would be enough?" She smacked the Keramon into one of the flanking Diaboromon. Lilithmon raised her arm to strike Keramon again, but was stopped by someone calling her name.

"Lilithmon." A soothing voice said from the central position around the semi-circle almost too quietly to be heard. Lilithmon stopped in mid strike as another digimon strode down to where she was standing. "This little one was not in command at the gate, taking your anger out on him will solve nothing."

"Someone has to pay for this Lucemon." Lilithmon stated looking right at Lucemon, who nodded.

"Indeed someone will." Lucemon said, just before placing his hand on the Keramon, who had only a second for its eyes to widen, and then it was deleted. The two Diaboromon were frozen in place as their charge was destroyed in front of them. Lucemon made a gesture and all of the digimon, other than Lilithmon and the five in the semicircle left the room.

Lilithmon shook her head at Lucemon. "I thought you said not to take my anger out on him Lucemon."

"I did not take any anger out on him that was to demonstrate to all those gathered why being part, any part, of failure will have a dire consequence for them." Lucemon replied, striding back to his chair, which was really more of a throne. He thought for a few minutes before turning to Beelzemon.

"Beelzemon, you and Belphemon will go through the portal after him, kill him or bring him back to this world, I don't care which, he can't be allowed to interfere with our plans." Lucemon ordered to Beelzemon, who gritted his teeth and nodded, leaving the room, and dragging a giant teddy bear like digimon with him. The others around Lucemon left after that, and Lucemon was left all on his own. Lucemon looked at the hologram of four worlds hovering above the floor of the castle, and said to himself mostly.

"You can run, but you can't hide Tai."

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