Well, you've probably guessed it my the title, but this is the last update to the return! (tears up…) I've finally finish the first part of the main Demon Wars story, so enjoy this brief epilogue, and pay attention, it's important for the SEQUEL!


Tai Kamiya looked around the remains of his apartment as Agumon stood silently by his side. He'd wanted to come back here one last time before the building was demolished to make way for its replacement.

He'd grown up in this apartment, and imagined what it would be like coming back to it many times over his three years in another dimension. He'd made many memories in this place, and to see it burnt up and nearly completely destroyed was almost like losing an important part of his life.

He'd been planning on making more than a few new memories here when he got back, but it seemed he'd have to do that somewhere else for now. And in another time, since he couldn't come back into the fold, not completely, not yet.


"What do you mean you're not coming back with us?" Kari asked, looking up at Tai as he stood dressed in his coat, and wearing a completely neutral expression.

"Exactly what I said Kari." Tai replied looking at her. Sora was the only other digidestined present in the room, since she was the only other one who Tai wouldn't be living with in the Kamiya's temporary apartment.

"Ok then, why?" Kari asked, looking at him with a determination not to let him do what he said.

"Because I have to." Tai replied, hoping that this conversation could have been avoided. "I can't let myself…" Tai started to say, but stopped, knowing that if he finished that sentence his sister would never let him leave.

In all honesty he had to get away from the digidestined, at least for now. He'd gotten completely reattached to Kari and Sora, and it had almost cost Izzy, Joe, Mimi, Ken, and Yolei their lives. There may not have been another way as Agumon said, but Tai couldn't take that risk. He had to protect all of the digidestined, otherwise the barrier protecting this world would fall, and all the Demon Lord's armies would be able to enter, and everything would be lost.

"Can't let yourself what?" Kari asked, stepping forward, to which Tai stepped backwards. He was going to have to tell her, but she'd never understand.

"Kari, stop." Sora suddenly said, entering the conversation. She stepped forward, grabbing Kari's arm. "You need to give him a little space. Let me talk to him."

Kari looked like she wanted to argue, but then she nodded. Sora let go of her arm, and she went into the other room. That left him and Sora in the room by themselves.

"You're not going to go and disappear on us, are you?" Sora asked, looking down. Tai looked at her, and felt his heart wretch. He hated to do this to any of them, especially Kari and Sora, and especially after everything that had happened.

It felt like he was regressing after making all this progress, but he had to do it. He had to protect all of them, and he couldn't do that if he got reattached to Kari and Sora. Human nature would have him play favorite, and he'd never be able to forgive himself if one of the others died because he wanted to protect Kari and Sora more.

"Not completely." Tai replied, taking a step closer to Sora.

"You're not going to another dimension are you?" She asked, still not looking at him.

"No, I'll be here, protecting all of you." Tai replied. "I just need a little space. For perspective."

Sora kept looking down, and moving slightly forward. She'd talked to Agumon when Tai had been sleeping. She knew how he'd reacted to the others almost getting killed during the battle with Belphemon. She knew exactly what he was going to try.

He may be three years different, but she knew Tai. He was taking the responsibility of protecting each and every one of them onto his shoulders, and he was going to try and do it alone, or at least just with Agumon. She knew all of that, and she wanted nothing more than to stop him, tell them that they could help, but she wasn't going to.

She was going to let him do this thing, and there was one reason for that. Tai thought that it was right. Even if it wasn't, and people could be hurt, Tai would be hurt somehow if they stopped him. Maybe not today, or next week, but somewhere down the road he would be hurt, and she couldn't bear to see that anymore.

Which is why she was going to let him go, for now.

"You won't be far, will you?" Sora asked again, still moving forward.

"No, not far at all." Tai replied, almost touching Sora now. He was so close to her, yet what he had to do was going to take him away from her, but not right this moment.

Sora was about to reply when Tai suddenly grabbed ahold of her, taking her into a massive bear hug. Sora was shocked for a moment, and then returned his hug.

Tai had to go, but the day would come, and come soon, when he wouldn't have to anymore.

"I won't be too far." Tai whispered once more into Sora's ear, and then both of them were quiet, just holding each other.


Tai stepped into the room that had been his, for one last look at the room he'd spent most of his life in. He took in the entire place, and suddenly felt slightly less sad. Yes, the apartment that he'd grown up in was gone, but in all honesty he'd left it long ago, when he was sent to another dimension.

As much as he might hate it, he had changed. This apartment was part of his past, something to be remember but not something to be concerned over. He'd already shed his tears for the past, it was time to move onto the future.

He took one last look, and spied something on his desk. He stepped closer, and realized it was that book, the one the others had written in when they thought he was dead. He picked it up. He'd wanted to know what all the others had written to him, but that didn't seem as important as it had.

Still, the others will probably want it… Tai thought to himself, and put it under his arm. He stepped back out of the room, to where Agumon was waiting for him.

"Well, let's go Agumon." Tai said, smiling at his partner. That was one thing he wouldn't regress on. "We've got some work to do."

~In another dimension~

"Beelzemon and Belphemon have fallen…" Lilithmon, Demon Lord of Lust said, absentmindedly, checking her nails.

"This is horrible, how could something have destroyed two of our comrades!" Barbamon, the Lord of Greed spoke up, looking around at the other four digimon.

"They were foolsssss, and got trapped by the Sovereignsssss! That issss all!" Leviamon, the Demon Lord of Envy, hissed into the room.

"No, it was not the Sovereigns." Daemon, the Lord of Wrath replied.

"Indeed." Lucemon, Lord of Pride, said to the room, looking at his brethren. "It was Kamiya."

"We should have destroyed him when he was merely annoying." Barbamon said, slamming down his staff to punctuate his sentence.

"I believe we should have taken him," Lilithmon replied sounding like she was agreeing, then smiled an evil smile, "But I think he would have been better as a plaything."

"He should have been kill…!" Barbamon started to reply, but Lucemon raised a hand, silencing all of them. They all focused on him, waiting to hear what he had to say. The Demon Lords were all powerful digimon, but Lucemon was heads above the rest of them, which is why he led them.

"This is a moot point." Lucemon said, speaking in a smooth voice, "That is in the past and something we cannot change. The future however is a different matter. It is time to put our master plan into action."

With that declaration, all the other Lords sat back in their chairs, smiles breaking out onto their faces. Lucemon had been waiting for something to start the plan they'd come up with years before, the one to finally rid themselves of the Sovereigns and control all of the worlds, and now he was finally ready to use it.

You may have defeated two of us Kamiya. Lucemon thought to himself as the other Lords all started talking to each other, a smile on his face. But you've gained nothing that I'm not about to take from you.

~Chapter End~

~Story End~

Well, that's that, and everything is certainly set up for the craziness and digital action in its sequel. Look for it to come out, soonish. Just so you know, it will be called:

Digimon Demon Wars: The Fall

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